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We need your help! You may have noticed the random quote generator at the top of the home page. Well, we’d love it if you could send in your favourite quotes from Xanthe stories so we can add to it. Just leave the quotes and stories they’re from as comments on this post, or click here to email me. You can leave as many quotes as you like, but they must be copied and pasted from a Xanthe story, and please be sure to reference which story! Ricochet quotes are welcome, too. All contributors will be placed into a prize draw and a random winner will receive a FREE signed paperback copy of Ricochet. You can submit your quotes any time between now and December 22nd. The winner will be announced on Christmas Eve.

In other news, my computer crashed on my birthday :-(. It needed a new hard drive and I’ve had it back but the backup didn’t include emails I’d received in the few days before it died. Someone sent me a request to translate Possession, and before I’d had a chance to respond the computer had died and I lost the request forever! So, I just wanted to say, please go ahead – just send me the file when you’re done so we can host it here.

And finally – Jacci and I have got some cool plans for the site so please keep checking back!




  1. Altyerre2

    “If you don’t claim him, Jethro, someone else will – and he’’ll let them, while wishing all the time that it was you.” – Skinner in Two Masters, talking about Tony (of course). I love it, as it sums up Tony’s headspace at the start of that fic in one line.

    “He might never again get to share a bed with him, but sharing a working life with him would be enough.” – thought by Tony Dinozzo in Ghost (okay so maybe I have a thing for pining Tony).

    “I’m an obsessive-compulsive justice junkie.” – Gibbs, from Damage (so out of contex and yet so true :yes: )

  2. Xanthe

    Brilliant! Thank you!

  3. eurekali

    He had been somewhere good, somewhere true, where he could fully experience his slavery, and love it for being what he most wanted in the world. – From 24/7. :good: I love this book, it makes my day.

  4. Xanthe

    Brilliant! Thank you!

  5. Narikalen

    Tony craned his neck upwards and looked straight at the camera. “Gibbs,” he said hoarsely, getting a good look at the screen for the first time, eyes trying to focus through his exhaustion. “I don’t know why you came for me in person and not the others, but I’m guessing it was a bluff to throw him off the scent. So tell him the truth. Tell him it doesn’t matter to you, tell him *I* don’t matter to you.”

    “Can’t do that, Tony,” Gibbs replied, gazing directly into his sub’s eyes. “He already knows it’s not true.”

    – from Hiding in Plain Sight (love me some angst, and oh. Tony.)

  6. marg

    “Here, Probie, if you’re going to go getting all dark and maudlin on me then you’ll need this,” Tony said, snapping him back to the present, handing him the bottle of bourbon. McGee took it, threw his head back, and took a deep gulp of the fiery liquid.
    “Ten Years”

  7. marg

    He thought of Skinner, his big, macho Master, spinning out of control after the death of his wife, ending up desperate, and alone on Andrew Linker’s doorstep. His Master had been strong enough to be weak. “24/7”

  8. Xanthe

    Awesome! Thanks!

  9. Xanthe

    Brilliant – thank you!

  10. Xanthe

    Love it – thanks!

  11. finlaure

    “Trying to tell me something, Tony?” he asks, taking off his glasses.
    “Yes. This.” Tony gets up, comes over to him, and gently cups the back of Gibbs’s neck with his hand. Then he pulls him in close and their lips meet.
    The kiss is soft and tender, sweet and deep. It touches something frozen in Gibbs’s heart, mending a tiny part of what is broken. It’s like warm blood rushing back into cold skin; it hurts and heals at the same time.
    Tony draws back, and he’s looking at Gibbs intently. “It’s time, Jethro,” he says.

  12. Xanthe

    Thanks Finlaure! That’s a lovely one!

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