A Willing Lad

A Willing Lad

Summary: When a pirate captain rescues a drowning man from the sea, he does not expect to find his true love and soul mate. He puts the lad to work but soon discovers that his new cabin boy has secrets, strange skills… and dark desires.

Extract:   Luke grinned and ran a gentle finger over Sebastian’s fine lips.
“You’re a handsome lad, as you well know. If you’re willing, you may sleep in my bed, beside me. But understand me clear – if that’s your choice, I’ll strip you bare and make fine sport with you. If you’ve lain with a man before, you’ll find it nothing like being with me.” Luke spoke with some pride. He leaned forward and whispered directly into Sebastian’s ear. “I’ll ravish you long and hard – you can expect no mercy.” 

Fandom:   Original Character fiction

Pairing:   Luke Evans/Sebastian Stan (Sort of! See notes!)

Genre:   BDSM Slash

Characters:   Luke Evans, Sebastian Stan, Marc Warren (See notes!)

Story Type:   First Time, Romance, BDSM, Historical, Pirate

Rated:   NC-17

Spoilers:   None

Warnings:   None

Series:   None – yet!

Word Count:   32,000

Chapters:   3

Recommendations:   Xanthe’s Recommendation

Published:   February 9, 2021

Notes:  This story is part of a much larger story universe that my friend Emma and I devised together to brighten the tedium of many lockdowns. The storyverse spans centuries and includes several other couples. Luke and Sebastian are the ‘first couple’ of the series, so I decided to write their origin story as a 50th birthday present for Emma. The rest of their story is epic, but as I started out only intending to do a 5,000 word snippet, and it grew to a 32,000 word monster, I thought I should stop here! I would love to come back one day and write all the rest as I love this storyverse so much. I fear it would take several volumes of books to do justice to all the bonkers plotlines we’ve devised and the glorious array of characters we’ve created!

In devising our story universe, Emma and I chose a few actors we could see playing the characters we created. We’ve spent many morning walks talking through plotlines and it was easier to name the characters after the actors – which also, oddly, rather fits them! However, it’s clearly not them and not intended to be RPS in any way – thus Luke Evans becomes Luke Jenkins in the story, and Sebastian Stan is Sebastian Smith. So, if you enjoy a visual, these actors are who we imagine playing the characters we invented. By all means imagine other actors in the roles, though!

A note about historical accuracy – a few details in this story aren’t historically accurate. This story is set in 1662 but some small details, including the sea shanty, came later. There is a reason for this… but it’s spoilery for the rest of the universe, so I won’t share it… ;-).

You can hear the real version of the sea shanty here: Miles Away

Thanks: Thank you to Tingreca for beta – much appreciated, as always! Thank you to Jacci for the lovely title pic.

Dedication: To Emma, with love, on her 50th birthday.

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