“Tony, the sun is shining, the sky is blue, and it’s 80 degrees out here! Why on earth are you wearing that giant sweater? You must be sweltering,” Kate exclaimed, glancing at him as they crossed the street back to where Gibbs was waiting by the van.

“What? No – it’s not that warm. There’s a definite chill in the air.” Tony gave a theatrical fake shiver as they reached the van.

“No, really, it’s hot. Oh wait – is that it? You think you look hot in that sweater?”

Kate poked him in the ribs, which, luckily, he couldn’t feel because of the very thick sweater. The very thick sweater that was making him perspire so much that all he could think about were the rivulets of sweat running down his back right now.

“That’s not why he’s wearing it,” Gibbs said, grinning at them.

“It’s not?” Kate raised an eyebrow.

“Nah – he’s wearing it to hide the big hickey on his neck,” Gibbs said.

Kate gave him a look of utter horror. “Tony, that’s disgusting! How old are you? Thirteen?”

“Hormonally? Probably.” Tony leered at her. “And you think anything involving sex is disgusting, Kate.”

“I do not. Just anything involving you and sex. You’re such an animal, Tony.” She gave him one last withering glance and got into the van.

Tony glared at Gibbs. “Why did you have to go and tell her that?” he hissed in an undertone.

“’Cause it’s true?” Gibbs shrugged, looking completely unconcerned.

“There’s no point me killing myself by wearing this giant, fleecy sweater if you’re just going to tell her the reason why! I might as well go around…you know…” Tony pointed at his neck with an agonised grimace.

“You should. I’d like it.” Gibbs leaned in close. “I don’t like the marks I put on my boy being covered up,” he whispered into Tony’s ear.

This time, when Tony shivered, it was for real.

The End


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