Summary: It’s Christmas…and Tony has a fascination with Gibbs’s hands.

Extract: They were the hands of a craftsman who could coax smooth curves out of solid wood and the hands of a killer who could caress a gun into perfect working order. They were working hands, creative hands, patient hands. They were hands that knew how to get the best out of guns, and wood, and…him. 

Fandom: NCIS

Pairing: Gibbs/DiNozzo

Genre: Slash

Characters: Gibbs, DiNozzo

Story Type: Action/Case, First Time, Holiday, Hurt/Comfort, Romance

Rated: NC-17 Spoilers: None

Warnings: None

Series: None

Word Count: 6,399

Chapters: 1

Recommendations: Xanthe Loved Writing This One!, Xanthe’s Recommendation

Published: Dec 24, 2008

Notes: I must admit it’s really me who has a fascination with Gibbs’s hands *g*. This story grew out of a discussion that I had on the subject with [info]lantean_drift on my birthday. It’s been brewing up ever since and I finally gave into it and wrote it. It was supposed to be just a little Xmas fic but it kind of grew. It’s unbeta’d so please forgive any errors and accept it as my little present to all the people who have been so kind and generous in sending me feedback these past few months since I started writing again.


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