Doctor’s Orders


Doctor's Orders


Summary: “You are NOT the person you pretend to be, Carson Beckett!”

Fandom: Stargate: Atlantis

Pairing: McKay/Beckett

Genre: Slash

Characters: Carson Beckett, Rodney McKay

Story Type: BDSM, First Time, Humour/Crack, Romance, Spanking

Rated: NC-17

Warnings: This fic was written for a kinkathon so, needless to say, it’s kinky! There’s lots of dominant!Carson sex, some light bondage, and some spanking. Please don’t read if that squicks you.

Word Count: 20,343

Chapters: 1

Published: March 17, 2006

AwardsThis story won best kink story (other pairing) in the Stargate Fan Awards, 2006  



    NotesThis story was written for the Atlantiskink kinkathon. The prompt was: “I have a desperate need for would like McBeckett, with Carson as the Dom. Spanking’s hot, being tied to something’s just as good, and I sure as hell wouldn’t mind Forceful!Carson. In a good way, not in a rape way.” 

Many thanks to: the sparkly pink Bluespirit for usual fabulous beta :-)This story is now available as part of an anthology of my stories published in zine form under the title Breaking the Rules from:


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