Summary: In the episode The Leadership Breakfast Sam and Josh try to set a fire in the Mural Room with disastrous results. I just wondered what might have happened next.

Fandom: The West Wing

Pairing: Leo/Josh

Genre: Slash

Characters: Josh Lyman, Leo McGarry

Story Type: Established Relationship, Humour/Crack, Spanking

Rated: R

Spoilers: Noel, The Leadership Breakfast

Warnings: None

Series: None

Word Count: 3,109

Chapters: 1

Recommendations: Award Winner, Xanthe’s Recommendation

Published: March 31, 2003

Notes: Not beta’d so all mistakes, anglicisms etc are mine :-) This is a little spanky fic that I started months ago and just found today and decided to finish off It’s a standalone and isn’t set in any of my other West Wing universes.


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