In the Shadow of Two Fathers


In the Shadow of Two Fathers


Summary: Leo is forced to confront the psychological issues that the Rosslyn shooting has raised, both for himself and for Jed.

Fandom: The West Wing

Pairing: Jed/Leo

Genre: Slash

Characters: Jed Bartlet, Leo McGarry

Story Type: Angst, Romance

Rated: R

Spoilers: In the Shadow of Two Gunmen, Noel.

Warnings: None

Series: June 17th

Word Count: 13,862

Chapters: 1

Published: December 29, 2003 

Notes: Dedications: Thanks to Phoebe as always :-) Any continuity, canon-errors etc are all mine.This fic takes place during and immediately after the events of Noel. One of the flashback sequences in this story takes place during events described in one of my other stories, Old Friends. You don’t have to read that to understand this story though. The dates I used in this story are consistent with the June 17th universe.


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