Summary: When Tony receives some bad news, it forces him and Gibbs to face the consequences of a time long past.

Extract:   Gibbs had been waiting for a dead body to turn up, and it seemed one just had – only not the way he’d expected. This was one of those bodies that had been hidden for seventeen years, and those kinds of corpses always stank to high heaven when they finally rose to the surface.

Fandom:   NCIS

Pairing:   Gibbs/DiNozzo

Genre:   Slash

Characters:   Gibbs, DiNozzo

Story Type:   Action/Case, Angst, First Time, Hurt/Comfort, Romance

Rated:   NC-17

Spoilers:   Specifically “Requiem” and “Heartland”

Warnings:   None

Series:   “Andy”

Word Count:   47,598

Chapters:   2

Recommendations:   Award Winner, Classic, Popular Favourite, Xanthe Loved Writing This One!, Xanthe’s Recommendation

Published:   November 25, 2008 Awards:   Nominated for Best Angst and Best Romance in the Tony/Gibbs category of the NCIS Awards, 2009

Notes:   This is wall to wall angst, with a dollop of hurt/comfort and a massive side order of daddy issues.
In this story I’ve based Tony’s age being 36 in 2008 on the fact that it’s explicitly stated by both him and Kate that he’s 32 in the episode “Split Decision” which aired in 2004, and he mentions playing college basketball in 1992 in “Swak” which ties in with this dating. Other canon facts are not entirely consistent on this subject (surprise!) but that’s what I’ve used for this story.
I found Gibbs’s timeline and canon inconsistent and confusing, so I’ve put my own spin on it here – trying to stay as accurate a possible while steering a middle path.
Thanks to Bluespirit for being so supportive, encouraging and all-round fabulous; also, and very importantly, for beta-reading and for the stunningly beautiful graphic.

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