Welcome to my website, the home to all my fanfiction. I began writing fanfic in 1998, and since then I’ve written hundreds of fanfic stories in several different fandoms. I’m best known for writing slash and for my creation of a BDSM universe, and I write in many different genres including romance, angst, hurt/comfort, supernatural, humour and many more. I’ve won awards in all the fandoms I’ve written in that have held them, and many of my stories have also been recorded as podfics and translated into different languages. I hope you enjoy my site – news updates and new story information are posted below, and you can use the buttons in the menu above to find the stories you are looking for, or click here to browse.

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News & Updates

July 26th, 2014

I’m now on holiday for two weeks! Yay! I can’t tell you what an insane 18 months it has been, but the first six and a half months of this year to date have been even busier than the whole of last year and that was bonkers busy. I know I haven’t updated at Xanthe.org in a while, but I have been writing in the little free time I’ve had. My new novel is now 160,000 words long, and as I’m about half-way through, I’ve made a decision about it that I want to share with you in my new writing blog.

Jacci has been hard at work on a new look for xanthewalter.com, which is very sharp and modern and easy to use. We hope to unveil that soon – perhaps to coincide with my first big teaser post about the new novels. We’ve also moved xanthe.org to a new host because the last one was throwing up 403 errors all the time and making it almost impossible for me to edit it comfortably. That was a bit traumatic, and apologies to anyone who sent an email to xanthe.org during the changeover period and had it bounce! That’s sorted out now :-). Please do let me or Jacs know if you encounter any problem using xanthe.org though – we want that to be as smooth and enjoyable an experience as possible.

Now, go check out the new long entry in my blog :-)

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July 13, 2014

We’ve moved the site to a new server! Hopefully it’s all propagated okay – please give it 48 hours and then let us know if you are having any issues. We were having terrible problems with our old server account so have moved to a completely different hosting provider. They were back end issues that made it hard for us to edit and update the site- it shouldn’t have affected anyone’s reading pleasure *g*. Jacci has made a gorgeous new graphic for The First Collar to celebrate our move :-) Woot!




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