Puppy Love

Puppy Love


Summary: Tony’s true inner self is revealed – as is his heart’s desire…

Fandom: NCIS

Pairing: Gibbs/DiNozzo

Genre: Slash

Characters: Gibbs, DiNozzo

Story Type: Humour/Crack, Romance, Supernatural

Rated: PG

Spoilers: None

Warnings: None

Series: Puppy Love

Word Count: 4,213

Chapters: 1

Recommendations: Award Winner, Classic, Popular Favourite, Xanthe Loved Writing This One!, Xanthe’s Recommendation

Published: April 30, 2009

Notes: I’m not making the slightest claim to originality here. The central conceit in this story is a tribute to the fabulous Issums Bunny which I read a few months back and loved. I’m also a fan of The Definition of Home by [info]triskellion. And then there are all those lovely SGA fics where Rodney and/or John get turned into cats… so this is my attempt at the genre. Wonderful piccy above courtesy of the ever fantastic Bluespirit ;-).


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