Only Human




Summary: A health crisis for Leo causes Jed to reassess his priorities – with unforeseen and dramatic consequences.

Fandom: The West Wing

Pairing: Jed/Leo

Genre: Slash

Characters: Jed Bartlet, Leo McGarry

Story Type: Romance, Hurt/Comfort

Rated: PG

Spoilers: None

Warnings: None

Series: June 17th

Word Count: 37,454

Chapters: 2

Published: May 7, 2003

Notes: This is a June 17th universe fic. You don’t need to have read that fic to understand this one but some events from the other stories in the series are referred to in passing. There’s lots of angst, tons of romance and lashings of hurt/comfort too…oh, and someone walks in on Jed and Leo and catches them ‘in flagrante’… And, of course, this being the June 17th universe, there’s a flashback scene as well :-).

Dedications: Many thanks to dot for ongoing advice and support. The usual heartfelt thanks to Phoebe for beta help :-) Special thanks to Emma for mulling this idea over with me back in March! Big, fat, wet, sloppy doggy kisses to Bluespirit for making me the most beautiful Jed/Leo pic I’ve ever seen…Those two boys SO want to kiss! Back in March I had a fantasy about someone finding out about Jed and Leo’s relationship. It was just going to be a nice little short piece and then it grew. And grew. And grew…and now here it is in all its over 35,000 word glory. A couple of weeks after I started writing this fic, Priya posted a challenge to the Jed/Leo list to write a fic that included certain elements, one of which was already the main feature of this story so I tried to work the others in too. I’m not sure I *quite* manage to fulfil the terms of the challenge but I’ve at least mentioned all the element she listed Those were: troop movements, the Federalist papers, someone walking into a door, someone being caught in the act (the ‘act’ in question not being defined!) and it being a Jed/Leo slash story. Beautiful romantic pic courtesy of Bluespirit.



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