24-7 3. A Room With A View


Mulder’s new Master kept him waiting in the parking garage beneath the Viva Tower in Crystal City for over an hour. At first, Mulder sat in the car, his legs jiggling up and down, in nervous anticipation. Was Skinner going to take him straight up to his apartment and fuck him senseless? Maybe he would dive straight into a “scene.” Or was he going to take a crop to Mulder’s butt and try and instill some obedience in him from the outset? Mulder shivered, his cock in a more or less permanent state of arousal. In fact, his nerves were screaming from the sensory overload. He wanted this. He wanted this so badly it scared him. Finally Mulder got out of the car and did a few laps of the garage, trying to distract himself. By the time Skinner drew up in a sleek, black saloon, his erstwhile slave was a wreck.


Skinner shot him a cool glance, and it was only through sheer effort of will that Mulder’s knees didn’t give way.


“Follow me.” Skinner beckoned with his head, and Mulder hesitated. Skinner turned, one eyebrow raised. “This is one of the first orders I’ve given you since taking you as my property – are you intending to disobey me already?” He inquired. Mulder shook his head, and hurried to catch up with the big man.


“I was just wondering about my stuff, that’s all, sir,” Mulder said, waving his hand at the packed contents of his car.


“Leave it. First I’ll show you around, then you can get settled in,” Skinner told him tersely. Mulder nodded, his throat dry. Signing those contracts had changed something fundamental between him and his boss. He didn’t feel like he was with Assistant Director Walter Skinner of the FBI – he felt like a slave, trailing along behind his new and utterly formidable Master.


Skinner stepped into the elevator and Mulder followed him. When the doors had closed behind them, Skinner handed Mulder a smart card.


“This is a special key – it takes the elevator up to the 18th floor.”


“The 18th? But your apartment is on the 17th floor, sir,” Mulder said, surprised.


“Yes, it is, but your slave quarters are on the 18th floor. Nobody else has an elevator pass to that level except me, the apartment block’s security, and now you.”


“Right.” Mulder swallowed. “I, uh, didn’t know.”


“There’s a lot you don’t know about me.” Skinner treated him to another of those wildly sexual grins.


“That’s becoming evident. Master,” Mulder observed dryly, rolling his tongue around the word ‘master’, his normally flippant personality struggling to re-assert itself. Skinner threw out a big fist, and thumped the stop button on the elevator. Mulder jumped. Suddenly his new Master was looming over him, his large body forcing Mulder back against the wall.


“Let’s get one thing clear,” Skinner told his slave. “This is a completely different arrangement to that which existed between us before. What was acceptable to me as your colleague, and supervisor, is not acceptable to me as your Master. Your behavior towards me, both here, and in the office, will change, as of now.”


“Change?” Mulder echoed faintly, wanting desperately to reach out and hold onto the big man for support, to be folded into a pair of strong arms, and reassured. He despised himself for his weakness.


“That’s right. Now, you already know me, and have a certain way of dealing with me, so you’re going to have to unlearn those bad habits.” Skinner smiled, and then did something completely unexpected. He took Mulder’s left hand in his own, and raised it to his lips, caressing the wedding ring with his fingers. “It might be painful – initially at least – but in the long term you’ll feel much better for it,” Skinner told his slave. He kissed Mulder’s ring finger, his dark eyes never leaving his slave’s face. “You belong to me now,” he said in a low, throaty undertone that made Mulder’s hard cock scream for release, “and I don’t want you to ever forget it. Every minute, of every day, I want you to know that you’re mine. You’re not free, Fox, you belong to someone outside yourself. It’s a new way of thinking, and it’ll take you a while to get used to it, but we’ll get there. Eventually. With perseverance.”


Mulder looked at him for several minutes, drinking in the authority and dark power of those brown eyes, and the seductive promise of Skinner’s words, then he nodded. “Yes, sir,” he managed to croak.


“Good.” Skinner stepped back, and pressed the button on the elevator again.


The elevator doors swished open a few minutes later, and Mulder found himself on the threshold of a large, comfortable living room. It was impeccably decorated and furnished. There was a wooden floor in golden honey hues, and cream walls, with subtly tasteful lighting on the walls. Two couches and several armchairs took up the center of the room, and a large fireplace with a soft rug in front of it dominated one wall. Skinner put a hand on Mulder’s shoulder, and ushered him out of the elevator.


“This way.” His Master walked down a corridor, and opened the door to a small, tidy room, containing a narrow single bed, a desk, and a closet. “This is your room. You can arrange your possessions however you like.” Skinner shrugged. “I don’t care how you keep your room but I do care how you keep the rest of this apartment – and the one beneath it.”


“Yes, sir.” Mulder nodded, thinking it looked like a monk’s cell.


“The bell…” Skinner pointed with his head to a box in the corner of the ceiling, “is to summon you. Whenever you hear it, you’ll come downstairs to address yourself to whatever I need.”


“Yes, Master.” Mulder murmured, wondering what it would be like to be on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to have to rush to his Master’s every summons.


“Follow me.” Skinner showed him an en-suite bathroom – equipped with a shower, and toilet. “The shower has a special nozzle.” Skinner pointed to it. “Use it,” he told Mulder, with a firm nod of his head. Mulder flushed slightly, and nodded back. He knew what the nozzle was for – although he’d never used one. “I like my slaves to be clean for me. If you show yourself incapable of keeping yourself that way, then I’m sure a few weeks of enforced enemas will help you learn.” Skinner turned on his heel, and left the bathroom. Mulder stood there for a moment, taking several deep breaths and counting to ten to distract himself, before following the big man.


Skinner walked further down the corridor, then paused outside a large, oak-paneled door. He removed a key from his pocket, placed it in the lock, turned it, and opened the door, ushering Mulder inside in front of him. Mulder paused… they were standing on the threshold of a huge room, with massive windows forming two of the outside walls.


“It’s like being at the top of the Empire State Building,” Mulder breathed, going over to one of the huge windows, and looking down onto the street.


“It’s hardly that high,” Skinner snorted. “I own the entire 18th floor, Fox. There’s nobody above this level, and nobody overlooks this room.”


“It’s like…flying.” Mulder gazed, awe-struck, at the city spread around him, its twinkling lights reflected from all sides. The dark night outside pressed in, surrounding them with both blackness and starlight. The windows were so clear that it was as if he was standing outside, utterly enveloped by the night. He felt the warmth of Skinner’s body, standing behind him, and the whisper of Skinner’s breath on the back of his neck, making his hair stand on end.


“It’s beautiful,” Mulder whispered.


“Look up,” Skinner suggested.


Mulder did so, and took a sharp intake of breath: the central section of the ceiling was made of thick glass too, and there, framed perfectly in one of the windows, was a fragile crescent moon.


They looked at it in silence for a moment, then Skinner turned, strode over to the other side of the room, and snapped the lights on.


“Welcome to my Playroom, slave,” he murmured.


Mulder looked around in stunned silence. There was a sumptuous red carpet covering half the floor – the other half was in more functional linoleum, but he barely noticed the décor. The entire room was a fetishist’s dream come true. There were spanking horses, sets of chains, interesting pulleys and ropes hanging from the wall and ceiling, and a padded upright whipping post in the shape of a cross. One entire wall was made up of cupboards.


“May I?” Mulder placed a hand on one of the cupboard doors.


“Go ahead.” Skinner shrugged, a wide, amused smile on his lips.


Mulder opened the door, and his heart skipped several beats: the cupboard was neatly arranged, scrupulously clean – and it contained several thousand dollars worth of the most exquisite bondage and discipline equipment that Mulder had ever seen. There was a row of leather crops, in varying sizes. Several floggers hung from a rack, ranging from the light suede variety, which Mulder knew barely hurt, and could reduce a man to sheer sensory bliss in the hands of a skilled top, to the heavy rubber variety which would have you whimpering in pain within seconds, and caused heavy bruising that lasted for days.


There were paddles, canes, straps, long whips, short whips, bullwhips, and every single instrument of discipline you could think of. Mulder pulled open a drawer and discovered nipple clamps, cock rings, sets of fur-lined manacles, butt plugs, ball gags…so many instruments of torture, of pleasure, that it was like a kid being let loose in a candy store. Mulder found it impossible to resist the urge to reach out, and touch the beautiful array.


“Ow!” He jumped, more in surprise than pain, as his hand was slapped firmly away.


“You can look, but you must never, ever, touch without my permission,” Skinner told him. “It’ll be your responsibility to clean the toys after a session, under my supervision of course. You will not be given a key to this room. You will only come in here in my presence, or at my command. Understood?”


“Yes, sir.” Mulder whispered, still awe-struck. “Jeez…what’s that?” He pointed to what looked like a set of loosely tied twigs.


“A birch.” Skinner reached out a big hand and massaged the back of Mulder’s neck, proprietarily. “Do you like the idea of being birched, Fox?” He asked, his voice low and deep in Mulder’s ear. “It’s an interesting sensation – and very safe. You can use the birch over most parts of the body. It’s light, and scratches, like several tiny, biting little stings. It’s nothing like the heavier instruments. It has its own completely unique sensation.” Skinner spoke like a true connoisseur, and Mulder would have been happy for his Master to rip his clothes off and treat him to a demonstration there and then. Skinner laughed out loud, as if guessing Mulder’s thoughts.


Mulder continued his examination of the cupboards. He saw a set of satin blindfolds, and a sumptuous silk shirt out of the corner of his eye, and was intrigued. Skinner’s taste seemed to range from the purely functional, to the deeply erotic and sensual. Further inspection revealed another cupboard filled completely with costumes, boots, and other accessories. It was like finding Aladdin’s cave, Mulder thought to himself.


“I think I could spend all day in here, just looking,” he told his Master with a deeply satisfied sigh.


Skinner grinned. “You’ll be spending several of your days in here, and your nights, don’t worry,” he replied. “You’ll come to be grateful – when you’re lying naked, and suspended in mid-air for hour after hour, that there are so many windows. It gives the sensation of floating,” Skinner observed. “You’re at the top of the world, surrounded by sky, and nobody can see your bare, tormented flesh but you, and your Master.” Skinner’s lean, powerful, muscular body was framed by one dark window, and the subtle lighting in the Playroom bathed and caressed his bald head. For a brief moment, Mulder was sure he’d died and gone to heaven.


“You have to earn your playtime though,” Skinner told him. “This place is designed for fun – although I won’t balk at using its facilities for punishment sessions as well, which I’m sure, knowing you as I do, that you’ll require.”


Mulder made a face, which Skinner ignored as he opened a door leading to a massive en-suite bathroom, containing the largest bath Mulder had ever seen in his life. A cursory look around revealed large quantities of lotions and oils, and a sizeable stash of condoms and lubricant. Skinner took a tube of lubricant and a handful of condoms and placed them in his pocket, ignoring Mulder’s look of wide-eyed, hopeful curiosity. Then they both stepped back out into the Playroom.


“All this…here, all this time, and I never knew,” Mulder whispered. “How long have you been in the Lifestyle, sir?”


“Personal questions won’t be permitted at this early stage in your slavery,” Skinner snapped, as he ushered Mulder out of the Playroom, and locked the door behind him. “In time, maybe, you’ll earn the right to know, but for now, you have a lot to learn and focus on, and my past is irrelevant.”


Mulder begged to differ, although he didn’t say as much. It seemed incredible to him that Skinner had been living in this place, with all this amazing equipment, and he had never known it – but then again, why should he? Skinner’s stern, brisk demeanor at work, could be passed off as purely a necessity of his job. His boss had always been more than a one dimensional bureaucrat though. Mulder had always sensed there was far more than that to the big man – but he would never have guessed about this. On the other hand, who would have guessed about his own alternate lifestyle? Mulder’s profiling mind longed to understand his new Master, to know him and understand him – to get a handle on him so that he could start to…control him? To manipulate him in order to get what he wanted? Mulder clenched his fists tightly – Skinner had already pointed out to him that he had an unfortunate tendency to consume his tops. Was he trying to do the same here? Was he trying to reduce his own fear at being under someone else’s control by familiarizing himself with them and their methods? Wouldn’t that lead straight to the contempt and emptiness that he had felt so often before? Didn’t he in fact need the fear in order to get the high?


Mulder found Skinner had stopped in the corridor and was waiting for him, his dark eyes seeming to see straight to the heart of Mulder’s internal struggle. Mulder managed a wan smile, and Skinner turned and continued down the corridor. At the end, there was a set of stairs.


“This is the back way down to my apartment. You can either use the elevator and knock on my door, like any other guest, or you can use the stairs. You have free run of both apartments, but the key to only one.” Skinner said, jogging down the two flights of stairs, Mulder at his heels. The top level of the 17th floor apartment contained two large bedrooms, one with an en-suite bathroom, containing another huge bath. Another flight of stairs took them down into the living area of the apartment that Mulder had visited before.


“This will be an important room for you.” Skinner opened a door and Mulder surveyed the laundry room with a sinking heart. “You’ll keep all my clothes laundered. You’ll arrange for anything requiring specialist cleaning to receive it.” Skinner gave his slave a firm look, as if doubting Mulder’s capabilities in these areas. “You’ll iron all my shirts.” Mulder’s heart sank even further as he remembered Skinner’s taste for the most crisply ironed apparel. His usual rush job with the iron was clearly not going to be adequate.


“You want me to spend my entire life ironing?” He grouched, reasoning that would be all he’d have time for each evening after work.


Skinner fixed him with a dark stare. “Did I not make myself clear when I outlined the terms for your slavery?” He asked. “I seem to remember telling you that you would be my valet, and housekeeper. Maybe you’re misunderstanding something here, Fox. You’re my slave. You’ll address yourself to my needs and my pleasures, to making my life run as smoothly as possible. The sooner you get your head around that concept, the easier it’ll be for you – and the more rewarding trips to the Playroom we’ll make. Understood?”


Mulder swallowed down his resentment and nodded.


“Good. Now, I suspect you’re a disaster in the kitchen, yes?” Skinner raised an eyebrow.


Mulder sighed. “Cooking isn’t exactly my strong point,” he agreed


“Fine. There’s a list of my favorite restaurants by the phone. Most of them do take-out.” Skinner walked briskly back to the kitchen, and showed Mulder where everything was. “Eat whenever you’re hungry – and make sure that we don’t run out of basics, like bread and milk. There’s cash for groceries in this pot. I expect you to take good care of yourself,” Skinner looked at Mulder intently. “You swim and run?”


“Yes.” Mulder nodded.


“Good. You’ll continue to do that. I might arrange some special training for you,” Skinner mused. “Now – I want you to get your stuff from the car, and settle yourself into your room. Later on, I’ll inspect what you brought with you.”


“Inspect?” Mulder echoed, with a frown.


“Your taste in ties is frankly atrocious. I’m sure we can dispose with most of them. I’ll take you shopping and buy you the sort of clothes it would please me to see my slave wearing,” Skinner informed him.


Mulder closed his eyes, and leaned back against the wall, seeing every little part of himself being chipped away, piece by piece. He opened them again, to find Skinner standing close to him. “At first, it will be hard,” Skinner whispered, his voice caressing Mulder’s ear. “I’ll make allowances for that. You’re not trained as a slave – and you need a firm hand.” Mulder’s hard cock twitched at those words, and he longed to give it some release. Skinner seemed to guess his thoughts. His hand brushed against the front of Mulder’s pants.


“Another thing,” Skinner whispered in Mulder’s ear. “This…” he touched Mulder’s cock lightly through his jeans, “…is mine. It belongs to me. You can only come when I give you permission from now on – so no jerking off in your bedroom, or the bathroom. I’ll know. Trust me, I always know.”


Mulder felt as if he was no longer breathing – this turned him on more than anything in his life had ever done before. “Yes, Master,” he managed to gasp.


Skinner smiled. “I’ve found,” he said, his fingers still lightly caressing Mulder’s bulging cock, “that the hardest lesson for a new slave to learn is that his own pleasure is irrelevant. For that reason – this,” he squeezed Mulder’s cock hard, “won’t be getting any release for quite some time. Pleasure is earned, and trust me, the rewards are worthwhile.” Skinner’s lips were so close to Mulder’s face that he could feel them brushing against his skin and thought that, permission or not, he’d come then and there. “However, for now, you’ll address yourself to my pleasure – and I’ll make sure you’re well used,” Skinner said in that deep, sibilant, tone.


“Yes, Master.” Mulder moved his face, wanting to find those lips with his own, but Skinner caught his shoulders, and pressed him back against the wall.


“You want to be kissed?” He put a finger on Mulder’s lips. Mulder nodded, his eyes wide. “Well, those have to be earned too,” Skinner told him. He caressed Mulder’s bottom lip with his index finger, wet his skin with Mulder’s saliva, then wiped the moisture off down the side of Mulder’s cheek. Mulder swallowed, mesmerized. “Go and retrieve the contents of your car,” Skinner told him, drawing back and getting down to business again. “Then shower, and come back down here for me to do a proper inspection.”


Mulder scurried to obey. He couldn’t remember ever being so turned on his life. Everything Skinner said, everything Skinner did, spoke to some deep need inside him. He felt as if his very soul was being petted and caressed, and his body was so aroused it made him want to scream.


Mulder sorted out his meager possessions, realizing as he did so that none of them belonged to him any more – they were merely granted to him by his Master. Now he understood why Skinner was spoken of in hushed whispers on the scene in DC. No wonder the man was legendary. He played this game better, with more sophistication, than any other player Mulder had ever known. Somehow he seemed to see inside Mulder, and to know that keeping him permanently on the brink like this, denying him his freedom, filling his life with tasks of menial devotion, dangling that fantasy room in front of him like a carrot…all of it worked. All of it made Mulder hotter than he’d even been in his life. He glanced down at his poor, stiff cock, so tightly confined in his jeans, wondering when it would ever get its release.


Mulder took his shower, carefully avoiding his cock as he soaped himself. He examined the nozzle attachment on the shower head, and inserted it cautiously into his rectum. The sensation was curiously pleasing, as the warm water filled him then flooded out again. Mulder repeated the process several times, making sure that he was clean for his master. His whole body shivered in anticipation at the thought of Skinner taking him, bending him over, fucking him. His fantasies were those of domination – he was used to that, although it had taken him a long time to come to terms with that side of himself. Skinner…he could still barely get over the shock of discovering who his owner was. Could this bizarre arrangement ever work? He wondered what the week ahead would bring. He had booked himself a week’s vacation from work on his Master’s instruction, and he guessed that Skinner had done the same. What would happen to him in that time? What would Skinner do to him? Could Mulder ever truly accept the mastery of another man? And just how painful would it be finding out? He stood for a long time under that warm water, soothing himself after the momentous events of the day, then he dried himself, dressed, and walked down the stairs to where Skinner was seated in his living room.


“Good. I was beginning to wonder where you were. Another five minutes and I’d have summoned you with the bell.” Skinner held out a leg. Mulder looked at it questioningly for a moment, before realizing that he was supposed to pull Skinner’s boots off for him. He knelt down in front of his master, and pressed his lips against the shiny surface of the boots, his hands caressing Skinner’s long, lean legs through the leather. He removed the footwear, and then knelt beside his master again, awaiting further instruction.


“I think it’s time…” Skinner cleared his throat, and looked down into his slave’s willing, hazel eyes, “…to examine my property, don’t you?”


“If it pleases you, Master.” Mulder nodded, his stomach doing a wild flip.


“It does please me. Stand up, and get undressed.”


Skinner leaned back on the couch, and watched the other man thoughtfully as Mulder pulled his tee shirt over his head. He sucked his stomach in, wanting to impress, and Skinner shook his head.


“Fox – you’re lean enough,” he murmured. “Now your pants.”


Mulder took a deep breath, and shucked them off. He wasn’t wearing any underwear, and his hard cock immediately stood to attention. Skinner didn’t say anything. He just surveyed his new slave, looking him over, from top to bottom, up and down, then down and up, with excruciating slowness until Mulder was thoroughly unnerved. Didn’t his Master like what he was seeing? Mulder couldn’t believe that this was happening, that he was standing here, in the middle of this room, having his naked body inspected by his boss. He would never, in a million years, have predicted that such a scenario would happen, and yet, now that it had…it felt so right.


“All right. Turn around.” Skinner waved his hand in a circular motion, and Mulder did as he was told, presenting his ass to his Master, and clutching his buttocks together tightly, as the tension got to him. “Relax.” Mulder heard Skinner get up, and then his bottom was grasped firmly in a pair of big hands. “Hmmm…” Skinner mused, kneading the flesh. Mulder’s cock begged him for permission to come, and his mind firmly refused it. He wondered if this was a prelude to his Master having sex with him, and started to shake.


“What’s this about?” Skinner’s warm body pressed even closer behind him. “My slave is trembling – is he scared of me?”


“No, Master,” Mulder replied. Skinner crossed his arms over Mulder’s chest, and pulled him back against his smooth, sleek moleskin pants, and cool silk shirt.


“The truth. You’ll never be punished for being honest,” Skinner whispered in Mulder’s ear.


Mulder took a deep breath. “I’m…scared of this, of us. How will this work? What about my job? Your job? The X Files. I can’t give those up. I can’t get my head around all this. Me, standing here as your fucking slave of all things, and, you, you being what you are, what I least expected you to be…and seeing me like this, exposed. I don’t know what you’re thinking, I don’t know who you are…I thought I knew, but I don’t any more…”


“Ssh.” Skinner’s lips nuzzled against Mulder’s ear. “I told you when I took you as my slave that I wouldn’t make you give up your job. On the contrary. It makes you more interesting to me. As to who I am – I’m your Master. That’s all you need to know.” Mulder felt himself melting back into that warm, strong body, surrendering himself to Skinner’s embrace. The heat of Skinner’s body stilled his trembling, and he felt calmer. “You mustn’t worry about things you have no control over. You made your decision, and now that moment has past. Your choice has been made. There’s only one thing you need to worry about from now on. Do you know what that is?”


Mulder swallowed, and nodded. “Pleasing you, Master.”


“That’s right. Now, I’ll ask you again – are you afraid of me?” Those arms held him tight, too tight to evade the question.


“Yes.” Mulder bit on his lip. “I don’t know what you’ll want of me, Master, and I don’t know what you’ll do to me. I’m worried that I won’t please you, or that you’ll harm me.”


“Good.” Skinner’s teeth nipped at Mulder’s earlobe. “That’s good, slave. I think a healthy dose of fear is good for a slave, but you know I won’t harm you. I might occasionally hurt you, but that’s what you want anyway.” He gave a low chuckle. “I won’t ever harm you though. You’ll have to trust me to know the difference. Better now?” Mulder realized that he had stopped shaking, and nodded, then wished he hadn’t as Skinner released him. He wanted to stay in that warm, safe embrace forever.


Skinner turned him around again, and traced his hands over Mulder’s chest. One finger lazily caressed a nipple, and Mulder moaned, and glanced up at the ceiling. His cock was leaking badly. Skinner ran his hand down over Mulder’s flat stomach, and then over his long, hard cock. Mulder bit down on his lip, concentrating for all his worth on not coming. Skinner’s hand grasped his balls, firmly, and held them, joggling them with his thumb.


“Am I… acceptable to you, Master?” Mulder asked.


“You’re a bit skinny, and you need more definition in places, but you’ll do.” Skinner laughed, and gave Mulder’s rump a resounding slap. He sat down on the couch again, and patted his knee. “Come here, Fox. Over my knee,” he instructed. Mulder eyed him warily, wondering if he was about to experience his first spanking.


“Why, Master? What are you going to do?” He blurted, then immediately regretted the question. Skinner’s expression darkened, and he pointed insistently at his lap.


“It’s not a dialogue, slave, just do it,” he ordered. Mulder nodded, and knelt down cautiously beside his Master, and then laid awkwardly over his knee. Skinner adjusted his position, and then ran his hands lovingly over Mulder’s butt. “Relax.” Skinner instructed. He continued the rubbing motion for several minutes, until Mulder started to loosen up, his body losing its tension. Then the caress stopped, and Mulder felt his buttocks pried apart. He looked around in alarm, and saw Skinner lubing up his fingers. “I need to see how tight you are,” Skinner told him, and Mulder immediately tensed up. “I said, relax.” Skinner gave his buttocks a sharp slap, and Mulder had to consciously open up his anus to his Master’s probing fingers. “You’re tighter than I would have thought. You’ve had anal sex haven’t you?” Skinner asked.


“Yes, Master…but…” Mulder hesitated.


“Go on.” Skinner’s finger pushed deeper inside him, and Mulder gasped, enjoying the sensation despite himself.


“I found it too uncomfortable, Master, so I didn’t request this kind of attention very often…although…” Mulder trailed off, flushing bright red.


“Although the idea of it really turns you on, and you love the way it makes you feel dominated,” Skinner finished for him.


“Yes, Master.” Mulder agreed, gasping again, as another finger entered his ass.


“Well, it was uncomfortable because you’re tight, you’re tight because you won’t relax, and you won’t relax because you never really submit, do you, Fox? You’ve never really given in, have you?” Skinner stroked Mulder’s buttocks with his free hand, and Mulder nodded, feeling wretched. “We’ll work on that,” Skinner said cheerfully. “I’m skilled in using plugs, and you’ll be pleased to know that I can keep an erection for a long time without much stimulation. In fact, we’ll start work on stretching you tonight,” he told his slave in a matter-of-fact tone, as if discussing the weather. “Okay.” He slapped Mulder’s butt again. “You can stand up.” Mulder slid off Skinner’s lap and back into a kneeling position, and Skinner handed him the lube and condoms he had picked up earlier.


“Keeping yourself lubed up is your responsibility,” he told his slave. “I won’t do it in future. And remember that you must make yourself available for my use at any time, and in any place. I suggest you make sure you’re always lubricated if you want to avoid the discomfort of a dry fuck.” Mulder nodded, and took the lube. “Ditto condoms – your responsibility.” Skinner gazed at his slave’s still hard cock. “Hmm, what does it take to dampen that down?” He asked.


Mulder gave a cheeky grin. “I usually find ejaculation works, Master,” he suggested.


“Good try.” Skinner laughed. “But don’t plan on coming any time in the next few days, Fox. I told you – your own pleasure has to be earned. However, I do want to put my cock ring on you, and I can’t do that while you’re standing to attention like this…I have an idea.” He took hold of Mulder by the shoulder, marched him to the bathroom, turned on the shower, adjusted the temperature to cold, and thrust Mulder underneath it.


“Ow, ow, ow!!!” Mulder hopped around under the freezing spray.


“Stand still.” Skinner commanded, and Mulder did as he was told, shivering dramatically to make his point. Skinner ignored him. After several minutes, Mulder’s cock was still managing to hover at half-mast. Skinner glanced at his watch. “I’m impressed,” he commented. Mulder gave a weak, apologetic smile. After several more minutes, the offending penis finally shriveled up and was pointing back towards the ground. Skinner turned the shower off, and handed Mulder a towel. “I’m going to retrieve an accessory that might come in useful. Run me my bath while you’re in here. Then come back downstairs so I can put your ring on you.” He glanced meaningfully at Mulder’s cock, and Mulder shivered and nodded.


He dried himself, then smeared lube on his fingers, and inserted them into his anus – Skinner’s command on that subject echoing resoundingly through his mind. He resolved to lube himself whenever he used the bathroom. Mulder stared dreamily into space as his fingers caressed deep inside his body. He loved the feeling of being fucked, but the pain was usually too intense for him to bear. Skinner was right – Mulder only paid lip service to his submission. He was never truly open, he never truly accepted a top into his body, without resistance. Now he belonged to someone who intended to break down that resistance. It scared him – and aroused him. He wondered what time it was – late he thought, certainly well after midnight. He was exhausted after the day’s events, yet still on a high. He wondered whether Skinner would fuck him tonight. A part of him wanted to get it over with, but another part was just so tired, he wasn’t sure he could cope with it. Living on the edge, with the strain of constantly wondering when it would happen, was unnerving him.


Mulder returned to the living room, fished the cock ring out of his jeans pocket, and went to kneel before his Master. Skinner slid the ring over first one testicle, then the other, before taking Mulder’s cock in his hand. It immediately started to stiffen. Skinner raised his eyebrows despairingly, and Mulder shrugged helplessly.


“Is it my fault if my Master is so damn hot?” He asked.


“Flattery – it sometimes works.” Skinner grinned, then brought the back of his hand down with a firm slap on Mulder’s hardening member. Mulder yelped. “And sometimes not,” Skinner said, taking advantage of the moment to slide his slave’s cock firmly into place inside the ring. Mulder’s cock started to harden again, and was painfully constricted by the metal. “That’s better,” Skinner commented approvingly. He picked up a smooth butt plug, that was lying on the coffee table. Mulder guessed that this was the object his Master had gone to retrieve.


“Over my knee again.” Skinner pointed, and Mulder obeyed swiftly this time. Skinner held Mulder’s buttocks open with one hand, and Mulder felt the cool, hard edge of the butt plug as the tip was inserted inside him. He tensed up immediately. Skinner sighed. “You’re really going to have to learn to open yourself up to me,” he admonished.


“I’m trying, Master,” Mulder muttered.


“Not hard enough. This is tiny – my cock is much bigger, trust me.” Skinner stroked his hapless slave until Mulder relaxed, and then he swiftly rammed the butt plug home. “You’ll have to grip it with your muscles or it’ll slide out,” Skinner instructed, “and that’s unacceptable. You’ll wear it until I remove it.”


“Just like everything else,” Mulder muttered. Skinner laughed, and slapped his upturned buttocks.


“Careful, slave. Smart remarks might get you into trouble,” he warned, returning Mulder to the floor. Mulder got up, feeling the butt plug inside him. It was a strange sensation, but the plug was slender, and not more than vaguely uncomfortable.


“Is my bath ready?” Skinner asked.


“I would think so, Master.”


Skinner got up, and Mulder hesitated. “Master…” He bit on his lip.


“Well?” Skinner asked.


“Um…the other rings…?” Mulder quaked.


“Ah, you’re worried about the piercing.” Skinner reached out a gentle hand, and caressed Mulder’s damp neck. “Don’t be. It’ll be a beautiful ceremony. I’ll make sure it’s an experience you remember for a very long time indeed.” He gently kissed Mulder’s eyelashes, then his nose. “I can’t wait to decorate these beauties.” He tweaked Mulder’s nipples firmly, squeezing them between thumb and forefinger, and Mulder gasped, his cock biting into the unfamiliar, cool metal of the ring as it hardened again. “But it will have to wait. We have other things to do first…and there are other ways to mark you.” Skinner gave a mysterious smile, and, with one last tweak of Mulder’s nipples, strode upstairs to the bathroom. Mulder picked up his clothes and followed him, uncomfortably aware of the butt plug inside him. He had to clench his buttocks tightly around it to keep it in place.


“Don’t get dressed,” Skinner instructed. “I like seeing my slave’s naked body, and as for the bath – it needs oil in it, and it’s too hot,” he said after putting a finger in to test it. Mulder nodded, and turned on the cold water, then dropped some scented oil from a bottle into the water.


“Now, undress me,” Skinner commanded.


Mulder’s heart thudded, as he approached his Master. He couldn’t wait to touch that body, and worship his new owner. He had always been a good sub, but he had never felt like this before. The desire to please his Master was overwhelming. He stepped forward, and with shaking fingers undid the buttons on Skinner’s shirt, then smoothed it carefully open. His fingers tangled in Skinner’s chest hair, and lingered on the big man’s nipples. Skinner smiled down at him indulgently. Thus encouraged, Mulder pressed his face against Skinner’s chest, and licked him, and Skinner’s hand came up and caressed his slave’s thick hair. Mulder undid the solid silver buckle on Skinner’s belt, and pulled it out of the other man’s pants, then he moved on to the buttons, and finally he smoothed the soft, moleskin fabric down Skinner’s long legs. He ended up kneeling at his Master’s feet, where he helped him step out from the pants, and then removed his Master’s socks. He finished by kissing each toe on those perfect golden feet. Skinner laughed.


“You know some pretty tricks, but it’ll take more than that,” he said.


Mulder nodded. “I know. I can give more.”


“Not more – you have to give me it all. Give me everything,” Skinner whispered, running his hands over his slave’s face. Mulder nodded, enraptured by the words.


“I will. I can. I’ll learn. I want to…so much,” he whispered, knowing it was true. He reached out almost reverentially, and placed his thumbs under the waistband of Skinner’s black silk boxer shorts, lowering them carefully over the other man’s semi-erect cock, and easing them down to his ankles. Skinner stepped out of them, and Mulder sat back on his heels and worshipped wordlessly at his Master’s shrine. Skinner’s cock was beautiful. There was no other word to describe it. Thick, full, long, powerful, clean honey-toned flesh…Mulder couldn’t resist burying his face in the other man’s groin, and gently tonguing that resplendent cock, taking it into his warm mouth. Skinner sighed, and stroked Mulder’s hair softly, then withdrew.


“You’re doing very well, slave,” the big man murmured, and Mulder felt a curious sense of joy at the praise. “Kneel down in the corner of the room, and await further instruction.”


Mulder did as he was told, and watched as his Master stepped into the bath, his magnificent body settling into the warm water with a sigh. Skinner closed his eyes, and was still. Minutes passed, and Mulder feasted his eyes on his Master, devouring him with his gaze. Skinner’s strength, even while resting, was so appealing. Mulder’s gaze lingered on the other man’s broad chest and hard pecs, the wiry chest hair, and firm, no-nonsense jawline.


Mulder longed to have further proof of the man’s ownership, to feel the condition of his slavery even more intensely than at this moment, kneeling here, waiting. He longed to be used, to have Skinner take him, make love to him, overwhelm him with his energy, his power, and his hard muscled body. Mulder couldn’t believe that he was kneeling here, butt naked, in this agony of anticipation, waiting for his Master to notice him. It would have made a pretty hot scene, but it was real. This was his life from now on. He tried to get his head around that fact, but the throbbing in his captive cock tormented and distracted him. He had a mental image of himself, kneeling here, wearing three of his Master’s rings. He glanced down at them – the collar, the wedding ring, the cock ring, and closed his eyes, imagining what the piercing would feel like, and loving the idea of wearing the final two symbols of slavery that his Master had given to him. Here at last was the escape, the release from everyday life that he had sought for so long, but would it, could it, last? Could he give up everything to Skinner as he had promised, and would his Master love him, and protect him, in the way Mulder craved?


After about twenty minutes of silent devotion on Mulder’s part, Skinner sat up.


“Wash me,” he commanded.


Mulder scurried to obey. He picked up the soap, and ran it lovingly over his Master’s body, delighting in being able to touch the other man. Then he used a washcloth to firmly remove the soap, stealing little kisses along Skinner’s shoulders as he worked. His Master smiled tolerantly, amused by his slave’s devotion. Finally Skinner stood up, and Mulder dried him down, and then wrapped him in his robe.


“Next time, see that it’s warmed,” Skinner instructed.


“Yes, Master,” Mulder bowed his head, and followed as Skinner went to his bedroom.


“Come here.” Skinner pointed to the floor, seating himself on the bed. Mulder scurried over and knelt between his Master’s legs. “You’ve done very well this evening. I know all this is new to you – but you’ll learn,” Skinner told him, caressing his face softly. “I think you’ve earned your kiss.” He dipped his head down, and claimed Mulder with his mouth, his hard lips opening Mulder’s, his tongue thrusting into Mulder’s open mouth, tasting him. Mulder surrendered to the embrace, hanging helplessly between his Master’s legs, holding onto his knees as the world spun around him. Skinner’s kiss was an embrace, a promise, a caress and an act of domination, all rolled into one. Finally, after a thorough exploration of his slave’s mouth, Skinner released him.


“Thank you, Master,” Mulder gasped.


“You’re welcome.” Skinner ruffled Mulder’s hair. “Now, let me outline a few more rules, Fox. I expect to be woken every weekday morning at 6 am, and every weekend morning at 9 am, with a cup of coffee, my newspaper, and a blow job.”


Mulder’s eyes widened, then he grinned, and nodded. “I think I can manage that, Master,” he said cheerfully.


“I’m sure you can,” Skinner commented dryly. “After coffee, I’ll apply a little discipline – as much or little as I think you need to remind you of your status in this household.” Mulder’s cock rocketed into the air at that news. “We have a week to get you settled in. By the time we return to work, hopefully you’ll be halfway trained. I expect there will be new trials and tribulations to face then, but we’ll deal with them as they arise. That’s all you need to know for now,” Skinner said. He sat back and gazed at Mulder speculatively. “Now, I think want to feel my new slave’s talented mouth again. Open my robe, and suck me.”


Mulder did as he was told, eagerly swallowing Skinner’s hardening dick. It felt magnificent in his mouth – his master’s cock, hard and strong, tasting of Him, smelling of Him.


“Hands behind your back,” Skinner instructed, leaning back with a contented sigh. “I want you to devote yourself to your task using only your mouth.” Mulder did as instructed, enjoying the semi- bondage of holding his hands behind his back. He gave himself up to his devotion with his usual single-minded attention to detail, devouring Skinner’s cock with his experienced tongue. He felt when Skinner was on the verge of coming, and looked up at his Master for further orders. Skinner made a small gesture with his eyes, and Mulder continued his enjoyable task to its conclusion, swallowing his Master’s come gratefully. “Good, very good.” Skinner stroked Mulder’s hair as Mulder cleaned up his spent cock with gentle laps of his tongue. “Now, it’s been a long day. I think it’s time you were in bed.”


Mulder got up eagerly, and started to climb onto the bed, but Skinner laughed, and shook his head. “Your bed, slave. You have to earn the right to sleep with me.”


Mulder’s heart sank. “Doesn’t Master want to…?”


“Make use of you? No,” Skinner said firmly. “I’ll decide when and where. Until then, you’ll just have to wait, slave-boy.” Skinner stood up, and clicked his fingers at the door. “Remember, the cock ring stays in place – as does the butt plug. All night.” Skinner told him, a fierce look in his dark eyes. Mulder swallowed, and nodded. “Fox – I’ll expect my wake up call at 9 am,” his Master reminded him, his expression softening, and a smile creasing out the severity from his features. Mulder basked in the warmth of that smile for a moment, and then fled.


It felt strange going to bed in his new room. Mulder lay on his back, thinking over the day’s events. As a player, he knew that he had finally met his match. Skinner’s refusal to sleep with him filled him with awe. The man was playing him like a musical instrument, denying him his pleasure, keeping him always on the edge. Nothing could have turned Mulder on more than being told “no” at this point. By being refused his Master’s bed, he now wanted nothing more than to sleep in it. Whereas he had been apprehensive about anal sex, now he longed to welcome Skinner’s beautiful cock into his body. The waiting, the wrong-footing, kept him permanently aroused. Mulder couldn’t ignore his poor, aching cock any more. The cock ring kept him almost permanently erect, and he wasn’t used to the feel of it digging into his flesh. Right now, he just wanted to come – as soon as possible. The fact that his Master had forbidden him to remove the ring was like a red rag to a bull; Mulder thrived on such rebellions. He went into the bathroom, and wrapped a cold wash cloth around his cock, until it was flaccid, then he took off the ring, and within seconds he was fully erect. He lay on his bed, jerking himself off, wriggling to maximise the sensation of the butt plug inside him, poor substitute though it was for his Master’s cock. He soon tasted his sweet release, coming harder than he could ever remember in his life before, then he cleaned himself up, and put the cock ring back on. Skinner wouldn’t know. How could he?


Mulder returned to bed, smiling to himself. He would use this situation to get what he wanted, but still retain his own control. Skinner couldn’t stop him doing what he liked in the privacy of his own bedroom. Mulder had no intention of submitting beyond the level that gave him his own pleasure – maybe his new Master had met his match too.


Feeling pleased with himself, he closed his eyes, and thought longingly of the contents of that Playroom, with its vast, wide windows looking out onto a world that couldn’t look back in. Soon…soon…soon…



End of Part 3

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