1. My stories are available on my site for you to download. You can print my stories, bind them and add pictures etc for your own personal use but you MAY NOT offer them for sale.


  2. Some of my fanfiction stories are available in zine form from Agent With Style . I do not make any money from these whatsoever. You may not make your own zines of my stories to sell.


  3. Some of my stories are available as podfics (audio recordings) and translations. If you wish to record or translate one of my stories, please contact me first to make sure someone else isn’t already doing it and to gain my permission. Once you have finished a recording or translation, please send me the file so I can put it on my website for people to download. You may not make your own recording or translation and offer it for sale.


  4. You may NOT write an original character novel set in any of my story universes (e.g. the BDSM universe) and offer it for sale.


  5. I would prefer you not to write any sequels, prequels or ‘missing scenes’ to my fanfiction – just because I might want to write them myself one day! Please seek my direct permission if you wish to do so.


  6. You may write not-for-profit fanfiction set in any of my universes, but you must link back to me in your headers and give credit.
  7. You may write not-for-profit fanfiction for any of my original character novels – just remember to link back to me!


  8. You may not repost or archive my stories anywhere without my permission


  9. Artwork for my stories is the property of the artist. Please do not use them as bases for your own work, or reproduce them without permission from the artist.



I will take legal action if my commercial copyright is breached, particularly relating to items 1, 2, 3, and 4 above, in respect of unauthorised sale. If you are in any doubt about any aspect of permission, please contact me direct at

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  1. Avatar


    sorry for my bad english, I ‘m from Germany . It is enough to read but not to write . : D

    I have read your stories “General Sheppard & Doctor” and “Coming Home” some time ago and am fascinated .
    Now I have an idea for a FF, which plays in a similar BDSM universe.

    To my idea : It is an SGA / AU story in which BDSM is normal in society. John Sheppard is a Dom and in love with another Dom, but struggles with his dynamic, because he has sadistic tendencies, but was not trained as such. Now he loses his partner in a helicopter crash in Afghanistan. After a year in McMurdo, Sumner advises him to go to the Philippines to train his new dynamic and his sadism.

    After 3 years of training, he will be part of the Atlantis expedition and meets Rodney McKay. Rodney is a sub and has had bad experiences with some Doms, because none of them could really satisfy his needs and he does not know if he’ll ever again have a Dom that can satisfy his needs.

    John and Rodney slowly come closer and they notice that they actually fit very well together .

    This is the short summary of my idea.
    If you agree, I will gladly give back a link to you and your page .

    Many greeting from Germany

  2. Avatar

    I wish permission to borrow your BDSM Universe for nano next month. It will be like Keira’s universe in settings but since she got it from you first, I wish to make sure all my bases are covered. Its for fun only, and my contribution is mixing it with BtVS and shifters.

    Please let me know if you object, otherwise I will go on with the project as is.

    Thank you


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