Silver Girl


Silver Girl


Summary: Scully returns home after the events of Closure unable to face her demons, and takes refuge from the ice-storm of her emotions. Major Scullyangst.

Fandom:   X-Files      

Pairing:   None      

Genre:   Het      

Characters:   Dana Scully, Walter Skinner

Story Type:   Angst, Character Study

Rated:   PG-13

Spoilers:   Sein Und Zeit/Closure.

Warnings:   None

Series:   None

Word Count:   5,454

Chapters:   1

Published:   March 23, 2000    

Awards:   Nominated for a Spooky for Best Scully/Other story – 2000

Notes:   Wonderful pic courtesy of Perri.

I watched Sein Und Zeit recently, and I wondered about the portrayal of Scully. Where is she coming from these days? In the mytharc episodes in particular, she seems so sad, and detached from Mulder. Their relationship seems to have changed such a lot from the early days, and I wondered what was going on for her in that episode, and the others where she seems very cold.

This story is an attempt to get inside her head and provide one possible interpretation for her actions and reactions. It’s not intended to be anti-Mulder in any way, just an attempt to see things from Scully’s viewpoint.

It’s also a blatant excuse for some Scullyangst and oodles of Skinnercomfort He can run me a bath any day :-)

Many thanks to RAC for beta reading and encouragement.


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