Summary:   “The West Wing” meets “Another Country”      

Fandom:   The West Wing      

Pairing:   Jed/Leo      

Genre:   Slash      

Characters:   Jed Bartlet, Leo McGarry

Story Type:   Spanking

Rated:   PG-13

Spoilers:   Two Cathedrals, H.Con 172

Warnings:   Torture

Series:   None

Word Count:   9,677

Chapters:   1


Published:   April 20, 2003    


Dedication: For Raven: I hope you’re doing okay now!! Background: In the episode “Two Cathedrals” we see a 17 year old Jed trying to have a conversation with his father, which is cut short when his father lashes out and hits him for no real reason. Jed is visibly shaken by this but it clearly isn’t an isolated incident and has happened often before. The flashback part of this story takes place the night after that incident. The present day part of the fic takes place after Jed has been censured by congress for not revealing to the nation that he had multiple sclerosis before he was elected. Canon note: We don’t know how Jed and Leo first met. Leo states at different times that he’s known Jed for 40 years, or 32 years. It’s not remotely canon that they went to school together but I liked the idea as a flight of fancy . Unbeta’d.  


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