City Boy




Summary: The President is doing his best bratty James Dean impression, Josh is beating himself up over a mistake he made, CJ is spoiling for a fight and the entire West Wing staff are on edge as they decamp to the country to plan their re-election campaign. It falls to Leo to somehow make everything all right…

Fandom: The West Wing

Pairing: Jed/Leo/Josh

Genre: Threesome

Characters: Jed Bartlet, Josh Lyman, Leo McGarry

Story Type: Angst, BDSM, Character Study, Established Relationship, Post-ep, Spanking

Rated: NC-17

Spoilers: Manchester

Warnings: None

Series: The Friday Night Club

Word Count: 18,528

Chapters: 1

Published: February 12, 2003

Awards: This story has been nominated in The Jeds annual West Wing Fanfic Awards in the following category: Outstanding story featuring a group of 3 or more.


Notes: This story hasn’t been beta’d so all mistakes and Briticisms are mine. I really wrote it as a bit of spanky relief from the huge long epic that was Old Friends and didn’t realise it would turn out so long in its own right <g> It just seemed to me that Jed was doing a very good James Dean impression at the end of the episode Manchester (see pic from the ep above) and was particularly surly and in need of a good spanking <g> And poor Josh meanwhile just couldn’t give himself a break over the mistake he made on the tobacco issue. So, Leo *really* needed to step in and sort them both out…<g>


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