Summary: Someone’s drunk…

Fandom: The West Wing

Pairing: Jed/Leo

Genre: Slash

Characters: Jed Bartlet, Leo McGarry

Story Type: Humour/Crack, Romance

Rated: PG

Spoilers: None

Warnings: None


June 17th

Word Count:   2,751

Chapters:   1

Recommendations:   Xanthe’s Recommendation

Published:   May 11, 2003

Notes:   This is a June 17th universe fic. You don’t need to have read that fic to understand this one though! I wrote this one for May’s “warm fuzzies” challenge on the Jed/Leo list. I dunno if it works as that but it’s pretty angst free at least! It’s entirely unbeta’d so all mistakes, Anglicisms etc are my own.
Pic by Frances 


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