Summary: Following The 6th Extinction, and Amor Fati, Mulder and Skinner both come to very different decisions about their respective futures, only to have the choice taken from them by events happening in a very different time and place. A tale of magic and enchantment. Sequel to November – see below.      

Fandom: X-Files      

Pairing: Skinner/Mulder      

Genre: Slash      

Characters: Fox Mulder, Walter Skinner

Story Type: Romance, AU, angst

Rated: R

Spoilers: This story follows immediately after The 6th Extinction and Amor Fati.

Warnings: None

Series: November

Word Count: 16,781

Chapters: 1

Published: December 19, 1999

Notes: Many thanks to my dear friend Holmes for sending them across the pond so I could view them.


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