Dancing in the Rain

I’m so sorry for not updating this site in such a long time, and I’m particularly sorry there has been nothing new here – no new stories or updates on novels. I do update my Facebook page so please do friend me there to find out what’s been going on with me. When I have any story news I’ll be sure to post it EVERYWHERE, so you’ll all know!


2016 has been a very tough year for me. Two of my very best, dearest, closest, most beloved friends have been battling cancer over the past year. This has knocked me for six – they’re both younger than me, this shouldn’t be happening to us. On top of that my dad was seriously ill and we nearly lost him in the summer, and my business has been under threat as never before and required huge amounts of my time and energy and effort, precisely when those were in short supply.


I hope we’re over the worst. We may not be. I know I’m not alone in 2016 being a bad year. But there have been good things along the way, and I realised recently that I’ve been so sunk in the sadness that I’ve forgotten about the good and happy and joyful. Just spending a night with Jemima wrapped in my arms, purring her head off, and going out with good friends and laughing all day long in cafes around London, and the fact that my 2 friends with cancer and my father are all still with me today, and I treasure every second of the time I have with them.


I have managed to do some writing along the way. Not much, but a little, squeezed in here or there. My worry is that I have so little writing time and energy that I might get back into it for a day and then lose momentum when weeks go by before I can write again. I also don’t want my writing to be bad and inconsistent simply because I’ve lost my place. The current situation is that I’ve written two books in the Slavecatcher trilogy and am about a third of the way through the third, maybe a bit less. I have to finish book three and edit books one and two before I can start publishing. So it’s not imminent, but it is in progress, even if it’s slow! I do anticipate having more time in the coming months – maybe not quite yet, but before too long. And one day I’ll have a LOT more time and will write more or less full time and then you’ll be inundated with Xanthe stories! During the past year, I’ve swapped story ideas with a friend and written them all down, and now have about a dozen novels and novellas just waiting to be written.


Thank you all for sticking by me. I have high hopes that the coming year will be better for many reasons, but if that doesn’t come to pass then so be it. A good friend of mine gave me a gift recently. It was a picture, which I now have hanging in my hallway and it says: “Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass – it’s about learning to dance in the rain.”


So this is me, dancing away like crazy, and just happy to have so many good, lovely things in my life, such as you fine people.






  1. oceania

    I have not been here for a time but I hope that 2017 is giving you a better time and I am sorry for all the bad that has been put in your way ,but from my mouth to Gods ear I wish for you the best. :good: :good: :good:

  2. Xanthe

    Thanks so much, Oceania :-). All very stressful so far but I have hopes it’s not for much longer!

  3. Selene

    Hey Xanthe,
    ich hope 2017 was a better year after 2016!!! (If not, here are a hug and lots of good wishes :bye: :rose: :heart: :bye: )


  4. Xanthe

    Thanks so much, Selene. 2017 was stressful in other ways and quite a landmark year for me. 2018 should be much better!!! Thank you for the hug!!!

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