Game Plan: 2. Part Two



“He loves me, he loves me not, he loves me….” They’re beautiful flowers. Thank you, Walter. Such beautiful flowers. I’m in the grip of an obsession here and I can’t do a thing about it. I don’t even want to do a thing about it and besides a boy has to have something to dream about if he can’t actually move… And I can’t. Not a muscle. The nurses are nice though, and Scully’s been so sweet. It was all worth it, despite the unfortunate ending, wasn’t it, Walter? I’m coming out in a cold sweat just thinking about last night….



Poor cub! All frail and pale lying in a hospital bed. Our passions really did get the better of us last night, didn’t they? Still, that was probably inevitable considering the length of time this has been brewing. You do bring out such strong emotions in me, foxling! I blame myself for this though. I should have thought that something like this would happen.




Will I ever tell you how you made me feel when you got hold of my hair and pulled my head back and traced your finger along my throat? Probably not – you already know anyway. I don’t think you need to be told anything about me. You know every bad, deviant thought in my wicked, perverted head. I was so relieved though! For a moment, for just one awful moment, I thought maybe I’d got it wrong and you weren’t a player after all, just an angry boss. A commonplace angry boss about to lose me my job. It was only for a split second, then you came out like the sun, in all your toppish glory and I’m dazzled by you now!



It was a good moment, cub. Very good. To finally have you where you belong, on your knees at my feet, grovelling, begging.


“So tell me, boy. Is it the handcuffs you want first?” I’m leaning over you, pushing your head so far back it’s nearly on the floor.


“Yes. No. Whatever you want, sir. You’re in charge,” you reply, singing sweetly as I always knew you would with the right handling.

“Yes I am. And don’t forget it.”

“I won’t, sir,” you squeak.

“Did I give you permission to talk?” My hand tight around your throat, then relaxed, gentle, playing with your ears. Keep them off balance, Walter. Pace yourself. You’re shaking your head, trembling beneath me, your erection so big I can practically smell it, let alone see it.





I’m in love. There’s no two ways about it. You were a revelation, Walter, the best I’ve ever played and you didn’t let me down in the culmination either. Of course, it’s only what I would have expected after the way you’d been playing for the past couple of years.

Your big hands are on my body now, one still in my hair to keep me down (as if I needed keeping down!) the other roving all over me, as if searching for something but not going anywhere near where you might find anything. Then you throw me back, onto the floor, straddle me with those big thighs, hold my head in both your mean hands and look me straight in the eye. You aren’t wearing your glasses. Your eyes sure are dark, sir, and intense, and scary. I’m scared, I’m trembling and I can hardly move. I’m wriggling – you’re heavy, sir and I can’t breathe….



“Keep still.”




“I said, keep still!” I thunder. “Is this how you obey me, boy? How many orders have I given you? Well, answer me?”

“I don’t know, sir.”

“A lot, boy. And how many have you ever obeyed?”

“I’m not sure….” I bang his head back on the floor.

“Not many, boy. Not many. Perhaps now is the time to spell out what will happen to you if you don’t obey me.”




“I will…I’ll do everything you say, everything you want…”

“Like staying quiet when I tell you?” I ask and you bite your lip. “No, boy. You just can’t help yourself. I should gag you….” Eager light in your hazel eyes. “But the trouble is, I enjoy the screams too much, Mulder.”

“Boy.” You pout.


It was a bad mistake. I know that. I knew it as soon as I said it. You went so dangerously quiet that I nearly came there and then just watching the expression on your face.

“Are you presuming to tell me what I can call you now?” You ask, your tone quiet, low and so threatening that I’m in heaven.

“No, sir. I’m sorry, sir. Punish me, sir.”

“Oh, I will, Mulder. I will, I promise you. But I’ll decide when.”

We’re interrupted! Oh, god! There’s a scuffling sound at the door. It’s late and the cleaners have started work.

“Damn!” You pull back off me, grab my wrist and get me on my feet just in time before the door opens. Do we look as guilty as we feel? Thank god we are at least still fully dressed. You are perching those glasses back on your nose, turning away from me, putting your hand out for a file, pretending to flick through it and all I can do is rearrange my shirt and tie and smile goofishly at the cleaner.

“Come back later,” you say tersely, glancing up at the cleaner as if surprised.

“Yes, sir.” She scurries away, as scared of you as I am.


“Come here.” I beckon him over and open my desk drawer, pulling out some handcuffs. “Be still, Mulder and very quiet,” I say, holding his body against my chest, his back to me, his hair next to my chin, my arms wrapped up across his chest, under his neck, hard, restraining. “Does this remind you of something?” I whisper gently in his ear.


“Yes…” We both know what I’m referring to.


“Good. Because now is payback time.” Quickly I fasten his wrists together behind his back. Then I go and fetch my coat, slinging it over his shoulders, hiding the handcuffs.


“What are we doing?”

“You, are doing what you are told. And as for me, I’m taking us on a little journey.”

“Where to? Why?” You look a bit panicky, Mulder.

“Where to? Guess. Why? Because I meant what I said earlier, boy. I want to hear you scream but I don’t want to have to worry about everyone in this damn building rushing in to find out what the noise is about. So, much as we both want to stay and finish this right now, instead we’ll have to be patient. Can you be patient, Mulder?”

“If you want me to be, sir.” A little pout. “But why the handcuffs? I could just walk out without drawing attention to us. I could meet you in the parking lot.”

“Don’t presume, Mulder.” I sigh, wearily. “I’ve got you where I want you right now. Don’t think I’m going to let you get back any of your insufferable impertinence. Besides, you like game-playing don’t you, boy? Well, think of this as the next round. You and me, getting out of here without anyone noticing that you’re handcuffed under my coat. Fun?”




Fun? I’ve had more fun being chased by killer mutants. Who would have guessed you’d be this reckless! And I find I’m warming to it, exhilarated by your risk-taking. You push me out of the room, lock the door, along the corridor, your hand still on my shoulder. Then we’re in the elevator. Oh shit! Agent Pendrell is in here as well.

“Mulder. Sir.” Pendrell nods at us. “You’re both working late.”

“Yes, Pendrell. Special assignment.” You stab your fingers at the elevator buttons. The handcuffs are biting into my wrists. Familiar, cold, metallic. I hope they don’t jangle and give us away. Keep very still, Mulder.

“No rest for the wicked eh, sir?” Oh you arselicker, Pendrell!

“For the wicked? No.” You look at me sweetly, a knowing twinkle in your eye. “No rest at all. Only punishment for the wicked, eh, Mulder?” You nudge me with your toe and Agent Pendrell is looking slightly taken aback by your response. I clear my throat.

“That’s right, sir.” I give a sickly smile, counting down the seconds until the elevator reaches the ground. Did someone teach you how to be this good, or were you born this way?



This is good! I’m walking you through the foyer, wishing the guards on the door goodnight, smiling a bit as well and I can feel you like a tense little kitten beneath my fingers. I’ve got my hand resting lightly on your arm, guiding you. We’re nearly there as well, when:


“Mulder!” You swing round, jumping, skittish, your protective coat almost going flying. Scully is rushing towards us, her red hair bobbing up and down. “Mulder, I’m glad I caught you!” You’re giving these strangled, mewling little cries like the fox cub you are, trying to catch my eye. Well I’m not going to help you. You’re a player, Mulder, you get out of this.

“Have you written that report yet?” Scully is asking, her eyes glancing over me, glancing over Mulder and not quite registering the fact that it’s my coat slung over your shoulders.

“Um, yeah. We were just going over it weren’t we, sir?.” You shrug in my direction, a meaningful, “help me!” shrug. I ignore you, smiling benignly at Scully.

“It’s just I’ve found some more technical data, Mulder. I think we should discuss it.”

“What? Now?” You squawk.

“Yes.” Scully’s blue eyes are intense and insistent. Now the desperation radiating from you is so tangible I want to kiss you.

“I can’t.” Another shrug, then you stop, realising the coat is slipping. You back up against me to prevent it falling off completely. I’m still smiling. “I have something else I need to work on tonight. Don’t I, sir?” At last! True neediness in your voice. An abject request for help. When will you learn that it’s pleading that gets you places with me?

“That’s right, Agent Scully, but don’t worry. I’ll make sure Agent Mulder reports to you first thing tomorrow morning.” And we’re on our way again.




“You, are a bastard.” I rasp, as you open the car door for me.

“Don’t be an idiot, Mulder!” You shake your mean head. “Calling your boss names? Really. And when you’re already in so much trouble?”

“That wasn’t funny. I don’t want Scully knowing anything about this!”

“Neither do I, Mulder. So you’d better keep your wits about you hadn’t you?” I swear that if my hands were free they’d be round your smug throat.

We drive for a while, in silence. But I can’t bear the tension and begin to speak. You stop me.

“I think, if you don’t mind, cub, that I’d rather you kept your mouth shut. If you’re capable of it.”


“Oh dear. I see you’re not capable of it.”

“What’s all this cub, stuff?”

“Fox cub. It’s how I think of you.” And you give me another of those horrible smiles.

“Fox cub? Ugh. It’s revolting.”

“Oh good. You don’t like it!” Oh yeah, smirk, smirk away. I’ll make you remember why you’re bringing me here though. I’ll make you remember why we’re risking our jobs for this. Just you wait until we’re alone together…Tops aren’t the only ones who can do tricks you know!

We’re swinging into the parking lot under the apartment block where you live and you usher me out into the elevator and then along to your apartment. Last time I was here…

“Now, boy.” You round on me, whisking the coat away, and for a minute I think you’re going to slam your fist into my stomach like you did with him. I don’t want that, but I’d suffer it. I think that right now I’d suffer anything for you. “I have a few things I need to do before I turn my attention to giving you what you deserve. So.” You haul me out onto the balcony, swiftly undo one of the handcuffs, tie me to the railings. “Don’t go anywhere!” You smile maliciously and return to the apartment, leaving the door and the curtain open. Oh very clever, Walter. Get me panting again why don’t you? Stoke up the tension we lost while we were forced into our re-location. Krycek was right, it is cold out here. I watch as you disappear up the stairs. What are you doing? Where are you going? Then you’re back down again, changed into jeans and a tight black tee shirt that shows off that massive chest, and those strong arms. I’ve had tops keep me waiting before, but not like this! Not while you prowl around your apartment like the panther I imagine you to be in my head. Making a phone call? Pouring yourself a drink?? Sitting yourself down on your couch and flicking through some TV channels???? Toy with me why don’t you!


Keep him guessing. I’m hot for him but he’s not going anywhere. And besides, we already know that he likes this fantasy. So do I of course! I put it in his head after all. Finally, after about an hour, I go out to see him.


“You cold, boy?”


“No,” you say, between chattering teeth.

“Want me to warm you up?”

“No.” Such petulance. It’s what I like about you, foxling.

“I think we’re forgetting the ‘s’ word, boy! What do you say?”

“No, sir.” You spit, eyes angry at being abandoned for so long when you’re this close to the edge. I undo the cuffs and pull him back into the other room, shutting the curtains and door firmly behind us.

“On your knees, cub.” I press him down. “And take your clothes off. All of them. Now.”

I sit back down to watch. This’ll be good. He’ll be naked and I’ll be fully clothed. Small tricks I know, but worth using all the same. All in the cause of total domination, obviously. He’s watching me from under that tousled hair, trying to get the measure of me, still trying to play me! One hand on the top button of his shirt, slowly undoing it, never taking his eyes off me, his tongue moistening that drooly bottom lip, enticingly…

“Just undress, cub. Quickly. It’s not a striptease.” Angry little flashes in your eyes. Did you think to get the balance of power back, foxling? Get me so enthralled by your sweet body that I’d do things your way and you’d be able to manipulate me to get what you want? Please! You don’t seem to have learned anything.


How many times do I have to be wrong-footed in one evening? I’d give up, really I would, but I might just get a lucky break somewhere along the line. I get rid of my clothes in 10 seconds flat. I’d like to report that I was embarrassed, kneeling there butt naked in front of my boss, but hell, I’m just a whore at heart. I loved it! He’s looking me up and down, then down and up, that mean grin flickering around his lips.

“Let’s get the rules straight shall we?” He says, clearing his throat and tearing his eyes away from my erection.


“Yes.” He pauses, then grins again. “Boy.” He growls that word in such a way that I melt all over. I can feel a shiver running down my spine, making me gasp inside my stomach. “Rules are you can’t come until I tell you that you can, and I mean that, boy. Don’t think you’ll just be able to provoke me into giving you some nice punishment if you do, because the punishment for coming before I say is….game over. Rain stops play if you get my meaning, cub.”


“As for the other rules, well you’ve already shown yourself incapable of keeping them. I’ll repeat them anyway, just so you can’t say I didn’t warn you. You don’t talk without my permission and you obey everything I say. Oh, and you call me sir. Or master. I’m not bothered which. There see, easy rules. Even you should be able to keep them, boy but we both know you won’t.”

“And what’s the punishment for breaking them, sir?”

“You’ll find out, cub. And did I give you permission to talk?”

“No, sir.”

He still hasn’t hit me. Come on. I’ve been waiting 2 years for this. Did you think I didn’t know I didn’t have permission to talk? Punish me, please!



“Come with me, cub.” I lead him into one of my rooms. Open a cupboard and unlock a safe. Ideally I’d keep all my equipment on show, but occasionally one is broken into in my line of work and it would be a trifle embarrassing. So, the safe it is. A completely impregnable one at that. There are hooks on the walls and ceiling and in a matter of seconds he’s attached to them, leather cuffs around his wrists and ankles, suspended in mid-air.




Well, at goddamn last. He’s got me all tied up and he’s getting out all this stuff and laying it all out on the table and there it is! A whip! Please hurry, Walter. Get that whip moving – I’m desperate here! What are you doing? No, Walter, sir, please pick it up again. It’s nice. It’s all black and shiny, you want to swing it around the place, you really do. Oh god, where’s he gone? He’s back. He’s behind me…ugh! What is that?



“They’re ice cubes, boy. In case you’re wondering.”


“They’re cold!”

“Yes. That’s because they’re ice cubes. I thought I just made that clear. And that’s twice now, incidentally.”

“Twice what?”

“Three times.”

“Oh, I see.”

“Four. You really don’t want to continue in this way, boy. Not when you can’t be sure what the punishment is.” Dear me. Not even an ice cube trailed along his hard cock puts a dent in that erection. He has got it bad. Let’s just hope he can hold on because I have no intention of stopping just yet…



I hate this. Ice cubes! What am I, a goddamn penguin? Now he’s trailing one down my back. Oh stop, Walter. Please stop! Oh no. Not there. Please not there.


“Oh, you don’t like this? Maybe next time you’ll be more obedient then.” He’s pressed one right inside me. This is so disgusting.

“Please, sir. Please….” I’m dangling, pathetic. I can’t believe that he hasn’t whipped me yet. And you know, I think he’s going to make me beg for that. He’s standing in front of me, those cold dark eyes fixed on me.

“What is it, boy? Was there something you wanted to ask me?”

“Please take the ice cube out, sir.”

“But I’ve only just put it there!”


Where’s he gone to now? Out of the room, back again. Why can’t he damn well stand still for a moment? Then he could see how gorgeous I look. How abject and servile and…he’s back.




“Did you know there were other games we could play like this one?” And I go and stand in front of him with the candle, matches at the ready. His eyes have gone all wide!

“Not…no. You’re not going to do what I think you’re going to do are you?”

“Why not? Look you’ve got goosebumps all over, boy. This should warm you up.” And I light the candle and move towards him, swilling a nice, hot, runny piece of wax around in the top of the candle.

“No!” He’s struggling, trying to move away. It’s pointless of course. “Sir, please, listen to me.” Moving around, frantically. “I’m scared now, sir. I’ve never done this sort of stuff before. Please…please, can I at least have a safe word?”




He’s stopped. Thank god! Standing quite still. Then he moves fast, blowing out the candle, undoing the cuffs and I’ve fallen to the floor.

“What is it?” He’s moving away from me, packing up the stuff. “Please…what is it?” I’m at his elbow, frantically trying to get a reply.

“I’m sorry, son.” He smiles, gently, putting out a sweet, tender hand to caress my hair regretfully. “I thought you were a top level player. I was wrong.”

“Because I asked for a safe word?”

“Because you don’t trust me. I’m not someone you’ve just picked up in a bar for god’s sake! You know me. When you play at this level, Mulder, you need to be able to give yourself up to the ride.”

“I can, I am, I do! It’s just that you’re scaring me. Nobody’s ever played me like this before. I’ve never even needed a safe word before! I’ve always been able to manipulate every top I ever came across. They only hurt me how I wanted them to in ways I wanted them to. You’re different, that’s all. You make me feel unsafe.”

“I know. And that’s the turn-on isn’t it, Mulder?” He’s looking pointedly at my still rampant erection. He’s right though. I’ve never been more scared or more excited in my life.

“You can’t have one without the other,” he says, still stroking my hair. “If you can’t pay the ultimate price, risk everything for the game…then you won’t get the ultimate rewards, boy.” This last word, said mockingly, sweetly, tenderly, without any trace of a threat.



I hold my breath, just looking at him. He really is so very transparent. Every desire pulsing across his face, visible in those wide, hazel eyes. He swallows then looks me straight in the eye.


“I’ll do whatever you say. Please don’t stop. I promise I’m yours. Do anything,” he says desperately.

“You’re sure?”

“Yes.” So poignantly offered up, such a pretty little sacrifice. Before he realises it, I’ve pushed him onto the table, and snapped the cuffs back on him, tying him down.

“Close your eyes.” I light the candle again and wait until he’s relaxed before dipping a nice hot piece of wax onto his chest. He screeches and his eyes open. “I said close them.” He does, wriggling and tensing as I move around the table, not sure where the next piece of wax will fall and yet still so aroused! He’s good. He’s good because he can let himself go, show all his emotions, his fears, his desire, and because he never gives up trying to control me and that makes the struggle such fun! I think I’ll win. I think that by the end of the evening he’ll be begging me to whip him, begging me to fuck him, begging me to let him come and the power will all be mine.



This is weird. Cold ice in me, hot wax on me. How did he dream this little torment up? Where did he learn such nasty, fabulous tricks? Has anyone ever done this to him? I can’t imagine so but usually the best doms have been subs in their time. Yet he seems so completely, utterly, toppish in everything he does. Every word, every sigh, every frown…at work, at play, in the bedroom. Does he have an erection? Is this turning him on? Me, naked, vulnerable, under his control? Oh I hope he’s turned on. I want him to be turned on. I want him to want me. I want him…Actually the wax is rather nice. Just hot enough to hurt but the pain fades really quickly and then the suspense of waiting for the next dollop. Where will it fall, tense my body, wait, wait, wait…where’s he standing? I can’t hear him, I can’t risk opening my eyes, perhaps it’s not coming, perhaps….ouch! Mmm, I’m enjoying myself.



Enough! He’s starting to find this a little too comfortable. Change the pace, Walter. Undo the cuffs, pull him up, tie him back up, his feet a little way off the ground but nice and comfy. Painful wrists do not an erotic fantasy make – just enough to pull and restrain, not enough to cut or overwhelm. Now the whip, but only to excite. Pace around with it in front of him, watching his pupils dilate! How well is he holding on to that erection? By the skin of his teeth I’d imagine. Run my hands along his back, fingers up inside him, slowly, sensuously, until he’s totally relaxed, enjoying the caress. Then…



“Oh shit!” He’s got me by the balls. His hand cupping them tight, squeezing just a bit too hard.

“Now, boy. Here’s a lesson for you.” I can’t concentrate, I can’t even breathe. Please let them go! A lesson? What’s he talking about?

“I want you to use your imagination, boy. Let’s take a scenario – I don’t know, liver-eating mutants perhaps. You’ve just been told by your boss not to go near one. What do you do?”

“What? What are you talking about?”

“Simple question, Mulder. I forbid you to do something and you…what do you do?”

“This isn’t fair. You’ve got me by the balls!”

“Nothing’s fair, boy. Answer me.” Shit, he’s squeezing…

“Whatever you say. I do whatever you say.”

“Good. Remember that answer. Let’s move on. Your partner’s been kidnapped and you’ve been without sleep for 24 hours. Your kind, thoughtful, ever-concerned boss, tells you to go home and get some rest. What do you do?”

“I…go home and get some rest?”

“Very good. Will you remember that next time?”

“Yes!” Stop that goddamned squeezing. This isn’t fair. I’d agree to anything right now. Has he got a whole catalogue of times I’ve pissed him off in his head? Do we have to go through every single one?

“Right. Moving on. You’ve been affected by a narcotic drug that’s making you a bit edgy. In the midst of all the turmoil going on in your head, what is the one thing you remember, the one fact you hang onto, above everything else?”

“I don’t know.”

“Think then.”


“Well, I’m waiting for an answer. You’re very slow, Mulder.”

“This isn’t fair. This is work stuff. You can’t hold me responsible for it here!”

“Mulder, the playground is everywhere, not just the bedroom. You know that. That’s the game we’ve been playing for the past couple of years.”

“Okay, okay. What was the question again?”

“What’s the answer?”

“Um…no, don’t, I’m thinking. Please stop! Okay, got it. Even when affected by drugs that send me completely insane, the one thing I remember is, I don’t hit my boss?”

“That’s right. And what else?”

“Um…you want more?”

“Oh yes.” That voice! It’s like black silk, dangerous and sexy and I can’t even see him. I can just feel those vicious fingers on my balls!

“Er…my boss is nice and good and always on my side and I should trust him?”

“Good. That wasn’t hard was it?”




Don’t make me laugh. That’s the hardest thing about being a dom. Mischievous subs who make us want to crack up. Its another sub trick that I’m all too familiar with, foxling so don’t think it’ll work. Time for some more action, boy. Undo your cuffs, let you down and you’re pouting, kneeling at my feet, little pinpricks of tears in your eyes.


“Sir, permission to speak?”

“Yes, boy.”

“Please, sir…are you going to whip me?”

“Is that what you want?” His eyes go to the whip, nervously, licking his lips, pretending to be scared. I bet any other top would be getting the signals and laying into him right now, but if it’s what he wants…well there’s no reason why he should get what he wants just yet.

“No sir. Please don’t whip me.” Oh, honestly!

“Alright then, I won’t.”


“You said you didn’t want me to whip you so I won’t.”

“You don’t have to do what I say, sir! I’ve been really been bad. You’ve just gone through a whole list of times when I’ve pissed you off. I deserve to be punished, don’t I?”



He’s probably going to wrap me in duct tape or something next. Anything to delay giving me what I want. I can’t stop shivering with the thrill of this and he’s hardly even touched my dick yet. Which is a good thing. If he did I’d come within seconds. That ice cube has melted now, all dripped out of me… an interesting experience!

“Punishment for you….is keeping you on the edge, cub. And anyway, you’ll have to beg for everything you want. Do you want me to fuck you, boy?”

“Yes. Please.” I haven’t even seen what’s in his trousers yet. But I want to, god I want to. “Can I….” I’m inching forward, my hands going to his belt, to undo….ow! He’s got me by the ear.

“Presuming again are we, boy?”

“Sorry, sir. But, sir, please let me touch you. I want to touch you. I want to have you in my mouth, sir….please, please.” I can’t believe I’m actually rolling around at his feet, begging for it.

“Good. You’re learning. So I’m going to reward you. You can undress me.” He lets go of my ear and stands there, waiting for me. I get up, put one trembling finger on his tee shirt, then another. I ‘m standing looking right into his eyes now, his gaze holding mine, steady, implacable. I can’t wait to see this fantastic body again! I’ve had dreams about these rippling muscles. I’m tugging the tee shirt up, slowly, pulling it over his head, careful – don’t want to upset him. Good job he hasn’t got any hair to mess up! Oh shit! That body. Can’t resist putting my fingers on his nipples, tangling through that chest hair…

“I said you could undress me, not fondle me. Get on with it, boy.”

“Yes, sir.” Swallowing down desire, pressure in my cock so painful! Kneeling down in front of his jeans, unbuttoning, unzipping, push them down around his ankles and he steps out of them. Now his briefs, black cotton, nice and functional although…no, definitely not a man who’d even contemplate wearing red silk boxers or anything with silly pictures on them. At last, a sight of that cock….oh shit! It’s impressive, yeah, really, really impressive. Long enough but not out of the ordinary but wide! Very wide. And hard! So he does want me. Smug smile to myself – I deserve that much don’t I?




“You can look, but don’t touch.”

“But I want…!”

“I know what you want. I know everything you want, boy. But just because you want something doesn’t mean you can have it. Now get over here.” He comes obediently, without the usual fuss and preamble and arguments or intolerable showing off. He’s getting the idea. Now I’ve got his neck and I push him towards the door that leads to the en suite bathroom. Inside, turn the shower on. “I think you’ve got a bit too hot, boy. Let’s cool you down shall we.” Make it nice and cold, and watch that erection shrivel. He’s yelping and shrieking as I hold him under the flow of water, spluttering and coughing.

“That’s for the fantasy you spun me back in my office this evening,” I tell him. “Tied down with chicken wire and sprayed with black liquid my ass! If you didn’t want me to make you all wet you shouldn’t have thrown that one at me, boy!”

“It was all true!”

“Maybe it was. How do you get yourself into these things, Mulder?” Decide he’s suffered enough of the cold water treatment and turn the heating up so it’s nice and warm, ease myself in beside him. Hold him from behind, my erection digging into his backside, my fingers tracing themselves along his wrists, finding those whiplashes he showed me earlier. “You were playing a dangerous game, boy.” I tell him.

“I had to…I didn’t know what else to do…” Get hold of the soap and start running it over his chest, down to his groin but not quite down to that erection which seems to have sprung back up again. Take the soap round to his buttocks now, rub it between them. He’s groaning, pushing back into me and I know what he wants me to do.

“You think you can take me?” I whisper.

“Yes. Please…just do it. Please, fuck me. Please, please…” Well, who could resist?

“Alright, boy. Stand with your hands on the wall, butt out, that’s right. Now don’t move your hands. I don’t want them going anywhere near that dick of yours. Remember, if you come, game’s over. No whips, nothing!”

“Yes, sir. Please….”

Run my hands over his buttocks, his hole opening up for me so sweetly and easily, quite relaxed. Press myself in, slowly, inch by careful inch. He’s shifting a bit, sobbing.

“Having trouble taking me, boy?”

“No! Yes…please don’t stop.”

That’s my cue to start really pumping, back and forward, seizing his shoulders and pulling him back, pushing him forwards again, watching to make sure he keeps his hands against the wall even when I’m shoving into him. He’s trying! Bless him. Oh but this is good. Tight, submissive, nice…especially the sobbing moaning sounds he’s making. Take it, fox cub, take it.




Shit it hurts but it’s so good. I want him to hurt me. That fat cock filling me up, tearing me up, me tight around it, swallowing it right up to the balls…the water’s still pouring down on top of us, I can’t breathe, I want to come, I want…oh god this is brilliant…he’s come! Finished, pulling out of me, panting, getting hold of me and pulling me round to face him, keeping away from my dick, kissing my neck, biting me…fingers pinching my nipples, tongue licking at my earlobes…oh this is ecstacy. I worship you, master! Grab the soap, start soaping his body. He hasn’t pushed me away, he’s allowing me this. Scrub that dick and it’s started to get hard again! Shit, what sort of a superhuman guy is this? Or of course, it could just be the power of my irresistable charms…dream on, Mulder!

Down on my knees, sucking him. He’s really hard now, but I don’t think he’ll be able to come straight off. That’s good, all the more sucking for me…his hands are in my wet hair and he’s looking down on me, still so stern, so strict…shit, stop thinking about that, Mulder. You don’t want to come just yet.



Well this is very nice. He’s stopped talking and being a smart ass and started addressing himself to my needs. Very good. I think he can be rewarded now.


“Come on, boy.” Pull away from him, get hold of his arm and propel him out of the shower, turning it off. Wrap a towel around my waist. He can stay naked, I like him that way, wet and naked, water dripping off him, his hair all glistening. Put him on his knees on the carpet, a dripping puddle of a man with an huge hard-on. He’s done well to hold himself back for so long. He really is very good. “Now what is it you want most, boy?” Crouch in front of him, pull up his head, look deep into those hazel eyes.

“I want you to whip me, sir. Please.” Whispered, total capitulation.

“Do you know what, boy?”

“No, sir.”

“I want to whip you too. I’ve wanted to tie you up and whip you red raw from the moment I laid eyes on you. I want to punish you for every smart alec comment, every act of insubordination, every damn stupid lie you ever told me!”



I’m drowning. These are words I never thought I’d hear…words so beautiful they make me want to weep.

“Do it then, sir. Please. I deserve it…”

“Too right.” Pulls me up, fastens me to the wall, picks up the whip, paces around with it behind me, runs it along my thighs and across my buttocks and I’m tense, on a knife edge…then it starts. First one across my shoulders and I scream and flail, comforting red flash of pain on my skin, inside my stomach, like spiders crawling around. Can’t stop this…out of my control. He’s in charge, he’s always in charge. The next one falling on my buttocks, a familiar pain, and I’m screaming again. He likes it when I scream, and I want him to like doing this. I want him to like it so much that he does it again and again…



I won’t cut the flesh, tempting though it is. Another time maybe, when we’ve both got some leave owing to us and I can afford to spend a couple of days looking after him when it’s over. He doesn’t need it this time anyway. This whip is flat and broad, like a belt or a strap – it won’t break the skin but it sure as hell hurts, especially when I’m swinging this hard. Down over the backs of his knees – not nice but I never said I was nice. And I did promise myself a whip and that I’d hurt every part of his body. I think I’m doing a good job…Of course I’ve had a lot of practice but never with somebody who meant as much to me as he does. My own, sweet fox cub, panting and sweating and crying under my whip! Raise my arm, flick across his upper arms. Back to buttocks, random, idle, pause to drag his head back and whisper in his ear.


“Is this hurting, boy?”

“Yes, sir.”

“Do you want me to stop?

“No, sir.” Hah! Another lick around his thighs…



I don’t know how long it lasted but it went on until every inch of me was on fire. Then it was over and I could feel his tongue on my back, licking at where he’d hurt me. Then he let me down, led me over to the bed, pushed me back and held me there, one strong arm holding me down, the other reaching for my cock – at last!

“Don’t come yet. You’ve done well, boy. Keep going, see how long you can hold out…”

“Not while you’re doing that! Please, let me…please! Can’t hold out at all…”

“Are you disobeying me, boy?”




“No…but…” And he comes all over my hand, completely unable to stop himself. “Sorry, sir,” he murmurs and I laugh out loud, finally allowing myself to do what I wanted to do several hours ago, leaning over him and kissing him full on the mouth, working his lips apart, putting my tongue inside, consuming and devouring him and he’s responding, wriggling under me….dear, sweet fox cub. His hands find my cock and he starts rubbing, stroking, pumping, until I come again. Well it’s only fair that I get to come twice! Finally we lie back, exhausted.


“End game?” He asks, his eyes bright, happy and satisfied.


“For now.” I hold him, feeling that rush of tenderness that only a dom can know, for someone who has endured so much at your hands, and so sweetly capitulated to your will.



Two hours! Yes that’s how long I held that damn erection. Oh alright, it was on and off but more on than off and two goddamn hours! I can’t believe the time. Really I should get an award for endurance. Now he’s got up, pulled his jeans on and tossed me my trousers.

“Hungry, Mulder?”

“I guess.” I follow him into the kitchen and he rustles us up a meal. We don’t talk, just eat, looking at each other. I guess I’m looking a bit goofy but he seems positively high. All relaxed and shiny and bright on some dom plane of consciousness I can only guess at. I can say, in complete honesty, that this was the best night of my entire life. After supper he leads me back out to the couch and sits down, pulling me so I’m lying on my back with my head in his lap, staring up at him and losing myself all over again in that strong neck, those shoulders, the powerful muscles, the stern jaw….and he’s playing with my hair, turning the TV on, flicking through some channels….shit! Was that a gunshot?



“This is cosy! I went looking for Mulder but I couldn’t find him. So I thought I’d come here to settle this score instead.” Krycek! He’s blown the door off its hinges and he’s standing with his gun pointed at us. My own gun is in my jacket pocket, slung over the chair on the other side of the room. God knows where Mulder’s gun is.”You see I wanted to get my own back for this, amongst other things.” And he moves into the light so that we can see the artificial arm. “You, I haven’t forgiven for that night I spent tied up out there.” He’s looking at me and moves his head in the direction of the balcony. “And as for you…” he advances on Mulder, waving his gun, “You beat up on me so many times that I think I deserve some revenge, don’t I?”

“Krycek…” Mulder opens his mouth but Krycek’s gun is unwavering. Mulder and I are standing side by side, both bare-chested.

“Shut it, Mulder. I never thought of you two as being a couple before. It’s so unexpected – and so amusing!”

“Spare us the talk, Krycek. If you want to kill us you’ll have to decide which one to go for. You won’t get both of us and the other one will be on you before you pull that trigger twice.” I tell him.

“Is that so?” And he aims deliberately for Mulder.

“No!” I can’t bear it. To have found such a great player and then to lose him. “He’s mine, Krycek.” And nobody but me is allowed to hurt him. Nobody. I’ve thrown myself in front of the gun and Mulder’s ducked, and pushed the couch over into Krycek at the same time. The gun goes off and I wait to feel if I’ve been hurt but there’s nothing…I’m on my feet again, on Krycek, knock him down, tear that gun out of his hand, pound my fist into his face until he loses consciousness and then turn round….




“Mulder? Fox?” Somebody’s talking to me. I can’t think properly. There’s a pain in my shoulder that reaches all the way down my body to my feet. “Alright. You’re going to be okay. Shit. Stop bleeding, Fox.”

“Is that an order?” I mumble, trying to smile.

“Yes.” And he’s on the phone, trying to make a call, then slamming it down. “Damn! I’ll take you there myself.” Disappears, reappears in tee shirt, wraps me in a blanket and picks me up in his arms like a goddamn baby. Is he really this strong? I’m not exactly light! Out of the apartment, down to the elevator, holding me close, kissing my hair. Into the parking lot, gently into the car, lose consciousness on the way to the hospital.




Well honestly – did you think it was me who landed him in hospital? I’m a very safe player – I pride myself on it. He’ll be fine although I had a worrying couple of hours waiting. I went straight out and bought him an enormous bunch of flowers to brighten up his room and delivered them to him in person the next day. Doms can be sweet, sensitive, loving souls as well you know.

“Krycek?” He asks, our eyes meeting over the flowers. I’ve signed the card ‘W’ with a big flourish and Scully will undoubtedly soon be asking him awkward questions about where they came from. I know, it’s cruel of me, but I can’t stop playing with him just because he’s in hospital! I’m sure he’ll think up a very plausible explanation for the ‘W’.

“Don’t worry about him.” I smile.

“What did you do with him?” Anxious eyes.

“Oh, I just tied him up…somewhere nice and cold and high up. I haven’t finished with him yet.”

“Are you trying to make me jealous?” Pout. Winsome lips!

“No. I promise you that whatever I do to Krycek will bring him no pleasure whatsoever.”

“Good.” I wish I could kiss him but instead I satisfy myself with running my fingers over his hand.

“Get well soon, boy.” Give just enough gruff inflection in that last word to make his eyes go all sappy.

“Another order, sir?”

“Yes, Mulder. One you’ll obey if you want to play with me again any time soon…”



Soon. Yes. One order I’ll be obeying without question. He loves me, he loves me not. He loves me….




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