Personal Assistance: 2. Part Two


Skinner cleared the desk, arranging his pens and papers in a neat pile on the floor.


“Clothes off, and lie on the desk. Face up.” Kim commanded.


“But…” Skinner looked nervously at the door.


“Are you questioning my orders?” she asked dangerously.


“Uh, no.” He swallowed, undressing swiftly.


“Good boy.” Kim scratched long, red, fingernails over his nipples as she handcuffed him to the desk legs.





“Oh god…” Skinner groaned, as the ‘phone interrupted them.


Kim frowned at him as she answered it. “I’m sorry, Agent Mulder, I can’t put you through to A.D. Skinner. He’s tied up right now…”



End of Part Two


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