New Xanthe Fanfiction Story!

Well, after making a post a couple of weeks ago about not having a fandom to write in, I became TOTALLY inspired by the first episode of Season 3 of Sherlock which aired on New Year’s Day – The Empty Hearse. I haven’t felt so inspired to write fanfiction in about a year, so this felt fantastic and I produced a 12,000 word story in two days – it just flowed, so deliciously, and was such a pleasure to write. This is why I never say never! LOL! Anyone who has seen The Empty Hearse will know that there is a very interesting and inspiring torture scene in it, involving a chained up Sherlock while his brother watches – and seems to rather enjoy it! I became fascinated and captivated by their relationship and wanted to explore it more, so I wrote Brother Dear. It isn’t really slash and it isn’t quite incest, but it definitely IS BDSM. It’s a rather edgy and dark topic, but I hope you enjoy it – and please do leave me some nice feedback if you do! It’s been awhile, and I’ve rather missed it *g*.

Marlislash made me a fantastic graphic for the story which I’m posting below:

Brother Dear


In other news, there is a new Russian translation by SittZubeida of The Cat That Walked by Himself on the Translations page – and a beautiful graphic to go with it by Daria:



My apologies if the site is a bit slow at the moment and some of the functionality isn’t here – we’ve had some issues with it, which we’re trying to sort out.


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