Puckering Up


Puckering Up


Summary: This was written in response to a challenge to write a “first kiss” scene between Mulder and Skinner, the way we’d like to see it onscreen, in 300 words or under. I’m afraid I got a bit flippant.      

Fandom: X-Files      

Pairing: Skinner/Mulder      

Genre: Slash      

Characters: Fox Mulder, Walter Skinner

Story Type: Established Relationship, Humour/Crack, Post-ep, Romance

Rated: PG

Spoilers: Mild Triangle spoiler

Warnings: None

Series: None

Word Count: 297

Chapters: 1

Recommendations: Award Winner

Published: April 29, 1999   

Awards: Joint Winner of a Wirerim in the Outstanding Short Story category

Notes: Pic courtesy of Wheatgrass


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