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I’ve been writing fanfiction since April 1998 when I discovered The X Files fanfic. Since then, I’ve written in many other fandoms, including The West Wing, Dr Who, Stargate Atlantis, NCIS, Suits and Sherlock. I mainly write slash, although you’ll find het and threesomes here, too! I write all genres from BDSM to crack, but you’ll find the majority of my stories feature romance and angst, with the occasional big dollop of hurt/comfort thrown in. I am particularly well known for my invention of the BDSM Universe genre during my time in the SGA fandom.


My writing has developed and matured over the years, and while I wince at some of my earlier stories I’ve made the decision to archive them all here anyway, even the ones I’d prefer to forget! I think they show a clear progression in my work, and I’m much fonder of some of the later ones although I do recognise that some of the earlier ones had merit, too. I look at some of them and remember being much younger, and new to fandom, and it was a very different experience for me back then. I’ve learned an enormous amount since 1998 and come a very long way.


I often get asked which of my stories are my favourites, so I created a category for people to search for those fics I recommend, and also those I enjoyed writing (those two aren’t necessarily the same thing!). My favourites are: A Man of Two Truths, Subterfuge, World’s Child, Human, Little Earth, The Adversary, 24/7, Puppy Love, Damage, Two Wolves, Soul Deep, Family, Sunrise, Birth-Day, Tony’s Dry Spell, June 17th, Two Hearts, Doctor’s Orders, Back from the Well, Possession, The Cat that Walked by Himself and all five of the stories I’ve written in the BDSM universe: General & Dr Sheppard, Coming Home, Hiding in Plain Sight, The First Collar, and Ricochet. But you might have your OWN favourites and that’s why I resisted the urge to remove those of my stories I now cringe at, just in case they happen to be someone else’s favourites!


I’ve always written in a variety of genres, but because those genres include BDSM and spanking my stories have been the focus of controversy over the years. There was a very painful period during my time in SGA, when I think my stories and intent were misunderstood by some in that fandom. That experience soured my perception of fandom for a long time, but I came out of it stronger, and my stories are better now than ever before. They won’t be to everyone’s tastes – why should they be? – but I am very pleased that some people love them – I know I certainly love writing and sharing them! I’ve seen so many changes in fandom over the years. It’s a much bigger and more diverse playground now than it was in the X Files days. I love the variety of media now available and how easy it is to participate in fandom. Now we have fandom on Youtube, Tumblr, Twitter and Facebook, as well as on Yahoogroups, Livejournal and Dreamwidth. On the downside, this makes it a more fractured experience than it used to be. I hope people appreciate that I post polished, edited, and usually beta’d stories. Many of my stories are very long, and getting them ready to post takes a lot of time, effort and hard work, but I always want to put out my best work for you to read.


I am often asked if I’m professional writer or a psychologist, but I’m neither! I have a full-time job running my own business, and fanfic is my creative outlet – a very enjoyable hobby. I love writing fanfic, but as my stories became longer and more complicated during my NCIS years, I felt I wanted to spread my wings and write original character stories where I can create my own situations and people and not be constrained by someone else’s situations and canon. I therefore produced Ricochet in November 2011, and am currently working on a new slash trilogy for release hopefully in 2015. I have no plans to give up writing fanfic as and when I am inspired and my working life gives me the time. I often go through periods when I’m very prolific and others where I lie fallow for awhile before coming back again at full speed. Sometimes, my brain just needs a rest and for me to put things back into it rather than just taking them out! I also rely on being inspired by source material to write fanfic – if there’s a show or movie that inspires me in that way, then I can’t force it.


I’m British, and I live in London with my two cats. I always use UK spelling in my stories, but I do try to ensure they don’t have any obvious British words in them – such as “lift” for “elevator” and “flat” for “apartment”. My apologies if anything falls through the gaps.


I know some people have been following my work for years – they frequently email me about it and chat to me, and I always do my best to reply to every piece of friendly feedback. I love receiving friendly reviews, so I would ask that you please take the time to review if you’ve read and enjoyed a story. Fanfic writers don’t get any other payment than your kind words, and it makes my life very happy and productive when you tell me you like my work!


You might like to check out my blog, where I talk about works in progress and other writing, TV and fanfic related things. I also chat regularly on LJ and I have Twitter and Facebook accounts, although I’m less frequently on those. Happy reading!



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