Possession: 3. Merger


Mike had never been kissed by a man before, but he wasn’t even conscious of how new this was because the taste, scent and strength of Harvey were all around him, intoxicating him all over again.


He couldn’t think about anything else but the firm press of Harvey’s lips on his, the way Harvey was exploring his mouth with his tongue, and the feel of Harvey’s hands on his face, keeping him in place while he kissed him.


Harvey drew back, and Mike hung there, moaning softly, wanting to be kissed again.


“Looks like my gut was right.” Harvey grinned down on him. “Come on, Pup…let’s give you those strokes you want so much.” He took hold of Mike’s hand and pulled him to his feet. “With me.”


Harvey led Mike into the next room – the one he’d put his suit in a few hours earlier.


Mike paused in the doorway, looking at a large bedroom with floor to ceiling windows making up two of the walls. The room was dark, the drapes were open, and the city was a brightly lit hub of bustling life beneath them.


Mike followed Harvey into the room and found himself drawn, irresistibly, to the windows. He looked out at the cityscape below, just as he had earlier on the balcony.


“Shit, Harvey – you go to sleep up here, looking down on all this?”


No wonder Harvey walked the hallways of Pearson Hardman like some kind of god. He slept up here as if he was on Mount Olympus, with his head among the clouds. It must be easy to think yourself invincible when you went to sleep and woke up in the morning looking at this kind of view.


“Mmmm, but right now I want to be looking down on all this.” Harvey came up behind him and wrapped one arm across Mike’s chest and the other across his stomach, pulling him back against his own warm, strong body.


Then he pushed Mike’s head to one side and kissed his neck, slowly. Mike wasn’t sure what to do in response. Harvey was taller than him and much broader and stronger. He had a powerful physical presence and being held by him was so entirely different to Mike’s experiences with girls that he wasn’t sure how to react.


He tried to relax against Harvey’s body and felt Harvey’s arms tighten around him, holding him close.


“That’s good, Mike; you want to submit. I like that.”


One of Harvey’s hands went lower and slid down the front of Mike’s jeans. Mike tensed, but all Harvey did was scoop out his tee shirt from the waistband and slide his fingers under it, so that his hand was resting flat on Mike’s belly. Mike swallowed hard and put his hand over Harvey’s to stop it moving around down there.


“Skittish,” Harvey murmured in his ear.


“Harvey, I told you, I’ve never done anything like this with a guy.”


“I know. That’s why I’m going to take my time and enjoy it.”


Mike gazed at his reflection in the window. He could see Harvey behind him, holding him, talking into his ear, seducing him, like Harvey was the devil and Mike was some innocent he was about to corrupt.


“Tell me your fantasies, Mike,” Harvey whispered.


His fantasies? Mike thought he’d rather shine Louis’s shoes every day for a month than calmly talk to his boss about what he jacked off to when he was alone at night.


“Uh…” he felt his neck flushing, the way it always did when he was embarrassed.


“Mmm, interesting. You knelt for me, and you let me kiss you, but now you’re acting like you didn’t just offer me your submission. You think you can choose what you give me and what you keep back? You can’t. You’re mine now, Mike; I own you – all of you – and that’s what you’ll give me. I insist.”


Mike felt a wave of arousal, and he couldn’t stop the low moan that escaped his lips.


“You liked that, didn’t you?” Harvey whispered into his ear. “Being owned is one of your fantasies. Tell me more, Mike.”


Harvey’s hand was still flat against his stomach, just holding him, warm but firm. His other arm was across Mike’s chest, keeping him pulled back against Harvey’s own chest. Mike felt both captive and captivated at the same time.


“Is it being owned or wanting someplace where I belong?” Mike blurted. “I don’t know. I just know I want to be taken somewhere…” He hesitated.


“Where do you want to be taken, Mike?” Harvey prompted.


“Wherever you want me to go,” Mike whispered.


“And you don’t want a choice,” Harvey said, in that same deep, low voice. “You want to surrender that to me.”


“Yes.” Mike cleared his throat.


“But your head gets in the way. You overthink it. You can’t let go. You want to fly, but your mind won’t let you. You always take back control. You don’t want to give into it – you’re too scared to give into it. A part of you always has to be on guard, to make sure you don’t get screwed over and hurt.”


Mike stared at his reflection, shocked by how completely Harvey knew him. But wasn’t that Harvey’s particular skill? He’d seen it over and over again at work. Harvey knew people. He could read them, and he used that – sometimes against them and sometimes for them – but always to win and get what he wanted. Mike knew he was in the grasp of someone very dangerous, but he was too intoxicated by the sensation to want to escape.


“This feels crazy and out of control – it’s kinda like being stoned,” he said, wondering if he was exchanging one addiction for another.


“No,” Harvey told him in a hard tone. “It’s a damn sight better. I can make you fly and take you higher than you’d go with any drug.”


Mike could feel Harvey’s smirk against the side of his neck. The bastard was, in this as in everything else, so very sure of himself.


“What else?” Harvey asked. “What are your other fantasies? Pain? Punishment? Restraint?”


Mike hitched in a startled, faltering breath and then another. His cock was now pressing almost painfully against the tight fabric of his jeans.


“All of those then,” Harvey murmured. “This is good, Mike. Your fantasies match my own. That gives me something to play with. Let’s talk about how this is going work.”


The hand on Mike’s belly stayed where it was, keeping Mike in place, but Harvey’s other hand moved down to Mike’s ass and cupped his right buttock unexpectedly, making him gasp.


“I’ll spank you here; with my hand the first time, but not always,” Harvey whispered softly into Mike’s ear. “Sometimes I’ll use my belt and sometimes my paddle. It depends where we are, of course; I’m fantasising right now about taking you over my knee in the back of the limo and spanking your ass until it’s red and hot.” Mike closed his eyes and sighed at the mental image. “Ray’s always been very discreet,” Harvey added with a little chuckle.


Mike was breathing heavily now, finding it hard to take in enough air as the world swirled around him. All that was keeping him upright was the firm press of Harvey’s hand on his belly and the warm solidity of Harvey’s body behind him.


“I also have a flogger – the most expensive suede I could buy – nothing but the best for my boy,” Harvey told him.


Mike frowned. “When did you buy that? If it’s just for me?”


“This afternoon.”


“You knew I’d say yes?” Mike turned his head and glanced up at Harvey.


Harvey caught his mouth with his own in another firm, demanding kiss.


“Yes, I knew you would,” he said when he released him. “Besides, I like to be prepared for any eventuality.”


That sounded like Harvey. Mike turned his head back towards the window and gazed at their reflections again, fascinated by them.


“I’ll use the flogger on your back, on your shoulders, and here…” Harvey’s hand left his belly and slid up his chest beneath his tee shirt, and he rubbed Mike’s right nipple firmly with his fingers.


Mike gave a barely coherent gasp and twisted in Harvey’s tight embrace.


“Uh-uh,” Harvey chided in his ear, his strong arms making it impossible for Mike to escape. “You have to learn to take what I want to hand out, Mike. Let’s do that again.” He pinched down hard on Mike’s nipple, and it was all Mike could do to stay in position. He annoyed himself by whimpering as Harvey teased those expert fingers over his nipple, squeezing it and releasing it over and over again.


“Good boy,” Harvey breathed against the side of his neck. “But you can take more.”


Mike was about to protest that he couldn’t when Harvey’s fingers closed over the nipple again and squeezed down brutally. He let out a holler but Harvey didn’t release him – he just pulled him back even closer, holding him tight against his chest, talking to him the whole time. “That’s good, Mike. Take it for me…because you’re mine…that’s good…”


Mike hung there, breathing hard, loving the praise and wanting desperately to please Harvey but equally desperately wanting the torture in his nipple to end…and then suddenly it did.


“Very good,” Harvey purred. He moved his hand back down and stroked Mike’s belly again, gently, calming him. Mike found himself relaxing back against Harvey’s body.


Harvey moved his other hand down the back of Mike’s jeans, under Mike’s boxers, and stroked his ass. “I’m looking forward to fucking you,” he said, squeezing one buttock firmly.


Mike swallowed hard, unsure how he felt about that.


“Are you a virgin, Mike? Hell, of course you are.” Harvey all but laughed into his neck.


“With guys, yeah – I pretty much told you that already. I’ve slept with plenty of women though,” Mike said defensively.


“Haven’t we all?” Harvey sounded amused. “Do you want me to fuck you, Mike?”


Mike hesitated. He knew he did, but he was also scared. This was a long way out of his comfort zone, and he wasn’t sure he was ready to let Harvey go that far with him tonight.


“I don’t know,” he muttered.


“Well, I won’t fuck you until you want it, so you’ll have to ask me when you’re ready.”


“I don’t think that’ll happen,” Mike told him. “Honestly, I’m not jerking you around, Harvey…I just…”


“You just don’t think you’ll ever ask for something that terrifies you so much,” Harvey told him, and once again Mike was surprised by how well he could read him. “You don’t think you can lose yourself in the moment enough for that to happen.”


“Yeah,” Mike whispered. “Something like that.”


“You’ll ask me to fuck you. You’ll beg,” Harvey predicted confidently. “What else do you want, Mike? Do you want to struggle? If I tie you up and play with you, do you want to struggle, and sob, and pretend it’s not what you want?”


Mike found himself wetting his lips with his tongue and then almost cursed himself for the knowing grin he saw on Harvey’s face, reflected in the window in front of them.


“If you want it that way, then you need to choose a word,” Harvey said, tracing circles on Mike’s butt with his fingers.


“A word?” It was hard to concentrate when Harvey’s fingers were doing that.


“A safe word because if ‘no’ doesn’t mean ‘no’ then I have to know what does,” Harvey explained. “You must have done this at the club.”


“Yes. Yes…” Mike shook his head, trying to think clearly, while Harvey’s hand continued to stroke his ass. “A word.”


“Any word. Just as long as it’s one you’ll remember.”


“And you.”


“I won’t forget.” Harvey sounded very sure about that.


“How do I know I can trust you to stop when I want you to stop?” Mike asked. “If I’m tied up and can’t get away?”


“You don’t trust me? I’m hurt.” Harvey’s hand stopped moving, and Mike immediately wanted it to start again.


It felt so strange being on the receiving end of all this sexual attention from Harvey of all people. When he made moves on a girl, Mike was used to being the more active one; kissing her, stroking her, moving in on her. Now the tables had been well and truly turned… and he was astonished by how much he liked it.


“I don’t know, Harvey. I sort of trust you. I want to trust you.”


“You’re scared.”


It wasn’t a question, but Mike nodded anyway, swallowing hard.


“I won’t hurt you beyond the extent you want to be hurt, Mike, but you’ll have to take my word for that. Unless you want it in writing? I could draw up some paperwork right now, if you do. We could both sign.”


Mike knew he was joking but that reminded him of the papers Louis had given him earlier and the guilt made him break free of Harvey’s embrace. He pulled away and turned, and Harvey took a step back, his eyes narrowing as he gazed at Mike intently.


“What’s that about?”


“Nothing. I just…I need to breathe. I need to think.”


“No, you think too much, and it’s driving you nuts. You need to experience,” Harvey told him firmly. “This can be good, Mike. I can make this good for you, but surrender is implicit in the experience. If you refuse to let go then I can’t make you, however good I am at dominating – and trust me, I’m good.”


“No…see…I don’t know that I can let go,” Mike explained. “Damn it, Harvey, you’re good, yes, I’ll give you that, and if anyone can take me there it’s you, but…”


“But?” Harvey leaned against the window, watching him.


“But my head always gets in the way. You don’t understand what it’s like! I can remember everything I’ve ever read. I can see pages and pages in my mind all the damn time. I remember the most stupid things: books I read once; billboards I passed by ten years ago; hell, the backs of cereal packets from when I was eight years old. It’s all there, and I can’t just shut it down.”


“I think you can. You were halfway there just now,” Harvey told him, and Mike was aware just how much he’d been played by an expert and skilfully led down the path towards submission and surrender.


Everything Harvey had said while they’d been looking out of the window had been about getting into Mike’s head, finding out what he wanted, and using that knowledge to seduce him.


“It was never going to happen at just the click of my fingers the first time. In a couple of months, sure.” Harvey gave a confident grin. “But not the first time. It’ll take more work than that to get you there tonight, but I can do it, if you’ll let me.”


Mike bit on his lip. Could he let Harvey tie him up and fuck him? Did he want that? Could he trust Harvey enough? He felt a spike of anxiety in the pit of his stomach and knew that he’d regret it for the rest of his life if he didn’t at least try.


“MacGyver,” he said.


Harvey raised an eyebrow. “What?”


“MacGyver – c’mon, you know, the TV show from the eighties about the guy who put together gizmos that helped him get out of any dangerous situation. That’s my safe word.”


“I’m a dangerous situation?” Harvey crossed his arms over his chest, looking very dangerous indeed.


“Yes – very – from where I’m standing. You’re the one who is gonna be tying me up, remember!”


“MacGyver.” Harvey looked a little pissed. Then he nodded. “Fine. At least I won’t mistake that for anything else. Use it if you want me to stop. I’ll ignore any pleading, begging, or use of the word ‘no’, so let’s be clear on that. The only thing that’ll make me stop is that word.” Harvey crooked a finger at him. “Now, come here.”


Mike swallowed hard and took a step forward, and then another, until he was standing right in front of Harvey.


“I’m going to undress you. I don’t want you to move.”


Mike nodded, trying to get his head around the idea that they were really going to do this. So far, it hadn’t gone further than a few kisses and some mild petting, but now…


“See, you’re mine now,” Harvey told him, circling him like he was prey. “And I’m going to inspect my property and find out exactly what I own.”


He looked Mike up and down, an assessing gleam in his eyes.


“I’m glad to see you made an effort to look good tonight, Mike.”


“I did think about coming here in torn jeans and a stained shirt,” Mike told him with a grin. “Just to piss you off.”


“It would.” Harvey stared at him through narrowed eyes. “If you ever turn up at my apartment dressed in a disrespectful way, you’ll be bent over the back of my couch taking a sound spanking the second you’re through the door. Remember that; I won’t warn you again.”


“Yes sir,” Mike said automatically, and then he flushed, feeling embarrassed. “Is that okay? Is that what I should call you?”


“Sir or Harvey are both fine.” Harvey shrugged.


“How about ‘Master’?” Mike asked cheekily.


“If it turns you on, Mike,” Harvey said, with a roll of his eyes.


“Oh c’mon! Don’t tell me it doesn’t do something for that ego complex of yours!”


“Who said I had an ego complex?”


“You did. You said all lawyers have them.”


“Well, I was right. Obviously.” Harvey smirked. “Master’s fine too. Now take off your shoes and socks.”


Mike did what he was told and then stood upright again, looking at Harvey for further instructions.


“Arms up.” Harvey moved in and took hold of the hem of Mike’s tee shirt, removing it and the sweater over it in one swift move. He folded them carefully and placed them on a nearby chair.


“Neat freak,” Mike muttered under his breath, and then he panicked when he saw Harvey had heard him.


“Oh, the pup likes to play dangerously, does he?” Harvey grinned, moving in close. “That’s really not a good idea, Mike, when I’m about to do bad things to you; very bad things.”


He ran his hand over Mike’s chest, and Mike sucked in his stomach as Harvey’s fingers wandered lower. Harvey slapped him. “Don’t hold your breath. Now turn around.”


Mike exhaled and turned, shivering slightly but not because he was cold.


He felt Harvey’s warm breath on his shoulders and then felt a soft kiss being planted on the back of his neck. He shivered again, more convulsively this time.


“Don’t move. You belong to me now, remember?” Harvey told him.


“Yes sir,” he said, trying to recapture that earlier intoxicating headspace.


He felt Harvey’s hands on his body, stroking him, and he took a deep breath and tried to relax.


“Good boy.” Harvey pulled him back so that he was against him once more, and Mike could feel the cool silkiness of his shirt against his bare back.


Harvey’s dextrous fingers undid his fly, and Mike held his breath.


“Keep breathing,” Harvey said, and he sounded amused again. He undid Mike’s jeans, and Mike’s cock, liberated from its tight confines, jumped eagerly inside his boxers.


“Hmmm…Calvin Kleins – I approve,” Harvey said. He squeezed Mike’s cock through the boxers, making Mike gasp and put his hands back to hang on to Harvey’s thighs, so he wouldn’t fall over. “I’ve got you,” Harvey told him, although Mike wasn’t sure if that was reassuring or not.


“You mean in the same way that the spider’s got the fly he’s caught in his web?” he asked, searching for the usual banter he shared with Harvey but feeling too wrong-footed to find it.


Harvey gave a low, throaty chuckle. “Very like that, Mike. But I think you’re forgetting something: who do you belong to?”


“You, Harvey,” Mike replied helplessly. It felt so good to be standing here, his bare back against Harvey’s expensive shirt, leaning on someone strong and powerful who seemed to know how to tap into all his deepest fantasies. “I belong to you.” The words both thrilled and scared him but there was an essential truth to them that he couldn’t deny.


“That’s right. All of you, including this.” Harvey squeezed his cock again, and Mike thought he might be well on his way to passing out. “So, I don’t want you touching this tonight. It’s mine now, and I want to play with it.”


Mike nodded, trying to figure out how to breathe and not fall over at the same time.


Harvey’s warm fingers slid down inside his boxers and stroked Mike’s semi-erect cock with a firm, expert touch. “Remember how you wanted those strokes? Well, now you’re getting them, Pup,” Harvey told him, a grin in his voice. “Enjoying them?”


“What does it look like?” Mike put his head back and rested it on Harvey’s shoulder, moaning softly as Harvey played with him. The feel of Harvey’s hand on his cock, stroking him so deftly, soon made Mike hard, and he knew he wasn’t far from coming. Just a couple more, just like that, and…


“One more thing…I decide when you get to come,” Harvey said in a firm tone, right into his ear.


Mike jerked away. “Harvey!” he complained, swinging around to face him.


“Do you have a problem with that?” Harvey raised a dangerous eyebrow; Mike ignored it.


“Yes! I do have a problem with that! You can’t stroke me like that and expect me to hold it. I’m not frigging Superman!”


“Was that one of Superman’s special skills? I don’t remember it. Are we talking the movies or comic books here?” Harvey gave a sarcastic mock-frown.


“You know what I mean!”


“Yes, I do, and I don’t care.” Harvey was suddenly the hard, uncompromising taskmaster from the office, and not the silken-voiced seducer he’d been all evening. “I either own you, or I don’t. If I do, then I get to decide when you come, and I can tell you now that it won’t be until I’m inside you, fucking that tight virgin ass of yours so hard you’ll be seeing stars and screaming for mercy before I’m done.”


Mike stared at him mulishly.


“And if you disobey me on this, if you come any time other than when I’m fucking your ass, then I’ll take you out shopping tomorrow and buy the hardest, tightest, most restrictive chastity device I can find, and you’ll spend the next two weeks not coming at all while I fuck you to my heart’s content. Oh, and that’s after I stripe your ass with my cane.”


“You have a cane?” Mike felt his breathing hitch again and his stomach did a flip of excited terror.


“I do.” Harvey shot him a dark, wolfish kind of smile. “And I’ll use it on your disobedient ass if you’re not careful. Are we clear?”


He took a step forward, and Mike nodded quickly. “We’re clear, Harvey.”


“I expect to play with my boy all I like and for you to hold it if I tell you, even if it damn near kills you, and do you know why?”


“Because you’re the dom,” Mike said quietly.


“Damn right I am. Now, take off the rest of your clothes and come here. I’m done with all this teasing; I want to see what I own.”


Harvey strode over to the bed and picked up a remote. Within seconds the drapes were closing and the lights had come on, low and dimmed, bathing the room in a soft glow.


Mike did as he’d been ordered, leaving his jeans and underwear in a heap on the floor, and then went quietly over to where Harvey was standing, feeling kind of stupid. He’d been naked in front of guys before, but not naked like this, with a huge erection caused by this man standing right here. It was all he could do not to cross his hands defensively over his hard cock to hide it from view.


“Pretty boy.” Harvey grinned, and Mike glared at him. Harvey touched the side of his cheek. “Soft features.” His grin widened.


“Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha,” Mike said in a sing-song voice, still glaring.


“I like the way you look, Mike; soft and pretty with pale skin that I’m going to turn bright red with my hand. But first things first: I want you to wear this.”


Harvey reached for a box on the nightstand and opened it, and Mike found himself looking at a black leather collar nestled inside. It wasn’t any black leather collar, either. It was made from what was clearly the most expensive leather in existence – Mike could tell that just by looking at it. It was soft and unmarked, gleaming darkly on the deep blue velvet lining of the box. The collar’s padded silk interior was in the same shade of deep, vivid blue.


“You want me to wear a collar?” Mike asked incredulously. “Are you serious, Harvey?”


Harvey gave him a hard look. “Yes,” he said firmly. “You’ll find that I’m a very traditional kind of dom – and when I fuck my boy I want to look down on him and see my collar around his neck. I want it to be very clear to us both that you are the property of Harvey Specter, that you wear my collar, and that I own you.”


Harvey’s voice was fierce and possessive, and Mike got the shivers again. He wasn’t going to argue – not when his cock was telling him that this was one of his deepest fantasies come to life.


He knelt down because it felt like the right thing to do, and Harvey stroked an approving hand through his hair at the gesture. He watched Harvey take the collar out of its case and then place it around his neck. It didn’t feel tight or constricting – the silk felt soft and sensuous against his skin, and the sensation of it caressing his neck made him feel safe and secure.


“How does that feel?” Harvey asked.


Mike looked up, unable to give a smart-assed reply because he found, much to his surprise, that the moment actually meant something to him. “Good,” he whispered. “Like…I have a place in the world. Somewhere I belong.”


He waited anxiously for Harvey to mock him for his honesty, but there was only a dark kind of pleasure in Harvey’s eyes, as if he’d said exactly the right thing.


Harvey tightened the collar so that Mike could feel it without being choked by it, and then he took a step back and looked down on him.


“That’s all you ever need to wear to look good, Mike,” Harvey said quietly, and Mike was surprised to see that he was visibly affected by the moment too.


“Yeah, but I think Jessica will have kittens if I show up at Pearson Hardman tomorrow just wearing this collar and nothing else,” Mike said wryly.


“You’re right.” Harvey gave a regretful sigh. “But if I had my way I’d keep you naked, collared, and by my side, available for fucking day and night.”


Mike stared up at him wordlessly, shocked by just how much that image turned him on. He wondered whether Harvey would ever play with him in the office, and he hoped he would, maybe late at night when everyone had gone home.


“Stand up,” Harvey ordered, and Mike got to his feet, loving the sensation of being completely naked save for the soft band of padded leather around his neck.


Harvey spent the next few desperately humiliating minutes examining Mike’s naked body. He looked like he did when he was studying a set of legal briefs; intrigued, preoccupied, and absorbed, like his brain was in overdrive.


He didn’t touch – he just examined Mike with a look of intense concentration on his face. His gaze lingered for a while on Mike’s still hard cock, and Mike found himself growing annoyed. He stood up straighter, trying not to show how unnerved he was by the scrutiny.


“Stand still,” Harvey rapped out. Then he made a circling motion with his finger. “Now turn around.”


“Turn around or stand still? Which is it?” Mike challenged. “Ow!” He didn’t see Harvey’s hand coming, but he sure as hell felt it making stinging contact with his ass.


“Don’t be a smart ass, Mike. I know it’s hard for you, but you should try or your ass really will smart.”


The slap on his buttock stung and then warmed him, sending a wave of delicious tingling through his body, and, oddly, Mike found himself relaxing. Damn it, he was loving this! There was no need for him to feel shy, awkward and out of his depth. This was Harvey, and he’d worshipped the guy pretty much since the day they’d met. There was nothing Harvey could do to him tonight that wasn’t precisely what Mike wanted him to do, even if he’d never admitted it to himself before now.


He found himself shooting a completely unashamed grin at Harvey and then turning slowly and deliberately so that his ass was facing his new dom. He stuck it out at a slight angle, teasing and provocative.


“Oh, you think you can play me?” Harvey laughed. “Think again, Pup.”


Mike was going to reply when suddenly he found himself on his back on the bed. He’d hardly seen Harvey move, but now he was lying here, looking up at him, faintly winded.


Harvey had him pinned to the bed and was straddling him, his clothed body pressing into Mike’s naked one. Mike wasn’t going to make it that easy for him, and he pushed up against him, struggling with him, but Harvey easily held him in place, grinning down on him the whole time. His hands were tight around Mike’s wrists, holding them effortlessly above his head.


Mike knew Harvey worked out, but now he had the realisation that Harvey could hold his own in a fight. He wondered where someone who dressed like Harvey and spent his time fighting battles in corporate boardrooms had learned how to handle himself. Harvey had all the trappings of the stuffed shirt combined with the street smarts of an alley cat, and Mike realised he’d made the same mistake he’d seen so many of Harvey’s opponents make of taking him for an over-dressed, corporate operative who didn’t know how to get down and dirty.


“Didn’t I read somewhere that you were on your high school wrestling team?” Harvey raised a taunting eyebrow. “I’m not seeing that right now, Mike. Try harder.”


Mike glared at him and struggled with all his might, but Harvey – damn him – was too solid a weight and had him in too firm a grasp.


“Poor pup.” Harvey mocked him. “Am I going to have to bring him to heel and force him to obey his new master?”


He leaned down and kissed Mike again, and Mike struggled to resist the kiss for a few seconds before melting into it; Harvey’s lips were too intoxicating for him to hold out for long.


Harvey kissed him until Mike was blissed out and relaxed, and then he slowly released him. Mike lay there, looking up at him, stupefied by just how much he was enjoying this.


“If you’re going to struggle, I’ll have to tie you up,” Harvey said, getting off the bed. Mike’s cock made an interested lurch at that news. “I have a nice set of fancy cuffs, but I think something more personal would work better,” he said musingly.


He walked over to the closet, where Mike’s suit was hanging from the doorknob, and he opened up the garment bag it was in, pulled out Mike’s tie, and began walking back towards the bed.


“No,” Mike said.


Harvey raised an eyebrow but kept on walking. “You don’t get to say no, Mike. You’re mine remember – and I can do what I like with you.”


“You’re going to tie me up with my own damn tie?”


“What did I tell you earlier about pouting?”


“Not to?”




Harvey straddled Mike again and took hold of his wrists. Mike considered struggling, but he was so intrigued by the prospect of finding out how it’d feel to be tied up and at Harvey’s mercy that he didn’t.


He watched instead as Harvey expertly fastened the tie around his wrists, knotting it neatly, and then pulled Mike’s arms over his head and slotted the tie into one of many discreet little hooks in the headboard of the bed that Mike hadn’t even noticed were there.


Now he really was restrained. He couldn’t pull his hands free, and they were tied well away from his body, leaving it vulnerable.


“Now I get to play.” The expression on Harvey’s face was positively satanic as he leaned down and stroked a finger over Mike’s chest. Mike’s breathing hitched as Harvey’s nails gently scratched their way down his body.


Harvey paused at the scar on his thigh, frowning. “What’s this?”


“It’s nothing. Stupid accident when I was a kid.”


“Tell me.” Harvey’s fingers gently circled the deep, curved scar.


“I was climbing a tree, and I fell.”


Mike stared straight into Harvey’s eyes as he said that. Harvey stared straight back at him. “Okay,” he said quietly.


He dropped his head and kissed the scar, and then he continued his exploration of Mike’s body, moving his hand down towards Mike’s straining cock.


Mike gave a hoarse shout as Harvey took hold of his cock in one hand while at the precise same time lowering his head and sucking down hard on Mike’s right nipple.


“Oh shit! Fuck…Harvey…fuck!” Mike yelped, struggling against the tie binding his wrists for all he was worth.


Harvey ignored him and just sucked down harder on his nipple, rolling it under his tongue and tugging on it with his teeth. At the same time as he was torturing his nipple, Harvey continued to work Mike’s cock with his hand, and the combination of pleasure and pain sent Mike to the edge.


“Jeez, Harvey…you have to let me…oh shit…you gotta let me…”


Harvey didn’t even acknowledge his whimpers; he just moved his attention to Mike’s left nipple, while continuing to slide his hand along Mike’s cock. He wasn’t gentle with Mike’s nipples; he sucked down hard, biting on them just a bit too fiercely, deliberately making it hurt.


Mike writhed, screamed and hollered, but Harvey was relentless. Mike was still screaming long after Harvey stopped torturing him and let go.


“Drama queen.” Harvey looked down on him, rolling his eyes.


Mike took some deep breaths, trying to calm himself. “I am not a drama queen. That hurt!” he protested.


“I know. I liked it.” Harvey gave a dark, satisfied smile. “And so did you.”


Mike flushed at the truth of that comment, while Harvey just chuckled and got off the bed. “I think it’s time to move this along,” he said, and Mike watched in enthralled silence as Harvey began undressing.


Harvey took his time, although Mike wasn’t sure if that was for his benefit, or if this was just Harvey’s usual night-time regime.


He slowly unbuttoned his black shirt, gazing at Mike the entire time, a little grin on his lips as he worked, and then he removed the shirt and hung it up in the closet. Mike liked the view that gave him of Harvey’s tanned chest and the long lines of his gym-toned body.


Then, just as slowly, he took off his shoes and socks, and then slid off his jeans, so that he was left wearing only a pair of black silk boxers.


Instead of taking them off, he then proceeded to hang up every single damn garment in the closet, or place it in the laundry hamper, to the point where Harvey’s fastidious tidying habit was driving Mike crazy. He wanted to see Harvey’s cock, to find out how big it was and whether there was even a chance he’d be able to take it.


After finishing with his own clothes, Harvey maddeningly turned his attention to Mike’s, which were in a pile on the floor and on the chair. He picked them up and stowed them away too, muttering something that sounded suspiciously like “Messy pup” under his breath as he worked.


Finally, he returned to the bed and stood beside it. Mike could see the outline of his hard cock poking through the black silk fabric of his boxers, and he was pleased to get visible proof that Harvey was as turned on by him as he was by Harvey.


Harvey slowly peeled the boxers down his legs, and Mike craned his neck to get a good look at his cock. It was…somehow exactly as he’d expected, if he’d ever had an expectation of what Harvey’s erect cock would look like. There was something elegant and yet forceful about it at the same time, just like Harvey. It was smooth, cut, and had a sweet curve.


It wasn’t huge, but it was a nice size – big enough to make Mike wonder how the hell it was going to fit inside him. Now, more than ever, he couldn’t see himself asking Harvey to fuck him. It just wasn’t going to happen. He was annoyed with himself because he wanted to experience Harvey pushing inside his ass, claiming him and fucking him through the mattress, but he couldn’t imagine losing himself in the moment enough to actually ask for it.


Harvey got on the bed and in one quick move straddled Mike again, but further up his body this time, so that his hard cock was bobbing in front of Mike’s face.


“Suck,” Harvey ordered, pressing his cock against Mike’s lips, and Mike opened up and took a cock in his mouth for the first time. It felt smooth and solid, and Mike liked it far more than he’d ever have anticipated.


“Good boy.” Harvey’s knees were pressed into Mike’s shoulders, and Harvey took Mike’s head between his hands and held it in place as he rocked his hips back and forth, sliding his cock between Mike’s lips.


Mike liked how Harvey had him pinned into place so that he couldn’t move. He liked the feeling of being restrained by the ties around his wrists, and most of all he liked the sensation of that smooth, hard cock sliding into and out of his mouth.


Harvey didn’t push too hard or too far down Mike’s throat. He kept the pace rhythmic but slow, so that Mike could learn how to take it.


“No teeth. Lips. Good,” Harvey murmured as he rocked into Mike’s mouth. He stroked the side of Mike’s face with his thumbs, encouraging him, and Mike lost himself in the act of servicing his dom. His arms were aching, and his wrists hurt, but still he kept sucking, doing his best to please.


His own cock was rock hard now; he found sucking Harvey such a turn-on. He liked how Harvey was using his mouth, giving him no choice but to suck him, holding his head while he fed his cock to him.


Harvey fucked his mouth for several minutes, and then he drew back and reached over towards the nightstand. Mike watched him get lubricant and condoms out of the nightstand drawer and place them on the bed.


“Aren’t you being a bit presumptuous?” Mike raised an eyebrow.


“I want to be prepared for when you ask – because you will ask.” Harvey stroked his hair, and Mike couldn’t help leaning into the caress, loving being petted. If he were a cat, he’d be purring his head off by now.


Maybe he would get to the point where he’d ask Harvey to fuck him. He was still scared and unsure, but he’d loved everything they’d done so far. If he could just bring himself to trust Harvey a little more, enough to take that final step…


He was distracted by the realisation that his arms were seriously hurting where his tie was cutting into them, and he wondered if he should say his safe word. That would end this whole thing…but he didn’t want it to end.


“Is there a problem?” Harvey asked.


“Yeah, my wrists really hurt.” Mike pulled on the tie, trying to get comfortable.


Harvey leaned over and examined his wrists. “I’m not surprised. See, this is what happens when you wear skinny ties,” he said sternly.


He didn’t sound remotely sympathetic, but he walked over to the closet and got out two of his own ties. “You see, Mike, you’re learning the difference between a good tie and a bad one the hard way.”


“I didn’t buy it thinking it’d ever be used to tie me up!” Mike protested.


“That just demonstrates a lack of forethought on your part,” Harvey said sternly, “And is therefore not a valid defence. Now, I’m going to untie you – but not until I’ve put you in a different kind of bondage. Can you handle the pain in your wrists for another couple of minutes?”


Mike thought about it and then nodded, suddenly understanding more clearly how this worked. It wasn’t a one-way street. He could tell Harvey if he was in pain or discomfort without having to use his safe word. Harvey would, clearly, listen and act, even if it was on his terms. This was a world away from his experiences at the Dungeon Club; this was what he’d been seeking all his adult life and failing to find – until now.


Harvey tied each of the new ties around Mike’s ankles and then pulled them up, over Mike’s head, and fastened them to the hooks in the headboard, so they were spread wide apart. Harvey placed a pillow under Mike’s back to support him and only then did he unfasten the tie around his wrists, throwing it onto the nightstand with just the faintest hint of a sneer.


Now Mike’s hands were free, but his legs were tied over his shoulders. This left his ass hanging in the air, dangerously vulnerable and exposed. It felt incredibly humiliating to be tied in his position, and it also made him acutely aware of his hole. Mike felt himself blushing.


“Damn it, Harvey, I’m not a contortionist!” he complained.


“Does it hurt?” Harvey demanded. “Is it uncomfortable?”


“No,” Mike admitted. The position, while humiliating, wasn’t actually either of those things.


“Then don’t whine.” Harvey delivered another one of those stinging slaps to Mike’s exposed ass.


“I get it…I’m not supposed to complain about anything my lord and master does to me, even when you’re trussing me up like a chicken,” Mike grumbled. “Ow!” he added, in response to another sharp slap to his buttocks.


Harvey picked up the discarded tie and held it up. “There are other uses for this – it’d make a good gag. You weren’t particularly attached to this tie, were you, Mike? I’m not sure how it’ll look hanging around your neck tomorrow after being crushed up in your mouth and covered in saliva, but we can always find out.”


“No…Harvey…please…” Mike struggled against the ties around his ankles. They hadn’t said anything about gags earlier. He hadn’t agreed to be gagged, and how could he say his safe word if he was gagged?


“Idiot.” Harvey dropped the tie on the nightstand with a roll of his eyes. “There are easier ways to shut you up.”


He proved that by pressing his lips to Mike’s mouth and kissing him again. Mike pushed up, trying to take more of Harvey’s kiss, but Harvey, maddeningly, drew back just as he was getting into it.


He sat down on the side of the bed and took hold of Mike’s wrist, rubbing the circulation back into it with firm sweeps of his thumbs. When he was done with that wrist, he turned his attention to the other one, doing the same. Mike gazed up at him in surprise. Harvey went from being dominant to loving in a heartbeat – or maybe it was all part of the same thing?


When he’d finished, Harvey raised Mike’s hand to his mouth and kissed the red mark around his wrist. “Better?” he asked.


“Yes,” Mike whispered, feeling a lump rise in his throat. Damn it, it was going to be easy to trust Harvey enough to fuck him if he kept doing things like this.


Harvey settled down on the bed between his open legs, and Mike felt himself shivering in anticipation.


“Ssh…” Harvey placed a hand on Mike’s belly through the gap in his legs and stroked until the shivering subsided. Then he flipped the lid on the lube, smoothed some onto his fingers, and a second later Mike felt something wet and cool press against his hole.


“Shit!” He tried to move but the ties around his ankles held him in place.


“Just a finger. You can take it.” Harvey pressed his finger in, and Mike tried to relax around the intrusion. It didn’t hurt; it just felt weird.


Harvey began finger fucking him, slowly at first and then faster, and Mike was surprised by how good it felt. He relaxed even more, enjoying the sensation of Harvey’s finger working so expertly inside his body. Harvey pushed a second finger inside him, and Mike moaned softly, liking the added pressure.


Harvey looked like some kind of demon, working intently in the dimly lit room. Mike could only see the top of his head, but he could feel what he was doing.


Those cool, slippery fingers fucked him for several minutes, and Mike found himself loosening up even more and surrendering, giving up more and more of his soul to Harvey.


He had no choice anyway. He was naked, powerless, and his ankles were tied over his shoulders, leaving him completely exposed to whatever Harvey wanted to do to him – and that thought made his already hard cock twitch.


He loved the idea of being completely vulnerable to Harvey’s caresses – or the firm slap of his hand. He liked having no control, surrendering it all to his demonic master who could be demanding, stern and yet curiously affectionate too, just when Mike least expected it. It was a massive turn on.


His cock was so hard that he wanted to put his hand on it and jerk himself off furiously, but Harvey had told him he couldn’t. The sense of frustration was so acute that Mike groaned and clenched his fists in a desperate attempt to stop himself grabbing his cock.


“Problem, Pup?” Harvey asked, leaning through the gap in his legs so Mike could see him. There was a satisfied smile on his face, and he kept finger-fucking Mike vigorously as he spoke. It felt so…damn…good…


“Please let me jerk off, Harvey,” Mike whimpered, annoyed with himself for giving Harvey the satisfaction, but unable to stop himself. “Please…I gotta come…I can’t hold it…”


“No.” Harvey’s tone was firm. “You know the rules – and the consequences for disobeying them, Mike.”


“But you’re…shit…that feels so good…”


He threw his head back, wriggling in total frustration, and thumped his fists on the bed. He wanted to come! He wanted it so badly, but Harvey had promised him all kinds of unpleasant consequences if he disobeyed him.


“You only have to ask, Mike,” Harvey said, grinning at him through the gap in his legs.


What would it be like to feel Harvey’s cock inside him? He wanted it, but he was too afraid. He couldn’t ask…he just couldn’t…could he?


“Harvey, please just let me come!” he begged.


“You can come, Mike – any time you like – as long as my cock is in this tight little hole when you do.” He waggled his fingers inside Mike’s hole.


“You’re such a bastard, Harvey!”


“It’s been said.” Harvey shrugged. “But if my sub ever calls me that again, I’ll whip your ass so hard you won’t sit comfortably for days.”


“I’m sorry…I just…I want to come so much…”


Harvey leaned over him. “We can finish this right now, Mike. Is that what you want? You can say your safe word and go into the bathroom and jack off. “


“No! I don’t want that!”


“Then while we stay in the scene, you don’t get to come until I’m fucking you,” Harvey said implacably.


“Please Harvey…I want…I really want…” Mike couldn’t keep the whimpering tone out of his voice.


“What do you want, Mike?” Harvey asked, gazing at him intently.


“I want you to fuck me!” Mike found himself screaming. “Please, Harvey – please fuck me!”


Then he blinked, shocked into silence by his own words and surprised more than anything else that he wanted it so much that he’d beg for it.


“I knew you’d ask.” Harvey grinned.


Mike gazed up at him, expecting Harvey to immediately grab a condom and get on with it – but Harvey didn’t move.


“It’s good you begged so nicely, Mike, but I’ll fuck you when I’m good and ready and not before…so you’ll just have to keep on holding it,” Harvey said smugly. “And maybe next time you’ll remember not to call your dom names when he’s doing nice things to you.”


Mike groaned and thumped his head back on the pillow. “You’re enjoying this far too much,” he accused.


Harvey appeared to consider that. “I really am,” he agreed, nodding. “Having my own little pup naked, trussed up, powerless and completely at my mercy, begging to be fucked like the little slut he is. Yes, Mike, you’re right; I am enjoying this!”


Harvey removed his fingers and got up. He untied Mike’s ankles, rubbing the skin where the ties had dug in. “See – this is why broad, good quality ties are so much better than those crappy skinny ones you like so much, Mike,” he said smugly.


Mike examined his ankles, which had faint, pink smudges around them and then compared them to his wrists, which still bore deep, red indentations from his own skinny tie.


“Really? You’re turning a bondage session into a lesson on what ties to wear?” he grumbled, rubbing his wrists to try and get rid of the marks.


“There is never a bad time to learn that particular lesson,” Harvey told him sternly.


Mike was going to reply when Harvey took the wind out of his sails by getting onto the bed beside him, taking a fistful of his hair, and pulling him in close for another of those tantalising kisses that didn’t quite go deep enough.


Now he wasn’t in bondage anymore, Mike threw himself into the kiss with a passion, enjoying his chance to get a good feel of Harvey’s naked body. He ran his fingertips over Harvey’s butt and pressed his desperate cock between their bodies, rubbing hard, trying to get some friction going that way as he was denied the pleasure of touching his own cock.


Suddenly, Mike found his head pulled back by the fistful of hair Harvey was still clutching. He felt like a kitten being held by the scruff of his neck and was pretty sure he mewled like one too, annoyed at being denied what he was seeking.


“Bad Mike.” Harvey tutted. “Don’t think I don’t know what you’re doing.”


“Then fuck me!” Mike yelled. “If that’s the only way I get to come, then please, you’ve gotta fuck me. I can’t hold on much longer!”


He felt Harvey’s hand land on his ass, sharp and stinging, and he loved the warm tingle that spread through his body at being overpowered by someone strong and dominant, who wouldn’t let him get away with anything. He couldn’t lie or cheat his way out of this, the way he was so used to doing when faced with difficult situations in the past. Harvey stood between him and his own weaknesses, and he loved it. It made him feel somehow…safe.


“I’m in charge,” Harvey reminded him. “Who owns you, Mike?”


“You do,” Mike agreed, his head still pulled back by Harvey’s fist in his hair.


“Say it again,” Harvey ordered.


“You own me. I belong to you,” Mike replied, feeling a wave of happiness sweep through him as he said the words.


“You need something to help you remember that,” Harvey said. “My marks on your skin will help you focus.”


Mike shivered in anticipation. Was Harvey going to spank him for real this time? The few sharp slaps he’d been given already made Mike hungry to know what that would feel like.


But Harvey didn’t spank him. Instead, he pulled the fistful of hair he was holding over to one side, exposing Mike’s neck, and then leaned in and sucked down hard, biting just a little. Mike whimpered and hung there, letting Harvey put his mark on him.


Harvey drew back and ran a finger over the sore skin.


“It’ll peep out a little above the collar line,” he said, looking pleased with his handiwork. “Just enough for me to see when you’re at work tomorrow. When you see me looking at it, it’ll remind you that I held you down and marked you because you’re mine, and I can.”


Mike shivered again, seriously turned on by that thought.


“And one more, a private one, completely out of sight. Only you and I will know it’s there.” Harvey moved his head down and latched on to the side of Mike’s thigh, just next to the curve of his buttock. He bit down hard on the fleshy area, and Mike found himself squealing as he struggled to take it without pushing Harvey away.


Harvey was relentless, holding him down while he bit him, making him take the bite. It hurt – God it hurt! – but somehow the pain felt good.


It was as if time had slowed down. All Mike could feel were Harvey’s teeth in his skin, marking him, claiming him, making him completely his own – and then something unexpected happened.


A wave of relaxed pleasure swept through him and suddenly it felt like he was floating through the air. Mike gazed blearily into space, blinking in surprise. So this was what Harvey meant when he said he’d take him higher than any drug ever could. Mike had no idea that Harvey had meant it literally. He felt fantastic!


The moment passed, time sped up again, and Harvey released him. Mike was still floating as he looked down to see the red mark his dom had placed on his skin.


God, he loved having Harvey’s marks on him! It was ridiculous, but his heart exploded with pride as he looked at that beautiful red bite mark. He ran his fingers over it, liking that he could feel the outlines of the mark, knowing that he’d be able to touch it at the office tomorrow and remember how Harvey had held him down and marked him, and nobody would know what he was doing. His cock gave a quiver of satisfaction, and he felt himself floating even higher.


Harvey was watching him, studying the expression on his face. “You like?” he asked quietly.


“Yeah, I like,” Mike admitted, flushing wildly. “I really like.”


“I thought you would. Me too.” Harvey’s fingers drifted gently over the mark on his thigh.


“Harvey…I feel amazing…like I’m floating,” Mike told him stupidly.


“Good.” Harvey took his face in his hands and kissed him, and Mike relaxed against him, surrendering completely to the kiss. Harvey was his master, his dom. He had placed his marks on him. He owned him. No – he possessed him, body and soul.


Harvey released him, and Mike flopped onto the bed in a relaxed heap.


Now I’m going to fuck you,” Harvey said in a deep, dark tone, and Mike realised he wasn’t scared anymore. Harvey was his dom – of course he could fuck him if he wanted. Mike opened his legs obligingly, looking forward to being of service to his dom.


Harvey drew back, put a condom on his cock, and then he settled between Mike’s open legs. Mike could feel Harvey’s hard cock nudging his hole and braced himself, but Harvey took his time.


He gathered Mike’s wrists in one hand and kept them pinned, using his other hand to stroke Mike’s body. He sucked on one of Mike’s nipples while pinching the other one with his free hand. He moved down and licked the bite mark on his thigh, gently lapping at it with his tongue, and then he slid his fingers into Mike’s ass again, stretching him some more. Mike just lay there, surrendering completely to whatever Harvey wanted to do to him.


There was a pause as Harvey put lube on the condom covering his cock, and then he loomed over Mike again. Mike shivered, but from anticipation rather than fear.


“Ssh…just take it…you know you want it,” Harvey said, stroking his trembling body firmly.


Harvey pushed his cock slowly into Mike’s hole, and Mike gave a startled gasp at the sudden intrusion. He panicked, sure that Harvey was too big for him to take, and bucked up against him.




It burned, and he felt as if he was being impossibly stretched. Harvey held him down, firmly handling his struggles, keeping him in place, waiting for him to calm down.


“Stay with me, Mike,” he ordered.


Slowly, Mike became accustomed to how it felt and the burning sensation faded. Harvey’s hands were hard on his wrists, holding him in place as tightly as the tie had done earlier, and somehow that helped. Mike’s breathing evened out, and he looked up at Harvey with a hazy smile.


Harvey pushed again, and this time he slid all the way into Mike’s hole until he was buried ball’s deep inside him. Mike felt filled, but it was a comfortable sensation.


Harvey paused, hanging there, looking down on him. “Who do you belong to?” he demanded.


“You, Harvey,” Mike whispered, allowing his body to relax around Harvey’s presence inside him.


“Good boy.” Harvey dipped his head and kissed him on the mouth, and Mike moaned and opened up eagerly.


He’d never felt more turned on or more submissive in his life, and he had to think the two were in direct correlation to each other. Harvey was dominating every part of him – his tongue in Mike’s mouth, his hands on his wrists, his body on top of him, and his cock deep inside him – and Mike loved it.


He was high on the sensation of surrender, and, that, finally was when his brain switched off and let him just feel instead of thinking. It was so breathtakingly simple that he couldn’t believe how easy it was.


“You’re mine, Mike, and I’m going to fuck you hard and make you scream,” Harvey promised, in a seriously dark tone of voice.


He moved his hips, and Mike gasped as it made his stretched hole ache. Harvey ignored his gasp and thrust in and out, rhythmically fucking him. At first it hurt, but then Mike’s body seemed to stretch to accommodate him, and then…then Harvey hit a spot that felt so damn fantastic that all his nerve-endings fizzed with pleasure at the same time.


“Oh shit…that’s good…fuck me, Harvey, please…” Mike found himself babbling, and Harvey did just that, picking up speed and slamming into him with a force that Mike knew he’d feel tomorrow – and that he knew Harvey wanted him to feel tomorrow.


“You can touch yourself now. Come while I’m in you or not at all,” Harvey said, releasing Mike’s wrists.


Finally! Mike gratefully grabbed his rigid cock and stroked it hard in time to Harvey’s deep, powerful thrusts.


Everything coalesced into a ball of sensation – Harvey inside him, fucking him; Harvey looming over him, and occasionally leaning down to kiss him; Harvey’s dark, intense gaze, never leaving his face; Harvey’s hard cock, claiming him; and Harvey’s body pinning him in place. Harvey was relentless; in him, on top of him and everywhere, flooding Mike’s senses with his sheer presence.


Mike could feel his orgasm building from the inside out, not just in his cock and balls but also in his ass, and a second later he was screaming, the way Harvey had predicted he would scream, and he pumped out his come over his own hand as he experienced the most intense orgasm of his life.


Mike watched, as if in a movie, while Harvey continued to thrust into him, long after Mike’s orgasm had subsided. His body didn’t belong to him anymore. It was Harvey’s, existing solely for Harvey’s pleasure. Then Harvey experienced his own orgasm, his face contorting as he thrust deep into Mike’s hole one last time.


He hung there for a moment, gasping, and then lowered himself onto Mike’s chest and dropped a heartfelt kiss on his lips.


“Thank you, Mike,” he murmured, and Mike knew he was thanking him for his submission, not the sex. He felt it should be the other way around, and he should be thanking Harvey for the fantastic dominance that had made the experience so mind-blowing, but he was too wrung out to say anything.


Mike wrapped his arms around Harvey’ instead, holding him close, wanting to keep his dom’s cock inside him forever. They stayed that way for a long time, but eventually Harvey shifted and withdrew, making Mike whimper.


Harvey rolled over, got off the bed, and disappeared into what was clearly an en suite bathroom. Mike heard the sound of running water, and then Harvey returned to the bed with a washcloth.


He cleaned them both swiftly, wiping the pooled come from Mike’s belly. Then he threw the washcloth onto the nightstand and got back onto the bed, pulling a sheet and blanket over them both.


Mike turned onto his side so that he was facing Harvey.


“That was fantastic,” he muttered, feeling wrung out and exhausted but very happy.


“Yes.” Harvey’s voice sounded as though it was coming from a long way off. His hand came to rest on Mike’s thigh. “Of course it was.”


Mike rested his chin on Harvey’s shoulder, grinning at Harvey’s entirely predictable self-belief, and within seconds he was fast asleep.


End of Part Three




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