Summary: Gibbs has left NCIS and is living in a remote cabin on a snowy mountainside. But what secret is he hiding in his isolated hideaway?

Extract: He places a finger against Tony’s neck and feels a faint, erratic pulse. Then he hears a rattling sound and watches as Tony struggles to take a breath; his lungs must be giving up. His chest falls, and there’s a long pause – too long – before it rises again.A rasping sound fills the air as Tony tries to take another breath…and fails. His chest stays still. Unmoving.”Tony?” Gibbs searches for a pulse again but finds none. “Tony!”

Fandom: NCIS

Pairing: Gibbs/DiNozzo

Genre: Slash

Characters: Gibbs, DiNozzo

Story Type: Angst, Holiday, Hurt/Comfort, Romance, Schmoop

Rated: R

Spoilers: None

Warnings: None

Series: None

Word Count: 26,286

Chapters: 1

Published: December 23, 2010

Notes: Thank you: To [info]bluespirit_star  for beta and the beautiful graphic. To [info]nikitariddick for US beta and encouragement. To my “Norseman” [info]hildejohanne for snow beta, help and advice. To [info]silvertales for picking up those final few typos and errors, and to [info]dinkydi for audiencing and providing the inspiration for a very important guest character ;-)Here is this year’s Xanthe Christmas fic offering. It’s long, snowy, angsty and schmoopy, and it is my Christmas present to all you kind people who have left me so much lovely feedback to my stories during the year. Thank you so much!


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