SummarySex or death…

FandomStargate: Atlantis



CharactersJohn Sheppard, Teyla Emmagan

Story TypeKink





Word Count6,827


RecommendationsAward Winner

PublishedApril 16, 2006

AwardsThis story won the best ship drama award in the Stargate Fan Awards, 2006



1.This isn’t a pairing I’d normally write but I wanted to offer myself as a pinch hitter in the [info]atlantiskink‘s kinkathon and I really enjoyed doing something a bit different. I did my very best to fulfil the prompt although I didn’t manage to cover all the kinks – I hope the person I’m writing for likes it and my apologies if not, but I really did try.

2. I’ve made up some stuff about the wraith. I like making stuff up – I don’t think it’s contradicted in canon.

3. Many thanks to [info]bluespirit_star for beta.This fic was written for [info]atlantiskink‘s kinkathon for [info]saeva whose request was as follows: Want: My ultimate want would be Teyla/Sheppard with Sheppard’sv oluntary, not drug or alien influenced submission (preferably without reference to ‘earth goddess’es.) In this scenario, please don’t give Sheppard a vagina. Metaphorically. If you want to give him a literal vagina I’m okay with that. Lt. Cadman/Carson would also rock my socks. So would Cadman/Sheppard. Kinks (mix & match): People losing their tempers. People losing control. Whimpering. Dog-tags. Interrupted orgasm. Blindfolds. Earplugs. Non-verbal begging. Abrasion. Patience training. Sparring. Voluntary submission/restraint. Uncertainty. Hitting/bruising/violence (but not organized punishment). Hard sex. Woman on top. I do not want: fecal play, male-to-female crossdressing, emasculation/sissifying, pathetic men/bitchy women. Thanks!



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