New Ricochet Artwork!

The fantastic Line126 has made some gorgeous artwork for Ricochet, to go, specifically, with this section of Chapter Fifty-Eight:

They sped through the wrought-iron gates to Rick’s house, and Rick got off the bike, turned, and swung Matt up in his arms, all in one quick move.

“Hey! Oh, shit…” Matt flung his arms around Rick’s neck. “I can walk, you know.”

“I know… I just need to hold you.” Rick grinned down on him.

“You’re lucky you’re so damn big. I mean, I’m not small, and most doms wouldn’t be able to do this, and – mmmfh!” Rick silenced him by kissing him, and Matt laughed up into the kiss.

Rick carried Matt into the house and up the stairs, kissing him repeatedly as he walked. Matt was surprised when they walked past the playroom, but Rick shook his head.

“Not the playroom – the bedroom. There’s plenty of time for the playroom later, but right now we’re just us. No games, no scene, no acting, no master/slave scenario – just a dom and his newly collared sub.”

 ricochet_art_s   ricochet_arttitle_s Click here to see larger sizes.

You can buy Ricochet in e-format or paperback from or Smashwords.

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  1. line126

    OMG, you put it here too! Now I got something to show off! LOL

    Oh, yes, that is the paragraph. This is my favorite plot which I reread so many times!

  2. Xanthe

    Well I completely love it so I wanted to show it off! I’ve spoken to my website manager Jacci and we think we’d like to create a gallery for Ricochet artwork and put your other lovely pics up there too if that’s okay with you :-)

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