Welcome to my website, the home to all my fanfiction. I began writing fanfic in 1998, and since then I’ve written hundreds of fanfic stories in several different fandoms. I’m best known for writing slash and for my creation of a BDSM universe, and I write in many different genres including romance, angst, hurt/comfort, supernatural, humour and many more. I’ve won awards in all the fandoms I’ve written in that have held them, and many of my stories have also been recorded as podfics and translated into different languages. I hope you enjoy my site – news updates and new story information are posted below, and you can use the buttons in the menu above to find the stories you are looking for, or click here to browse.

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News & Updates

March 2nd, 2014

Just a quick catchup to let you know that Lois has added new chapters to her translation of 24/7, and there is a brand new translation of Brother Dear into Chinese by Racifer – both can be found on the Translations page.

My new novel is progressing well – it’s now 125,000 words long, but there’s still quite a way to go yet! I’m very excited about this novel, and have had some great feedback from my audiencers. I’ll post more details when I’m close to finishing it :-).

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January 26th, 2014

The fantastic Line126 has made some gorgeous artwork for Ricochet, to go, specifically, with this section of Chapter Fifty-Eight:

They sped through the wrought-iron gates to Rick’s house, and Rick got off the bike, turned, and swung Matt up in his arms, all in one quick move.

“Hey! Oh, shit…” Matt flung his arms around Rick’s neck. “I can walk, you know.”

“I know… I just need to hold you.” Rick grinned down on him.

“You’re lucky you’re so damn big. I mean, I’m not small, and most doms wouldn’t be able to do this, and – mmmfh!” Rick silenced him by kissing him, and Matt laughed up into the kiss.

Rick carried Matt into the house and up the stairs, kissing him repeatedly as he walked. Matt was surprised when they walked past the playroom, but Rick shook his head.

“Not the playroom – the bedroom. There’s plenty of time for the playroom later, but right now we’re just us. No games, no scene, no acting, no master/slave scenario – just a dom and his newly collared sub.”

 ricochet_art_s   ricochet_arttitle_sClick here to see larger sizes.

You can buy Ricochet in e-format or paperback from Amazon.com or Smashwords.

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January 19th, 2014

Just to let you know that I’m attending the UK GLBTQ Fiction Meet on 6 – 8th June, 2014 in Bristol. If you’re going to attend the event, then please say hello! I thought I’d take a few signed copies of Ricochet, and I’m happy to sign anyone’s copy if you want to bring it along – or any zines or printed copies of my fanfic stories :-). Do consider coming to the event if it’s easily accessible for you – I’d love to meet people and chat!

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January 13th, 2014

I’ve just posted my review of the third (and final) episode of Season Three of Sherlock – His Last Vow – over on my LJ if you want to check it out! Feel free to comment – doesn’t matter if you’re ‘anon’.


January 11th, 2014

Just a little note to say that we’ve had so many problems with the site hosting service over the past few weeks that we’ve moved the site to a different hosting provider. However, while it populates, you might find some missing links and files for the next 48 hours or so. Bear with us! It shouldn’t take too long and then hopefully we’ll be back to normal. You might not experience any difficulties – we just wanted to let you know what’s going on in case you do!

I’ve started a speculation post (no spoilers!) about the final episode of season three of Sherlock over on my LJ. I hope to do a post-ep squee over there on Monday as well, after the episode has aired. By all means, feel free to drop by and chat! Everyone is always very friendly, and I reply to everyone, so there’s no need to be shy :-).


January 6th, 2014

Well, after making a post a couple of weeks ago about not having a fandom to write in, I became TOTALLY inspired by the first episode of Season 3 of Sherlock which aired on New Year’s Day – The Empty Hearse. I haven’t felt so inspired to write fanfiction in about a year, so this felt fantastic and I produced a 12,000 word story in two days – it just flowed, so deliciously, and was such a pleasure to write. This is why I never say never! LOL!

Anyone who has seen The Empty Hearse will know that there is a very interesting and inspiring torture scene in it, involving a chained up Sherlock while his brother watches – and seems to rather enjoy it! I became fascinated and captivated by their relationship and wanted to explore it more, so I wrote Brother Dear. It isn’t really slash and it isn’t quite incest, but it definitely IS BDSM. It’s a rather edgy and dark topic, but I hope you enjoy it – and please do leave me some nice feedback if you do! It’s been awhile, and I’ve rather missed it *g*.

Marlislash made me a fantastic graphic for the story which I’m posting below:

Brother Dear

In other news, there is a new Russian translation by SittZubeida of The Cat That Walked by Himself on the Translations page – and a beautiful graphic to go with it by Daria:


My apologies if the site is a bit slow at the moment and some of the functionality isn’t here – we’ve had some issues with it, which we’re trying to sort out.



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