Summary: It’s the morning after the St Patrick’s Day drinking binge, and Skinner finds something very worrying on his bottom.

Fandom:   X-Files      

Pairing:   Skinner/Mulder      

Genre:   Slash      

Characters:   Walter Skinner, Fox Mulder

Story Type:   Discipline, Humour/Crack

Rated:   R

Spoilers:   None

Warnings:   None

Series:   None

Word Count:   4,661

Chapters:   1

Published:   March 18, 2001

Notes:   Yummy title pic by Sergeeva

Many thanks to Steve for the original idea and to Mary Ann, Gaby, Lorelei, Jas and the other Persuaders for inspiring this bout of total silliness.

Happy St Patrick’s Day for yesterday!


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