Men In White


“So…I was a Nazi?” Skinner folded his arms and looked down on his recuperating lover questioningly.


“Yeah…sorry.” Mulder made a face. “Look, it was a dream – a guy doesn’t have any control over what goes on in those, right?”


“Is that what Dr. Freud and Dr. Jung say?” Skinner asked with a raised eyebrow.


“Um…” Mulder squirmed. “Look, I didn’t have to tell you. I get brownie points for that don’t I? Please, let’s just forget it. It didn’t mean anything.”


“Are you sure?” Skinner pressed. “It seems to me like your subconscious mind might have been trying to tell you something.”


“That you’re a Nazi? I don’t think so.” Mulder grinned.


“No…something else. Wait here.” Skinner gave Mulder a solemn wink and then left the bedroom.






The door opened 10 minutes later, and Mulder held his breath as a dazzling vision in white entered the room. Skinner was clad from head to toe in his old USMC dress uniform, complete with peaked cap and gloves. His lover stood to attention, and Mulder found a certain part of his anatomy following suit.


“If you wanted me to indulge your uniform fetish you only had to ask,” Skinner grinned.


The End







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