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Saw the poll in the fiction section and decided to start a discussion here since nobody else had ;D I voted for Laurence from The Adversary. This character had a huge impact on me, (and this is one of my all time fav stories ever – I think Laurence was a large part of that). He is so well written, so fully developed, clearly evil and yet has some frailties too, which only made him so much more real. He is a much more complex man than first appearances would have you believe, and that added such incredible depth and emotion to that story, which was as much about him as it was Mulder and Skinner, and sometimes i found myself trying to think if he had actually been mentioned in the show, he was just so perfectly written into that world that he didn’t seem at all like an OC. In many fanfics, i find myself resenting the OC as they are often just seeming to be there for the sake of being there, and since we know the other characters so well from the series, or other fanfics, there is this strange character that seems woefully under-developed and kind of pointless. Laurence though, and his lavender, years after reading that story, have stuck with me and my mind has rewritten it as him actually being a part of the X-Files series, hell he is more X-Files than Doggett ever will be to me. As far as best characters of all time, he is up there with McKay, Londo… and Laurence.


  1. Xanthe

    Thanks so much Jacci! I have to admit I think Laurence remains my best creation :-) . He’s so utterly vile and yet so interesting – to my mind anyway. And he has back story and frailties. He’s a monster but one we grow to understand.
    Walid is a different sort of monster. I’m actually rather proud of my villains! LOL! But I was pleased someone voted for Shanti too – I thought the daemons counted as OCs in their own way!
    Now I’m looking forward to creating some new OCs. I have so many I want to explore! It’s going to be a lot of fun :-)

  2. UprightIguana

    Lenny. My heart remains with Lenny (Subturfuge). Even tho he isn’t a “main” character, like a villain/antagonist, eg Uncle Roy (Damage). He’s just so clearly written, and so damned entertaining. He can just, under any circumstances, skip into a room, cause trouble, and flounce out again.

    Laurence really creeped me out, because he was so well drawn and with so much depth. He should be a guest star on Criminal Minds.

  3. Xanthe

    Lenny! I totally forgot to put him in my poll! I also forgot Lee from 24/7. Doh!

    I love that you remember even these old characters!

    Oh, I also forgot the gay guy from Damage who some people said reminded them a bit of Lenny. I can’t even remember his name! AGH!

  4. McShepletGirl

    The character from ‘Damage’….would that be Justin?

    I can’t class any of the ‘Damage’ characters as favourites – the story-line runs a little close top home for me to want to identify with the ‘heroes’ and some bad memories surface with the ‘villains’….which doesn’t stop me rereading it – it’s a favourite!…but I disassociate myself if that makes sense!

    Lee from 24/7….always makes me laugh! (Especially the part where Fox bites him at the party!)…hardly a villain – just an obnoxious prat who fails to grow up…and written so true to life!

    Maybe not a huge character – more of one mentioned in passing – I’m not even sure if he had a name…but the Karkaran owner who bought Carson intrigued me – I felt there was more of a story to be told about him! (Back From The Well)

    Larry/Laurence from The Adversary…creepy and well written. I love the way that he is so flawed. He does what he does so well, but is essentially as much a prisoner as his beloved boys (and girls).

    Two Wolves – what can I say? Amazing story…Yes Walid makes a great villain, but for me there are two other OC in this story that deserve a mention…The Fireman – nasty, brutish and in much deeper than anyone is aware. In his own way just as evil as Walid…And I want to give a shout out for Sam Hurrell. I love the way we see him develop. He has a real inner strength – ad in some ways it’s only the ordeal that he goes through that helps him to become the leader that he truly is…and he has a great relationship with his wife (Jan?….a minor character but terrific – so feisty)

  5. Xanthe

    Justin! That’s it *g*. I know totally what you mean re Damage. I even had to think hard about including Parrish and Quinn on my poll on the front page because it seems wrong to in any way like or respect the character building in those circumstances.

    I’d forgot Mulder biting Lee – totally deserved though *g*. Hee!

    And that’s interesting re the Karkaran owner who bought Carson – there definitely WAS a story there and an interesting one.

    And yes – interesting too re The Fireman – I went to town with the villains in Two Wolves. There was also Scott and Frank and the nasty guy who shot Rajesh. See, I’m terrible at remembering the names of characters even in my OWN story! LOL! There were many different faces to evil in that story.

    I agree about Sam – he really grew in that story. And I loved how Gibbs can’t help mentoring people even when he totally doesn’t want to be mentoring anyone! LOL!

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