Summary: Mulder and Skinner go undercover at a gay S&M club in order to solve some murders, and during the course of their investigation learn some interesting things about themselves. This is one of my most popular stories.

Fandom: X-Files

Pairing: Skinner/Mulder

Genre: Slash

Characters: Fox Mulder, Walter Skinner

Story Type: Action/Case, Angst, BDSM, Discipline, First Time, Hurt/Comfort, Torture

Rated: NC-17

Spoilers: None

Warnings: Torture

Series: None

Word Count: 80,901

Chapters: 4

Recommendations: Award Winner, Classic, Popular Favourite, Xanthe Loved Writing This One!, Xanthe’s Recommendation

Published: N/K but during 1998

Awards: Winner of 4 purple hearts in the 1998 MTA slash awards. Joint winner in the 1998 Whammys for Best Sex Scene and Best Series.Winner of the following Wirerims


Most Realistic Skinner Characterisation Outstanding Action Adventure Best Sex Scene in a Slash Story (end of part two) Best First Time Sex Scene (end of part two) Best Kiss: “I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have come,” I mutter to him weakly. He’s still dressed in his work suit as well. White shirt, dark tie. Immaculate as ever. And the expression on his face would make many a grown man quake. I watch him slam the door shut behind me, and I flinch. He advances on me, his eyes dark, and I back away from him, nervously. Then, without any warning, I find myself pinned against the wall, his arm across my chest, his hand in my hair as he kisses me savagely. My nervous terror evaporates, and with it goes all the strength in my legs. Luckily, he’s holding me up. I dangle there for a second, his mouth pressed urgently against mine, sucking all the life out of me, his tongue thrusting into me passionately. “Hello, Mulder. Nice to see you, Mulder,” I murmur pointedly when he lets me draw breath.” Winner of 4 Purple Hearts in the 1998 MTA awards, and nominated for 2 Whammys.

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This story won the above Purple Hearts (the MTA awards) for: Best Long Story or Series Best Mulder/Skinner Story Best Psychological MulderTorture Story Best First Person Story It was also joint winner in the 1998 Whammy slash awards for Best Series, and best sex scene (!)
Notes: Subterfuge is one of my most popular stories. My thanks to Holmes for supportive, helpful and thorough beta. This story is now available as a zine from:



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