The Friday Night Club: 3. Josh


Saturday Morning


Josh woke with a start and gazed at his desk, disoriented. Somewhere down the hallway he heard the sound of a door slamming shut.


“Donna?” He muttered, glancing around blearily. He came to and shook his head, trying to clear it, and then winced – his neck felt as if it had spent several hours squished to one side on a hard surface…which, he realised, it had. Josh reached for the glass of water on his desk and raised it to his lips – when the sound of footsteps in the hallway outside, combined with his own state of zombification caused him to miscalculate the distance between his hand and his mouth with the result that the water ended up mostly in his lap and down the front of his shirt. It was at that precise moment, as if decreed by the personal intervention of the god of bad timing himself, that Leo McGarry appeared in his doorway.


“Josh? I thought I heard a noise down here – what’s going on? You’re here very early,” Leo commented. His sharp eyes travelled up and down Josh’s body, taking in every single facet of his deputy’s dishevelled state of dress, culminating in the damning wet patch currently decorating his crotch.


“It’s water,” Josh said quickly. “It’s not…you know…anything else,” he muttered, knowing that his entire face was now bright red from the tips of his ears to his adam’s apple.


“I figured,” Leo commented with barely more than a minutely raised eyebrow.


“I was…I misjudged…” Josh waved his hand expansively to show how the accident had happened and, too late, realised that the glass he was still holding wasn’t quite empty. He could only watch in abject dismay as he showered his boss with the remaining contents of the glass.


“Thank you, Josh. I did just take a shower though,” Leo commented crisply, pulling his handkerchief out of his top pocket and brushing down the lapel of his jacket with firm, slightly irritated strokes of his hand. Josh sighed and sat down.


“I’m sorry, Leo,” he muttered, wondering just how much more of an idiot he could make himself between this moment in time and next Friday. Leo looked up, those sharp eyes of his assessing his deputy thoroughly. Josh was suddenly acutely aware of the fact that there was stubble on his chin, the collar of his shirt was open, and his tie was currently decorating the handle of his filing cabinet. Leo, on the other hand, looked immaculate for a Saturday morning. Usually dress at the West Wing was more casual at the weekend, but Leo was still wearing the suit Josh had seen him disappear in yesterday. Josh felt himself starting to flush again as he realised that Leo had come straight from the Residence where he had, undoubtedly, just spent the night with the President. That thought made his groin ache, and his heart ache even more with a kind of longing that he’d been unable to even put into coherent thought until a week ago. Now Josh wondered how he could ever have been blind to what was going on between his boss and the President. Leo was positively glowing this morning – his face was open and relaxed, his eyes clear and sparkling…he radiated contentment and was clearly a man who was very happy in both his personal and working life. Josh felt grubby, unshaven, and not exactly very pleasant smelling by comparison.


“Josh, have you been here all night?” Leo asked, with a slight click of disapproval in his voice.


Josh hesitated. “I was just…I…there was…yes,” he admitted with a sigh.


Leo nodded. He turned and shut the door, then came and sat down in front of Josh’s desk.


“What’s going on, Josh?” He asked, those perceptive eyes of his missing nothing. Josh exhaled a long, deep breath. He could well imagine that Leo McGarry was a top extraordinaire. There was no way any sub of his would get away with concealing anything from him. That was a curiously reassuring thought and Josh felt himself relaxing.


“The never-ending Crossley fiasco, is, well, never-ending,” he sighed. He had screwed up badly on this a week ago and it looked as if it was never going to go away, no matter how hard he worked on the damage limitation. It had all been his own fault – he had been arrogant, showing off in a meeting on the hill, and had made an incautious comment about Senator Crossley’s character and abilities that had gotten straight back to the Senator who had come out all guns blazing as a result – and it turned out that Senator Crossley had some rather interesting opinions of his own which he wanted to share with the world, and a whole suitcase full of ammunition to back them up. It wasn’t seriously damaging to the Bartlet administration but it was a constant nagging headache that didn’t show any signs of going away – and the ongoing fallout was overshadowing everything else in the news cycle. “I spent half the night on the phone trying to deal with it but…” He shrugged. “It isn’t over yet, Leo…and…” he hesitated, and sighed. “At some point we have to tell the President that too,” he finished.


“Okay,” Leo said, gazing at him steadily. “We all know this one’s down to you, Josh, but nobody could say you haven’t busted a gut trying to sort it out. I can’t have you beating yourself up over this any more. Get the file up to date and then bring it to me – I’ll see if I can fix it.”


Leo gave a clipped smile, then got up and walked over to the door, every movement tight and contained. Josh sighed – he had single-handedly managed to puncture Leo’s relaxed mood and he’d liked seeing his boss radiating such contentment. Sometimes they all forgot just how much Leo took on himself. Yes, the President bore responsibility for the welfare of the entire nation, but it was Leo who bore responsibility for the welfare of the President, and that wasn’t a job he took lightly. Leo stopped at the door, rested his fingers on the handle, and then glanced back at his deputy. The expression in his eyes softened, and changed to one that Josh had rarely seen before, one of intimacy.


“When I left him, he was sleeping. He looked…peaceful.” A little smile tugged at the corner of Leo’s lips. “We don’t tell him this has come up again until we know if we can fix it, Josh,” he said firmly.


Josh nodded, understanding. The President had a lot of things to worry about – but if Leo could worry about them for him then he would, right up to the point where the President needed to take that worry on himself.


“And Josh, you done good. It isn’t even 8 o clock yet – go and take a shower, shave, and have something to eat before you work on that file,” Leo said, his voice soft with an underlying current of affection in it. Josh smiled at his boss, basking in the other man’s few brief words of praise. He would go to the ends of the earth to hear praise from Leo McGarry’s lips. Leo nodded to him and then left the room and Josh leaned back in his chair and stretched, unable to stop smiling. Leo’s praise warmed him inside in a way that made up for all the sleepless nights. He wondered if the President felt this way – would he go to the ends of the earth to hear Leo McGarry say, “You done good”? He was the President for god’s sake – surely he didn’t need anyone’s praise or approval? And yet…Josh recalled all the times when he had seen Jed Bartlet look to Leo McGarry for confirmation that he had done the right thing, that he had performed his job to the high standards Leo McGarry expected of him – and, something more – that he’d made Leo proud of him. Josh smiled to himself – despite the fact that he was the most powerful man in the world, what Jed Bartlet wanted more than anything else was to make Leo proud and Josh could empathise with that emotion all too well.


Josh wandered down to the staff gym and took a shower, pondering on the President’s relationship with Leo. He still found it hard to wrap his head around the idea of someone as strong, vibrant, sure of himself and powerful as the President subbing to anyone but he had to admit that if there was anybody in the world who could top the President then it was Leo McGarry. He replayed the memory of Leo’s expression as he had leaned on the door and told Josh that he had left the President sleeping. Josh had seen the President sleeping on plenty of occasions and so had Leo but it was obvious that to Leo this was different – he wasn’t talking about the President, he was talking about his lover, someone he’d spent the previous night with, someone he’d just left in the bed they’d both shared and Josh guessed that must be a very different thing. Josh’s cock ached at that thought and he took it in his hand almost reflexively, allowing the hot water to pound on his head and wash him into wakefulness as he pumped his cock hard, all the time thinking of Leo and the President making love. He came, explosively, and leaned his wet head against the shower wall, wondering how the hell he was going to remain sane and do his best work for a whole week before the big day came when he would be welcomed into the most private, exclusive and intimate of all the clubs in Washington DC.




Josh found a blue polo shirt and pair of faded blue jeans in his locker and returned to his desk feeling much more human. He liked working at the weekend. The West Wing was his life to all intents and purposes and he couldn’t think of anything else he’d rather be doing, especially as during the course of his working life he got to spend his time not only with people he counted as his closest friends but also with the two men he respected more than anyone else on the planet since his father’s death. There was a different atmosphere at the weekend – only a few staff were present, and there was a holiday kind of feeling.


Josh spent the next three hours working on the Crossley file and then wandered along the more or less empty hallways to Leo’s office. He knocked on the door and when there was no reply he pushed it open only to find that it was empty. The door to the Oval Office was open though, and Josh heard the sound of voices in the next-door room. He hesitated for a moment and then walked quietly over to the open door, not wanting to disturb the President. He was about to knock on the open door to the Oval Office when he caught a glimpse of the men inside and paused.


The President was sitting at his desk, with Leo standing at his right shoulder. Jed Bartlet was dressed casually like Josh, in a dark blue sweater and blue jeans, in contrast to Leo’s more formal attire. What struck Josh though, was the look in the President’s eye as he looked up at his Chief of Staff. There was a tenderness there that took him completely by surprise. He had always known that Jed was fond of Leo, but this was different – this was a look of total admiration…and love. Whatever happened between these two men on a Friday night it was clear that on Saturday morning the bond between them was completely renewed and they both knew that and loved the way it made them feel.


“I’m supposed to sign this?” The President was saying, an expression some way between a grimace and a grin on his features.


“Yes you are, sir,” Leo said, his tone of voice just bordering on stern, which belied the amused expression in his eyes.


“I’m supposed to sign it even though I don’t agree with it?” Bartlet asked.


“Sure. You’re the President – you have to do lots of things you don’t agree with,” Leo replied.


“I thought becoming President meant I’d never have to do anything I didn’t agree with ever again,” Jed groused.


“Who told you that?”


“You did – when you were trying to explain to me why it would be a good idea for me to run for President in the first place,” Jed replied.


“And you believed me?” Leo sounded incredulous.


“I always believe you, Leo. Either I’m very gullible or you’re very persuasive.” Jed made another face and signed the paper with a sigh of distaste. Leo smiled fondly, and removed the paper from in front of the President.


“Well done. I know that had to hurt,” Leo commented. Jed made a little ‘hmphing’ sound under his breath and Leo grinned and rested his hand briefly on Jed’s shoulder, and squeezed. It was a small gesture that lasted only for a split second, and one that the casual observer would have missed altogether, but there was something so beautiful about it, so loving and so intimate that Josh felt as if he had forgotten how to breathe. Bartlet didn’t say anything but he glanced up momentarily and the two men exchanged a look that spoke volumes. Josh was hit, then, by how huge a deal it was that he had been invited into this unique and very special relationship. What the hell did they want him for? He knew why he wanted to be there but he had no idea why they wanted him there. Confused and full of sudden doubt, he turned to go and bumped into the door, making both the men in the Oval Office look up sharply.


“Josh – come in,” Bartlet said, waving his hand.


“Uh… I was…I needed to see Leo,” Josh said, hoping they didn’t mind him intruding on a private moment.


“Excuse me, sir,” Leo said. Bartlet looked disappointed, as if he would have enjoyed having Josh come and talk for awhile but Leo shut the door to the Oval Office firmly behind him as he left.


“This is it.” Josh waved the file at Leo and then threw it down on his desk with a heartfelt sigh, glad to be rid of thing.


“Okay.” Leo nodded at him in dismissal, sat down at his desk, and began flick through the file. Josh hovered, uncertainly. Leo glanced up at him with a raised eyebrow.


“You’re still here?” He commented.


“I haven’t…that is…” Josh hesitated.


“What is it Josh?” Leo sat back in his chair and gazed at his Deputy steadily.


“I saw you earlier – before you saw me, Josh blurted out. ”I, uh, saw you with him. In the Oval Office.”


“Okay. And?” Leo took off his glasses and then continued gazing at his Deputy.


“Why did you invite me along next Friday, Leo?” Josh asked in what sounded like a pathetically small voice to his own ears. “You two…you don’t need anyone else. You sure as hell don’t need me.” He swallowed hard – that wasn’t what he’d meant to say but his insecurity had somehow found its way into words anyhow.


“Josh, it’s Saturday morning and you’re worrying about next Friday night already?” Leo asked, with a slightly raised eyebrow. “Are you scared about next Friday, Josh?”


Josh gave a little smile. “Petrified, Leo,” he admitted honestly.


“You still want to go ahead though?” Leo questioned, gazing at Josh intently.


“Oh god, yes,” Josh said softly.


“Then go and close the door, Josh,” Leo told him, with just the slightest trace of a weary sigh. “There’s nobody around. Let’s talk about this some more.” Josh did as he was told and came to sit in the chair in front of Leo’s desk. “Josh, we’ve already been through what you can expect from us and what we’ll expect from you,” Leo told him, that steady gaze never wavering. Josh felt a flush spread from his neck all the way up to the roots of his hair. Oh yes, Leo had told him, in excruciating detail, what he could expect. He had gone over all manner of BDSM sex practices and asked Josh how he felt about them, and whether they were things he would be interested in experiencing, and if so, how much he was interested in them. It had been one of the most embarrassing meetings of Josh’s entire life but he had seen it through with grim determination because what was being offered to him was something that came pretty close to being his ultimate dream come true.


“I know what to expect, Leo. I just don’t know why you want me there,” Josh muttered. “I’ve seen you and him together – you don’t need me or anyone else.”


“We don’t, no,” Leo agreed with a terse nod. Josh ducked his head, not surprised at having had that confirmed. “We don’t need you, Josh,” Leo continued, “but we’d like it if you joined us. There isn’t anybody else we would invite to join us, trust me.”


“There isn’t?” Josh raised his head again, surprised.


“No!” Leo replied testily. “What – did you think that maybe next week we’d invite CJ along, and the week after that it’d be Toby?”


“Oh god. I hope not.” Josh tried hard to get an image of CJ bearing a long black whip out of his mind. Much as he admired and respected her, CJ Cregg was scary enough without the addition of an implement of discipline. “Thanks for the mental image, Leo.”


Leo gave a little grunt of amusement. “Josh, we invited you because we recognised in you someone who would enjoy what we had to offer – and also because we thought we’d enjoy getting to know you better in the context of what we do on Friday nights. We asked you because we both feel the same way about you, Josh. We felt you might add something to the mix, not detract anything. And also…” His expression softened, and he gazed at Josh affectionately over his glasses. “We happen to like you, Josh. Very much.” He shrugged. “The President is very fond of you.”


“And you?” Josh whispered. Leo’s blue eyes bored into his soul and he felt as if he was drowning. He wasn’t sure why it was important but it was – he adored both these men and while he didn’t expect for one moment that they reciprocated the depth of his emotions, he wanted very much to feel that they cared about him in some small respect –both of them. He had already had evidence of the President’s affection – he could still taste Jed Bartlet’s kiss; over the past week he had replayed over and over again in his mind the moment when the President had pulled back his head and planted the softest, most tender and loving of kisses on his mouth. It had been the most magical of moments for Josh and he had surrendered himself to it, completely and absolutely, embracing a long buried dream that he had never even imagined could come true. Now he wondered what it would feel like to have Leo kiss him – and he wanted that more than anything else in the world right now. Leo was still gazing at him, and Josh blundered on, trying to explain.


“Leo, I’ve fantasised about this for a long time. When he came to me last week…I felt as if I was trapped in one of my own most treasured dreams. I want to belong to both of you…I want to give myself up to both of you. I want that so much sometimes that I ache just thinking about it,” Josh admitted. Just a few short weeks ago he’d have gone to his grave rather than share this particular secret, but all that had changed now. There was something about this Leo that demanded that he give up every single secret in his heart if he was ever to stand a chance of having his most cherished dreams come true. Josh wanted Leo to know that he trusted him with this information – that he would tell Leo everything he wanted to know if Leo would just allow him to be his sub.


“Josh,” Leo leaned forward, his eyes curiously gently behind the glasses. “Don’t worry about it,” he said softly. “Friday night will be everything you’ve ever wanted or hoped for – but you have to stop doubting us. We want you, Josh, and we’ll take very good care of you. Just let the rest happen naturally. You won’t have to worry about any of it on Friday – in fact, I’ll need you to give up precisely those kinds of anxieties. I’ll need you to give yourself up to us completely and to do that you need to trust us.”


“I do trust you, Leo,” Josh protested.


“Enough to accept that we want you with us and to stop questioning that?” Leo said softly. Josh bit on his lip, and then, finally, he gave a long, heartfelt sigh, and nodded.


“Okay, Leo. I’ll try,” he agreed.


“Good.” Leo nodded. He picked up his glasses and glanced at his Deputy. “Now, go home, Josh. You’ve been here long enough. I don’t want to see you back here until Monday morning, barring some huge, unforeseen crisis. We’ll talk about this,” he gestured to the file Josh had handed him, “some more on Monday. Okay?”


Josh nodded, and then got up and left as instructed. He wasn’t entirely sure that he wanted to go home although the idea of slipping into bed and just falling asleep for several long hours was very appealing. However, the moment his head hit the pillow he found himself suddenly wide awake.


He lay there, gazing at the ceiling, wondering what it would feel like to kneel at Leo’s feet, and have Leo pull back his head and kiss him the way the President had kissed him, full on the lips. He could imagine no greater happiness in the world, and wished he could skip forward in time 6 days, to finally know what it would be like to sub to the two most powerful men on the planet.


None of this seemed real – he felt as if he was in a dream that had started the previous Friday and that he wanted to go on and on forever. Josh had fantasised about being sexually submissive for most of his adult life and even as a child he had made up stories in his head, stories which he had never shared with anybody, in which he was invariably spanked by a kind but authoritative man who had his own best interests at heart. As a child that person had been his father, who had never spanked Josh in his life, but after puberty he found his fantasies altering considerably taking an adult focus in the shape of a teacher at his school, Mr. Feig, a strong, firm man with an athletic build, who made American history both a pleasure and a torment for Josh as he watched the object of his fantasies giving a lecture, moving his large hands around expressively. Josh had wondered what those hands would feel like caressing his body, or punishing him for some minor act of wrongdoing. His fantasies were conflicted – he wanted, desperately, to please the strong, older male figures in his fantasies, so he hated thinking up any reason why they would want to spank him, yet at the same time that was what he yearned to happen. He wanted to be slung over a pair of strong knees and have his ass tanned, wanted to give himself up for punishment or pleasure – whatever the fantasy male of his imagining wanted to deliver he would receive, gratefully. As he had grown older he had managed to find a place for those fantasies among the multi-layered facets of the rest of his life. He could go for many weeks without even thinking about them but then returned to them, like the old, comfortable pleasure they were, letting them soothe and caress him, restoring his equilibrium after a particularly difficult time at work. His fantasies were his escape during times of stress, his secret, and one that he had never thought he would share with anybody until the President had surprised him in the gym last Friday, his voice low, dark, and purring, his demeanour so utterly compelling, sexy, and authoritative; it had almost been as if Jed Bartlet had reached into Josh’s fantasies and plucked one out, then recreated it for his Deputy Chief of Staff in its entirety…or almost its entirety. Josh would have liked for last week’s punishment to have ended in something altogether more intimate, and while he was disappointed that it hadn’t, he had been more than compensated for that by the promise that when Leo was able to join them, they would explore this territory much further.


Josh turned over and tried to sleep but found it impossible. He was scarcely able to believe that this was actually happening to him, and not simply a figment of his imagination. Working with two such strong men of integrity as Jed Bartlet and Leo McGarry had brought the same mix of torment and pleasure to Josh’s life as his secret crush on Mr. Feig had years before. Leo and the President embodied all those qualities he had given to his fantasy figures for so many years. They were good people – smart and professional and yet real, vulnerable and flawed for all that. They were kind but firm, caring but no-nonsense; they were mentors to him in a very real way in his working life and he looked up to them, believing in them both utterly and completely, captivated by their skills and their personalities. He worked night and day to please them, wanting them to be proud of him, and yet, when he screwed up as was occasionally unavoidable, he hated hearing their reprimands; Leo’s were usually informal but to the point. He would unerringly find Josh’s sense of guilt, making Josh admit to his failings: he was too quick-tempered, he over-reacted and when his mood was heated he spoke incautiously and said things he shouldn’t. Leo had a way of dryly going over Josh’s misdeeds in a manner that made Josh squirm inside and feel as if he was 8 years old – and then it would be over, and somehow Leo knew how to put him back together again as well, finding the good in the bad, lending his unswerving support to Josh, no matter how badly he’d fucked up. The President’s reprimands were usually shorter but no less devastating for all that. Jed Bartlet had a way of glancing at him over the top of his glasses, and saying just a few short words: “Josh – don’t do it again,” or “Next time, think before you speak, Josh.” It wasn’t so much what he said but the way he’d say it, those blue eyes of his, almost violet in shade, softer and deeper than Leo’s sharp blue gaze, searing his message into Josh’s soul.


Seven days…Josh wasn’t sure he could survive seven days. He had a pang of absurd fear; supposing he got knocked down by a car between now and next Friday? Supposing something happened that prevented him from ever joining in the exclusive Friday Night Club? Supposing he came this close to something that had been so long and heartfelt a fantasy only to have it snatched away from him before it actually happened? Josh dismissed his fears with a wry smile at his own overactive imagination. Leo had told him to have trust – and he was going to have to do just that.




Monday Morning


As it turned out, it wasn’t a car accident that threatened to prevent his entry into the Friday night club, but a nuclear warhead. That huge, unforeseen crisis that Leo had mentioned arrived unexpectedly and in full force on Monday morning in the middle of an Oval Office meeting of the Senior staff. Leo took the call while the President held forth to the room about the intricacies of economic diversity – something always guaranteed to make Josh’s eyes gloze over. He was almost relieved when Leo interrupted the President in full flow, but that relief was short lived when he heard what was behind the interruption.


“We’re needed in the situation room,” Leo told the President, handing him his jacket. The entire room went silent.


“What’s going on, Leo?” Jed said, his expansive, almost teasing mood changing abruptly as he shouldered himself into his jacket.


“We’ve had intelligence that one of those old Soviet nuclear warheads that went missing has just turned up,” Leo told him.


“Where?” Jed asked as they walked towards the door.


“The middle east. A known terrorist organisation are currently threatening to wipe out half the world in exchange for a list of demands as long as both our arms. You go ahead – I’ll be there in a couple of minutes.


Leo watched the President go and then turned to Josh. “Josh – this one’s big – it might take some time. I need you to take care of everything while we’re focussed elsewhere. Okay? I don’t want to hear about anything but the really important stuff while this is going on and I sure as hell don’t want him to hear about it – he’s going to need to concentrate on making the right decisions for the next few days and I don’t want him distracted. I want you to deal with everything that comes up while we’re doing this.” His sharp blue eyes held Josh transfixed in their gaze for a second, impressing on him the importance of what he was saying. Josh swallowed hard – it had been only been just over a week since he had badly screwed up and his confidence was at an all-time low. “I have every faith in you, Josh,” Leo said urgently, as if sensing the way he was feeling. He patted Josh firmly on the arm.


“Everything’s going to be fine, Leo,” Josh said, with more confidence than he felt. “Go.”




Friday Morning


The next four days were tense for everyone – Josh spent most of the time watching from the sidelines as Leo and the President spent most of their time walking to and from the situation room, their faces grim. They were all working day and night, and the strain was taking its toll on the President who was dealing with one of the most potentially serious crises of his Administration. Leo was, as ever, a faithful watchdog at his side. Watching them work together, moving in tandem with each other like the components of a well-oiled machine, Leo taking what burdens he could from the President to enable him to concentrate on making the really tough decisions, Josh was struck again by what an incredibly brilliant team they made. If Jed was weighed down by a particular decision, a few words from Leo could help him home in on the really crucial issues. Leo didn’t offer an opinion unless asked, but if he did ask, Jed always listened carefully to the reply and invariably acted on Leo’s advice. They were a superlative team and Josh felt humbled to be working with them, in whatever capacity.


His own task felt no less weighty – he was only too well aware that the President and Leo were trusting him to deal with everything that didn’t need their direct involvement and he worked night and day to be worthy of the faith they’d placed in him. More than anything else he didn’t want to stand in front of the President and tell him he’d let him down. He couldn’t face doing that – it would hurt too much. The prospect of Jed Bartlet hauling them all back from the brink of disaster only to hear that his Deputy Chief of Staff had messed up on the day to day running of the place was too depressing to think about.


They were all so busy that the week passed without him having a chance to so much as think about Friday. With the way things were he doubted that their Friday night meeting would happen anyway; there was no way that Leo and the President would leave the situation room for any length of time when the entire world was standing on the edge of nuclear catastrophe. He had done his best to hold the place together while everyone rushed around, an air of panic bubbling just beneath the surface. He had deftly fielded any number of difficult issues, keeping them away from both Leo and the President, dealing with them himself, and, if he had any doubts, running them by Toby or Sam or CJ before making a decision. The other senior staff were tremendously supportive of him and his waning confidence had been bolstered by his success in taking care of the West Wing while Leo and the President were focussed elsewhere. He thought he’d done a good job – hoped he had – but it had been a long week and Friday morning found him sitting at his desk, feeling incredibly weary.


He was surprised a few seconds later to find a lemon muffin stuck under his nose, and a hot cup of coffee thrust into his hand.


“Eat. Drink,” Donna commanded, sitting down in the chair in front of his desk.


“Yes, Mom,” Josh made a face at her. “Why are you being so nice to me?” He asked, taking a bite out of the warm lemon muffin and then giving a satisfied sigh. Lemon muffins were his favourite – although he wasn’t sure how Donna knew that.


“I’m always nice to you, Josh,” Donna replied. He was going to argue with her about that when the need to take another bite out of the delicious muffin overcame all other considerations. There was silence while he stuffed his face, and then Donna leaned forward, chewing on her lip thoughtfully.


“Josh, do you think this is it? Do you think we’re all going to die?” She asked.


“Whaa? Ow Unnna!” Josh replied incoherently.


“Say that again without a mouthful of muffin,” Donna instructed. Josh swallowed hard.


“No, Donna.” He told her, taking a swig of his coffee to wash the muffin down.


“Everyone is so tense. You know, usually things are busy but kind of fun around here but not this week. Everyone looks so miserable and people are so touchy,” Donna told him, looking desperately unhappy. He smiled at her – they rarely ever talked seriously like this, but he was enormously fond of her and if he could help her with this then he would.


“Donna – we are not all going to die. Everything will be fine.”


“How do you know that?” Donna asked him.


“Because Leo and the President are in charge and I have absolute faith in them. I trust them to make all the right calls on this one, Donna,” Josh said softly. “And so should you. I trust them quite literally with my life – I don’t think they’re going to let any of us down.”


She gazed at him for a moment, her blue eyes clearing slightly and then she nodded, and her expression became much happier.


“Okay. You’re right. Thank you, Josh.”


He watched her go with a wry smile. He’d only told her the simple truth as he saw it, but it seemed to have worked. That thought gave him an idea… He glanced at the Crossley file, which he had taken back from Leo’s desk – Leo had way too much on his plate right now to deal with this and it had been Josh’s mistake in the first place. Maybe the simple truth would work as well with Senator Crossley as it had with Donna? It was always worth one last shot and he’d tried everything else so there really was only one thing left to do; he picked up the phone and called Senator Crossley.




Friday Evening. 7pm.


Josh walked into the West Wing after his meeting with Senator Crossley to find himself immediately accosted by Donna who flung herself into his arms and kissed him firmly on the mouth.


“What was that for?” He asked, not quite knowing where to put his hands as she hugged him voraciously.


“It’s over! They got the warhead. We’re safe!” She beamed at him, before kissing him again and then moving off to some other hapless victim. Josh noticed Toby taking cover unobtrusively behind a filing cabinet. He hurried along to the Oval Office, annoyed that he’d missed the excitement of the announcement but exhilarated by the tangible sense of relief and delight that was cascading infectiously around the West Wing. He passed CJ hurrying to a press briefing and found Charlie excitedly making a phone call from his desk by the door to the Oval Office. Charlie waved him through and Josh knocked and put his head around the door to find the President and Leo sitting side by side on the sofa, looking tired but extremely happy. Leo’s tie was askew and the President’s hair looked as if he’d spent the entire day running his hand through it despairingly, but both were in high spirits.


“Josh – come in!” Jed said, getting to his feet and waving his Deputy Chief of Staff into the room. “You heard the news?”


“Yes, sir. Congratulations.” Josh grinned as he shook their hands. The President briefed him rapidly, talking so fast that it was all Josh could do to follow what he was saying, while Leo interjected little salient comments along the way, making sense of the President’s hurried speech.


“So,” Jed said, finally, gazing at Josh. “I’ve been hearing good things about how you’ve kept everything together this past week, Josh.”


“Thank you, sir.” Josh glanced at Leo who shot him an approving smile.


“I told you I had every confidence in you, Josh. I think you just needed to find confidence in yourself again,” Leo commented.


“And, I just got a call from Senator Crossley,” the President added. “He says you came to see him and it would appear – thank god – that this particular news cycle is finally going to come to an end. How on earth did you achieve this minor miracle, Josh?”


Josh flushed and then shrugged. “I went over there and apologised,” he said.


“That’s it? You just apologised?” Leo raised an incredulous eyebrow. “I thought you’d already apologised anyway?”


“Yes I did – but maybe with too much…” Josh bit on his lip, “Attitude?” He shrugged. “So I went back to see him with a different approach. I took full responsibility and uh…” Josh flushed again. “I gave him an honest and fulsome apology, told him I’d been a jerk and also that the President himself had thoroughly punished me for the whole fiasco. I think it was something about the way I said it…” He glanced at the President from under his eyelashes, remembering all too clearly how he’d been punished for this particular screw up. “A kind of sincerity maybe,” he murmured. “Whatever it was, the Senator seemed pleased I wasn’t bullshitting any more or trying to weasel my way out of it and so… he agreed to drop it.”


The President looked at Leo and then back at Josh, and then, much to Josh’s surprise, he winked at him, and clapped him affectionately on the shoulder.


“You did well here, Josh,” he said. “Not just with Crossley, but with all you’ve done this week. Everyone has been telling me how hard you’ve been working and what a great job you’ve been doing.”


Josh thought his heart would burst with pride. It was, perhaps, the best moment of his professional life – being praised by the President and seeing that fond, protective, affectionate look in Leo’s eyes as he gazed at him – a look that he was sure he’d only ever seen Leo give to the President before now. He basked in it for a second, and then Leo put a hand on Josh’s other shoulder, and whispered softly into his ear.


“Why don’t you go up to the Residence and wait in the Blue Bedroom? We have a couple of loose ends to tie up here but we’ll be along in a few minutes.”


Josh felt as if the earth had opened up and swallowed him whole; he hadn’t even been thinking about tonight – he had been so sure that it wasn’t going to happen. He hadn’t prepared for it mentally, and now he felt as if an entire swarm of butterflies had taken up residence in his stomach.


“Yeah.” The President smiled at him, and squeezed his shoulder encouragingly, as if guessing how he was feeling. “I think we all need some recreation tonight after the kind of week we’ve had,” he said.


“Josh.” Leo’s hand touched his back lightly, his breath warm on Josh’s cheek. “Go on. You deserve this as much as we do,” he murmured.


Josh felt a surge of warmth spread through his stomach – yes, he was still nervous as hell, but Leo’s words were reassuring and he was reminded of how much he wanted this. The two men were standing so close that he could smell both the exhilaration and weariness on them. The President was right – they did all need some recreation and he could think of nothing more wonderful than sharing that recreation with these two men whom he adored. Josh gave a tentative smile, and was surprised when Leo’s hand slid down further, rested on his ass for a second, and then gave him a light swat, encouraging him to go.


“Take some time to get where you need to be in your head, Josh,” he said softly. “We won’t be long.”


Josh nodded, and then, tingling with nervous anticipation, he left the room.




Friday Night


The Blue Bedroom looked different somehow. Not that he’d had a chance to really look around it the last time he’d been here but…Josh turned on the light, closed the door behind him, and stood, bewildered, in the centre of the room. It had been such a long, difficult week and he was so full of pent-up emotion that he wanted something – anything – to happen. It would be good to let go, and really allow these emotions to spin out…but… Josh sat down on the bed and ran his hand over the crisp, cold sheets. Were they really going to do this? Tonight? He supposed that to Leo and the President it might not be such a big deal but to him…it was the culmination of an entire lifetime’s worth of fantasies. It was such a big deal that he almost turned and walked out of the room, unable to face having those fantasies finally become reality.


Get to where you need to be in your head, Josh, Leo had said, but Josh didn’t have a clue how to even begin doing that. He glanced around the room, noticed the heavy, locked trunk at the foot of the bed and wondered as to its contents but didn’t dare open it.


He got up again, unable to remain seated, ran a restless hand through his hair and tugged at his collar, which suddenly seemed too tight, as if it was suffocating him.


Where did he need to be in his head, he wondered? And how the hell did he get there? At that moment he heard the door opening, softly, behind him, and he jumped and spun around, his stomach leaping into his throat. Leo stood in the doorway for a moment, just looking at him, and then he closed the door and stepped into the room. Josh’s throat went dry and he stood there helplessly, not entirely sure that he was even breathing.


“You really need to relax,” Leo commented dryly. He removed his jacket and tie and hung them up in the closet. Then he walked over to the nightstand, turned on the lamp, and returned to the wall switch and turned off the main light. Finally he walked past Josh to the lamp in the corner and turned that on as well. Now the room glowed seductively – it looked much warmer and more inviting like this, Josh noted.


“I…is there something I should be doing?” Josh asked.


“No, there’s nothing you should be doing,” Leo told him. “In this room, you only do what you’re told to do. I don’t want you thinking, Josh.”


“I’m supposed to stop thinking?” Josh wondered how that might be possible.


“Yes you are,” Leo said, as if it was the most normal thing in the world. “You need to stop thinking and start surrendering, Josh.”


“You know, Leo, that’s a lot easier said than done,” Josh commented, injecting a note of humour in his voice, trying to sound natural in these completely unnatural circumstances.


“I do know that, yes,” Leo replied, “and I seem to recall telling you that myself a couple of weeks ago.” He came to stand in front of Josh and looked at him searchingly for a moment. “I’ll help you, Josh. You just need to let go.”


“Okay.” Josh swallowed hard and tugged on his collar again, needing to get more air into his lungs.


“Okay.” Leo nodded calmly, still gazing at Josh with a scrutiny that made the younger man feel extremely uncomfortable.


“Uh, the President…is he…?” Josh looked towards the door.


“He’ll be here. No more questions, Josh. You need to switch off. The President will join us in a moment. First of all, you and I need to establish some rules.”


“We do?” Josh gave what he was sure was an almost audible gulp.


“Yes we do.” Leo smiled, but it wasn’t a smile Josh had ever seen in the office. It was almost…seductive; dark, powerful, full of intent, and utterly and completely masterful. Josh tugged on his collar again, wondering if he was going to faint.


“But before that, I think we need to help you breathe,” Leo commented pragmatically. He stepped behind Josh, and a second later Josh felt Leo’s arms settle around his body, wrapping him in a warm embrace. He stiffened slightly, unsure what was happening. “Relax,” Leo chided. “Just let go, Josh.” Josh nodded, and tried to do as he’d been told. He felt Leo’s hand slip across his chest and come to rest over his heart. “Okay…now breathe with me,” Leo told him. Josh remembered the President doing something very similar in the gym two weeks previously and he suddenly realised that Leo had made the President tell him every single thing about that encounter, even down to this tender moment. For some reason that thought relaxed him a little, and the presence of Leo’s hand on his chest and the warmth of Leo’s body against his back helped relax him even more. He took a deep breath, synchronised his breathing with Leo’s, and exhaled slowly. He started to feel better within seconds; Leo’s hand was firm but comforting on his chest and he liked the sensation of being held – nothing was being asked of him except that he submit and he wanted nothing more than to do just that. He liked the idea of his own submission – he didn’t have a problem with getting down on his hands and knees and showing these two men how much he adored them. His problem was the incessant chatter of his own brain that sometimes got in the way.


“That’s good,” Leo commented, his breath warm on the back of Josh’s neck. “Okay, now I’m going to ask you some questions, Josh, and I want your full and honest answers. Understood?”


“Yes, Leo,” Josh said softly.


“Okay. Firstly – I want you to tell me what you don’t want to happen here tonight.”


Josh’s head jerked up. “What I don’t want to happen?” He asked, confused.


“That’s right.” Leo’s arms settled more firmly around Josh’s body. “Tell me what you really don’t want to happen here tonight, Josh.”


“Uh…” Josh thought about it for a moment. “You know…I really don’t want to be humiliated,” he whispered, flushing furiously in the lamplight. “I figure I do a good enough job of humiliating myself – I don’t need anyone else to do it.”


Leo gave a little chuckle, and his left hand moved to stroke Josh’s hair. It was an affectionate gesture and it reassured Josh that he’d said the right thing.


“That’s good. I can promise you, Josh, that you won’t be humiliated here. That was never on the cards anyway. This is about you feeling good about yourself and getting what you want…and I think what you want is to surrender to us and to please us, isn’t it?” Leo asked softly.


Josh swallowed hard again and then nodded, closing his eyes. He could already feel a warmth in his groin at those words – Leo was right; that was exactly what he wanted.


“Okay.” Leo removed his hands from Josh’s body and Josh took a deep breath, missing the comfort of those steadying arms. Leo went to sit in an armchair facing Josh. “The second question is – what do you want to happen here tonight?” Leo said, studying Josh intently.


Josh gazed at the other man, feeling suddenly helpless. The instant Leo had asked that question Josh had immediately had a mental image of what his answer should be – but it had been far easier to admit to what he didn’t want than what he did.


“Uh…” He hesitated, flushing again, and glanced at his shoes.


“Joshua!” Leo’s tone of voice was so sharp in contrast to the low, mellow tones he’d been using that Josh stood up straight, startled. “I thought I made it clear that in this room you give me honest responses. You don’t hide – I don’t care what it is that you’ve got to say, as long as it’s what you’re really feeling.” Leo’s blue eyes seemed to be boring straight into Josh’s soul and he stood, transfixed by the other man’s stare. “Okay…” Leo said, in a gentler, more calming tone. “Let me repeat the question and then I want your reply – what do you want to happen here tonight, Josh? Name me one thing that, if it didn’t happen, you’d feel disappointed.”


“I want you to kiss me, Leo,” Josh admitted, biting down on his lip as he said the words. He felt so exposed and vulnerable; yes, Leo already knew about many of his most treasured and private fantasies, but this one expressed wish was so personal, and, to Josh’s mind, so full of need, that he felt as if he had shared a part of his soul with Leo. If this had just been about sex it would have been so much easier, but admitting that he wanted Leo to kiss him took everything into a much more emotional realm – and Josh wasn’t a person who had ever been entirely at ease with his own emotions.


Leo’s gaze didn’t falter and his expression didn’t change. He continued to study Josh who felt himself wilting under that sharp, blue-eyed stare. “He kissed me in the gym,” Josh whispered almost defensively, trying to explain why this was his wish. “I already told you how much that meant to me. I want to…I want you to…” He faltered and trailed off, feeling utterly ridiculous. He was a grown man talking about a kiss for god’s sake! And yet…he was still so full of insecurity. He knew the President was fond of him, knew that Bartlet had wanted him to join them but Leo – Leo was a different matter and he didn’t think he’d ever had a proper answer from Leo about why he wanted him here tonight. In his heart, Josh thought that Leo wanted him here only because the President wanted him here and Josh wanted there to be more to it than that. He had worked closely with Leo for the past few years, had looked up to Leo, seen him as a mentor and friend, and he longed for Leo’s good opinion as much as he longed for the President’s. He had felt Jed Bartlet’s tangible affection for him through that kiss in the gym, still treasured the taste and feel of the President’s lips against his own, and now he also wanted to know what it would feel like if Leo kissed him. He thought he’d know the truth about Leo’s feelings if he’d only kiss him.


“Okay,” Leo said at long last, nodding. “Now let’s move on to the rules…”


“Does that mean yes or no?” Josh interrupted, unable to let this go. “Do I get what I want or do I only get to ask for it?”


“Rule number one…” Leo continued, his glare making it clear that those weren’t questions he intended to answer. Josh felt absurdly vulnerable, and hit out in the way he usually did in such situations.


“Damnit, Leo! I’m putting myself on the line here! Is this how it works? You get to lay down all the rules and make all the decisions while I just get to look like a fucking idiot?” Josh exploded. “Well, no thanks, Leo,” he snapped, storming off towards the door, knowing as he went that he was doing this on purpose, jeopardising what he wanted most in the world because he was too nervous about getting it wrong and screwing up something he had fantasised about all his life. Better to bring it to an end now rather than risk ruining it later, when they were in the middle of something, when it would really hurt to know that he’d screwed up the best thing that had ever happened to him.


“Joshua – get your ass back here.” Leo’s firm, calm voice descended on Josh like a bucket of icy water, cooling him, and sending shivers down his spine. He hesitated by the door, his hand reaching for it blindly. “Now, Joshua,” Leo said in a tone of voice that brooked no dissent. Josh found himself turning on his heel and walking slowly, disconsolately, back to where Leo was sitting in the armchair. He felt wretched – he didn’t like screwing up; he only wanted to please but he had already made Leo angry with him and they’d barely started yet. He came to a halt in front of Leo’s chair and stared at his shoes.


“I’m sorry, Leo,” he whispered, and then, because he didn’t know what else to do, he sank to his knees in front of the chair and just stayed there, head down, waiting to find out what Leo was going to do to him. A few seconds later he felt a hand grasp his chin and then his face was forced up so that he had no choice but to meet Leo’s implacable gaze.


“That was about trust,” Leo commented. “You not trusting yourself to get this right and you not trusting me to know how to take care of you.”


“That’s not tru…” Josh began and then he sighed as he caught the flash in Leo’s eyes; it was true. Leo, as always, saw far more than anyone ever suspected. Josh sank back on his heels, accepting the comment. “No, you’re right,” he admitted. “I just got scared – thought I could run off before you sent me packing,” he said with a feeble grin.


“You’re jittery – that’s to be expected,” Leo told him. “But I don’t want to see any more displays of temper tonight, Josh. If you have a problem with anything that happens here then you say so – politely. I’ll always listen.”


“Okay.” Josh nodded, feeling much calmer than he had.


“If you act out in this way again you’ll be punished,” Leo said, and those words made Josh’s entire body tingle in anticipation. “You can ask as many questions as you like – I don’t promise to answer them but you can ask.” There was a gleam of slightly malicious humour in Leo’s eyes as he stamped his authority on the proceedings. “That’s where the trust comes in, Josh,” he added. “It’s also part of giving up control. You accepting, you not knowing everything. I do know something about your insatiable curiosity…” He gave a slightly quirky smile, which Josh, tentatively, returned, “And while in some situations that can be a good thing, it isn’t something you need here tonight. ”


“That’s really hard for me, Leo,” Josh murmured.


“I know.” Leo grinned. “Nobody ever said it was easy. But you’ll try, Josh, because I’m ordering you to. Okay?”


When put like that it seemed a lot easier. Josh nodded.


“Okay – then let’s get back to the rules; firstly, you don’t talk about work in this room. That’s the most important rule. We’re here to switch off and get away from work; what has happened in our working lives might inform and influence what we do here but we do not talk about any of the specifics. In this room you are not Josh Lyman, my Deputy Chief of Staff. In this room you are Joshua, my willing and obedient sub. From this moment on that is what I’ll call you and that is what you will answer to. Is that understood?” The intensity in Leo’s blue eyes had Josh pinned to the spot and he blinked.


“Yes, Leo,” he whispered.


“Good. Secondly, everything that happens in this room is confidential – I can’t stress that enough. Neither the President nor I will ever refer to it in the hearing of a third party. Whatever you say to us, whatever you confide, remains between us. We expect the same courtesy of you. I don’t need to stress that our jobs depend upon our discretion. I know we can trust you but I need you to tell me that you understand how important this is.”


“I do.” Josh nodded. “You know I wouldn’t say a word to anyone, Leo.”


“Yes I do.” Leo nodded. “Okay, thirdly…” He was interrupted at this point by a soft knock at the door. “Come in, Josiah,” he called and Josh gazed at Leo in surprise at the name he’d just used. He had never heard Leo call the President anything other than ‘sir’ or ‘Mr. President’ and although, now he thought about it, it wasn’t surprising that Leo would have a different name for the President in this room, it still seemed strange.


The door opened and the President walked in. He looked as confident as ever, and there was an eagerness and affection in his eyes as he viewed Josh that made Josh’s heart soar. While he didn’t know where he stood with Leo McGarry, he was pretty sure that he knew where he stood with Jed Bartlet – the President liked him and was happy that he was here.


“Good evening, Leo; good evening, Josh,” the President said brightly, coming to stand in front of Josh. “Ah, I see you’ve started without me,” he winked, surveying Josh’s kneeling position with what looked very much like approval. Josh was sure he heard Leo give a faint sigh. “Josh, first of all I’d like to say that I’m glad you’re here. You did a great job this week and I’m proud of you. I’m also delighted that you decided you wanted to be a part of this – Leo has filled me in on everything I need to know and I can assure you that we both want this evening to be as good for you as it always is for us.” He glanced at Leo who returned his gaze with a steely glare. Josh winced slightly – he didn’t know much about the specific sub/dom dynamic between the President and his Chief of Staff but he could tell that the President’s little speech hadn’t gone down too well with Leo.


“You’ve come at just the right time, Josiah,” Leo said smoothly. “I was just going through the rules with Joshua. Maybe you need a refresher too?”


The President turned to gaze at Leo quizzically and then, laughter in his eyes, he nodded deferentially to the other man. “I’m sorry, sir, you’re quite right. I apologise,” he said, the grin he threw in Josh’s direction making it quite clear that the apology was far from heartfelt. Josh was still too busy getting over the fact that the President had called Leo ‘sir’ to respond though. Leo gave a grunt and shot Bartlet a look that would have chilled Josh to the bone if he had been on the receiving end of it but which Bartlet blithely ignored. Josh wondered if the President was even aware of how much danger he was courting – or maybe, he thought, this was part of their dynamic. He remembered Leo telling him that sometimes it took a long time to get the President to where he needed to be. He was intrigued by that, and hoped he’d see more of private workings of their relationship during his evening in their company. Bartlet removed his jacket and tie, just as Leo had done, and threw them untidily onto a nearby chair instead of hanging them in the closet.


“Okay, Joshua – let’s return to the rules,” Leo said, turning back to his newest sub. “For a start, in this room you don’t call me Leo. You’ll address me as sir, or Mr. McGarry.”


“Yes, sir.” Josh nodded, quite happy with that rule. It felt weird calling Leo by his first name in here where he was so utterly and completely the consummate top in any case. He was happy to call him sir. It felt right.


“You’ll have noticed the name I use for Josiah. That’s my name for him – you do not call him that. Nor do you call him sir or Mr. President in this room, Joshua. Those are names you use for him at work and you will not use them here. What we do here is separate from work and will be marked as such by the names we use for each other. To reinforce that fact, he will call you Joshua just as I do. Is that understood?”


“Yes, sir,” Josh nodded. “What should I call him then?” He asked anxiously.


“How about Master?” Bartlet offered, looking very pleased with himself. Leo rolled his eyes.


“Okay,” he said, obviously deciding to call Bartlet’s bluff. “By all means call him Master if that works for you, Joshua. Otherwise you can call him Jed.”


“Or Master Jed,” Bartlet interjected.


“Or you could call him Master Jed,” Leo agreed, “But only if you want to sound like you’re addressing a 6 year old from the pages of a 19th century novel.”


Josh couldn’t help grinning at that but the President wasn’t so happy.


“Leo!” Bartlet complained. “You’re ruining my whole top thing here with your mojo!”


“Do I need to go through the rules again with something more instructive in my hand? Like a paddle maybe?” Leo asked dangerously.


Josh gazed at the two of them wide-eyed, utterly transfixed by the power dynamic that was playing out in front of him. He didn’t know what he’d expected but two weeks ago the President had been utterly and completely the top with him and now he saw that in his relationship with Leo, the President was most definitely not in charge and it was such a change from the way he’d seen them all week that he was startled by it. For the past several days he had seen Jed Bartlet sweeping in and out of the situation room with all the presence of the President of the United States, and Leo had always been one step behind, a constant support, offering advice only when asked. Now, their status had changed and, in this room at least, it was clear that Leo was totally and completely in charge and that while the President might complain about the implications of that, it was a situation he was not only happy with but also revelled in. Bartlet reminded him of a child acting out, wanting to be pulled back into line.


“I don’t think that will be necessary,” Bartlet said hastily, holding up his hands. Leo raised an eyebrow. “Sir,” Jed added.


“I’ll decide what’s necessary. Perhaps you can influence my decision by standing there and keeping quiet until I’ve finished running through the rules,” Leo suggested. “That might go a long way towards helping me decide whether or not to be lenient with you later.”


“Yes, sir.” Bartlet nodded, although he gave Josh another wink as he took a step back and leaned on the armchair.


“Okay, do you have any questions about the rules so far, Joshua?” Leo asked.


“No, sir.” Josh sat back on his heels serenely. Somehow the bantering exchange, unfamiliar in content and yet so very familiar in tone, had calmed him. These two were still the same men – they were still the two people he trusted and admired most in the world. It was actually fun to see them letting go and playing like this – and he could tell that they were enjoying it as much as he was. There was something about their easygoing communication and evident affection that was so damn…sexy. Josh felt proud of the fact that he was their sub and they were his…masters? That felt weird, but it made his groin flood with warmth all the same. He was happy to be kneeling here in front of these two men – he’d happily worship at their feet for the rest of his life if they’d let him. He wanted nothing more than to be of service to them in any way they chose.


“Good. Finally – this is a scene, Joshua. I know you’re familiar with that term. I’ve already spoken to you at some length so I know what you want and what you expect and I have a fair idea of your limits. You must accept that you have no control over what goes on in here and you make no decisions; in this room, you do as you’re told, unquestioningly. We expect your total obedience,” Leo told him sternly.


Josh exhaled the breath he didn’t even realise he’d been holding, thrilling to the words. He felt almost giddy from the sensations coursing through his body. Leo was behaving as if he’d stepped straight from Josh’s fantasy world – he was saying all the right things and pressing all of Josh’s buttons.


“That obedience extends to telling us if something is happening that you don’t like,” Leo continued. “This is not an ordeal and you do not endure something because you think it will please us – it won’t. If something is happening that you really don’t like or which distresses or scares you then you tell us. Immediately. Is that understood?”


“Yes, sir.” Josh gazed at Leo, utterly spellbound.


“Good – then I think we’re done. Do you have any questions, Joshua?”


Josh shook his head wordlessly. It had all been as completely clear as one of Leo’s briefings – he’d have expected nothing less from Leo McGarry in his guise either as boss or consummate top.


“Okay… then I think it’s time to begin. Josiah – it seems to me that our sub is over-dressed. Perhaps you’d like to amend that situation?” Leo glanced at Jed who bounced immediately into life.


“You’re right, sir,” he agreed, surveying Josh’s work clothes thoughtfully. “I think that our boy should be naked in the presence of his masters, don’t you?”


Leo pursed his lips, his eyes glinting with amusement although whether that was from Jed’s use of the term ‘masters’ or because he agreed with the sentiment, Josh couldn’t tell.


“Definitely, Josiah,” he commented smoothly. “This boy…” He lingered over the word and Josh felt his cock starting to harden in his pants. He was surprised to find just how much he liked the idea of being addressed in such a way. “…should always be kept naked in this room, I think. So that he understands what his status is here.”


“What is my status, sir?” Josh asked, his whole body quivering slightly. Jed moved towards him, and ran the back of his hand gently over Josh’s cheek. Josh leaned into the caress, trembling even more. Jed seemed delighted by this response and glanced at Leo as if for reassurance or confirmation. Leo just smiled and nodded at him. Jed ran his hands through Josh’s hair, smoothing it away from his forehead as he looked down on him. Josh surrendered willingly, putting his head back and gazing up at his new master adoringly.


“Your status is that of our beloved plaything, Joshua,” Jed said fondly, caressing Josh’s face affectionately. “And we’re really going to enjoy playing with you.” He grinned.


“Why don’t you undress our new toy, Josiah?” Leo suggested. “Stand up, Joshua. I don’t want you to do anything – just stand there while Josiah undresses you.”


“Mmm. Yeah. I think it’s time that we took our new toy out of his box and took a good look at him,” Jed murmured. Josh got to his feet, flushing furiously. Jed stood in front of him, and quickly undid his tie and stripped it away from his collar.


“Slowly, Josiah. I want you to go very, very slowly,” Leo told him from where he was sitting in his armchair. “I want to enjoy this – put on a show for me.”


Josh was sure that his entire face was now flushing bright purple. While he loved the idea of being at their mercy, the reality of standing here butt naked in front of these two fully clothed, powerfully sexy men was daunting.


“Remember that you don’t make any decisions in this room, Joshua,” Leo said softly from his vantage point in the armchair. Josh nodded, feeling curiously reassured by that fact.


Jed undid Josh’s shirt, going slowly as ordered. He took his time over each button, pausing to smooth his fingers across Josh’s body every now and again, his fingers gently explorative. Josh gave a little sigh in the back of his throat and put his shoulders back, relaxing. This felt nice – Jed’s breath was almost caressing as he bestowed a little kiss on Josh’s newly revealed collarbone, and then worked his fingers down to pull Josh’s shirt from his pants. His fingers seemed very warm and heavy as they lingered on Josh’s belt and then undid it. He pulled it slowly from Josh’s pants and then threw it on the bed next to the tie. Josh could feel his cock straining inside his pants; this felt so erotic.


Jed moved around behind him, his fingers still sensuously fingering the collar of Josh’s shirt. Then he took hold of it and began to pull it from Josh’s shoulders. Josh’s reaction was instinctive but it took him by surprise all the same. He hunched forward and the moment the shirt was off his back he crossed his arms over his naked chest.


“Hey, what’s this?” Jed asked softly, placing his hands on Josh’s shoulders. Josh jumped, suddenly feeling very exposed. Out of the corner of his eye he saw Jed look at Leo for direction.


“Hands by your side, Joshua,” Leo ordered, stepping in to deal with the situation. “And straighten up.”


Josh took a deep breath and tried to do as ordered. He managed to get one of his arms down by his side but the other one refused to budge. Jed stroked his shoulders affectionately from behind and he felt reassured but he still couldn’t move his arm.


“Joshua?” Leo got up out of the chair and came to stand in front of him. Jed stood behind him, his hands resting casually but supportively on Josh’s shoulders. “I asked for your obedience, Joshua,” Leo said softly but firmly. “Is there a reason why you can’t give it?”


Josh swallowed hard and nodded.


“What’s going on?” Leo asked gently. He didn’t touch Josh, but his blue eyes were watchful and stern. Josh struggled with his reply. He felt Jed’s lips graze the back of his neck and relaxed a degree, but he still couldn’t escape from Leo’s implacable gaze.


“Tell us,” Jed said softly. “It’s okay.” His mouth was warm and caressing on Josh’s neck and his tone was seductive. Josh gave a little laugh.


“This is like good cop, bad cop,” he said shakily. “You’re scaring me into submission and he’s seducing me into it,” he said to Leo gesturing with his head over his shoulder in Jed’s direction. He heard the President take a sharp little intake of breath behind him.


“A word to the wise,” Jed whispered into his ear, although they could all hear him well enough. “Remember to call him sir and please don’t piss him off for both our sakes. You won’t like him when he’s angry.”


“I’m not sure I like him right now anyway,” Josh said defensively, still clutching his arm to his chest. He could feel his vulnerability overwhelming him again and he was lashing out as he always did when he felt like this. Somehow he knew that he could lash out safely at Leo though; deep inside he knew that Leo would catch him when he fell. Leo’s blue eyes were thoughtful but not angry as he surveyed Josh.


“Hmm, it looks as if I’ve got two spirited subs,” he commented. He reached out and Josh drew back only to find himself stopped by Jed’s powerful presence behind him. He wasn’t sure what he expected Leo to do but it wasn’t what he did do which was to gently place his hand on Josh’s collar bone, and then slide it down towards the arm that was covering his chest.


“I’m sorry, sir,” Josh whispered, grimacing. “I didn’t mean to be rude and I do want to obey you…I just – can’t.”


Leo gave a wry chuckle. “Joshua – if you think you’ve got anything on Josiah here when he’s giving me trouble then you’re deluded,” he commented cheerfully. “If I can handle him, which, incidentally, I can…” He gave Jed a knowing look, “Then you aren’t going to be any trouble at all.” His fingers slid onto the hand Josh had pressed against his chest and rested there.


“I know what’s under here, Joshua,” he commented.


“It’s ugly,” Josh told him angrily but he knew he was lying and that wasn’t the reason for his anger.


“No – it’s a badge of honour. You should wear it with pride,” Leo told him. Josh heard Jed give a little grunt of surprise as he realised what they were talking about, and then the President slid his arms around Josh’s waist and rested his chin on Josh’s shoulder, holding him tight, his body warm and comforting.


“Hell, Joshua, I’ve got a scar on my side that doesn’t look too good either – and you should see the deep scar Leo’s got on his arm from when he was doing his big war hero thing,” Jed commented.


“I got it in a fight in a bar in Thailand as you well know,” Leo commented grumpily.


“Where you wouldn’t have been if you hadn’t been serving in the Air Force,” Jed reminded him.


“I’m not sure I can do this,” Josh whispered, tensing in case he heard that familiar sound in his mind that would signal a flashback. He hadn’t had one for quite awhile, but he knew from experience that they could assault him at the most unexpected and inconvenient moments. Josh was grateful for Jed’s arms around his body, keeping him there because otherwise he thought he might have tried to leave. He’d had no idea that he’d feel this way about his scar. Maybe it was the nature of the scrutiny that concerned him – he’d been naked with a lover since the shooting at Rosslyn, but that had been a matter of slipping between the sheets in the darkness. It was light enough in this room to see the damn thing properly and he was standing here as a goddamn plaything for god’s sake. He hadn’t even considered that it might bother him to have people seeing and touching his scar. It wasn’t something he had ever paid a great deal of attention to – it wasn’t something that worried him in the normal course of events as long as he could ignore it, but he didn’t want people noticing it, was concerned that such notice would lead to those terrible flashbacks, and he’d be lost once again in the sensation of bullets ripping through his body.


“You took off your shirt two weeks ago – in the gym,” Jed commented.


“It was dark in the gym!” Josh replied heatedly. “I couldn’t see the damn thing there.”


“Okay, that’s enough,” Leo said warningly. He wrapped his fingers around Josh’s hand and squeezed, prying some of the tension out of it. “What’s more important – that you can see it or that we can?” He asked perceptively.


“I…” Josh shook his head. “Me,” he sighed.


“Okay…so don’t look.” Leo’s fingers massaged his hand soothingly, prying it loose.


“Joshua…let him,” Jed murmured.


“I won’t turn off the lights for you, Joshua,” Leo told him firmly. Josh wasn’t sure how long he could hold out against the loving voice behind him and the stern gaze in front of him.


“Let it happen, Joshua,” Jed said in a low voice into Josh’s ear. “Let it go.”


“It…” Josh stamped his foot on the ground, angry with himself for this mattering so much. “I lied, Leo,” he said, his hand faltering as Leo insistently insinuated his own beneath it, pushing it away. “It’s not the way it looks – I don’t give a damn about that. I just don’t like it being noticed in case I start remembering again. I don’t want to lose control the way I did before. I don’t mind giving up control but I don’t want to lose it…if that makes sense.” It was a hard thing to explain and he found himself resenting that he had to.


“Why do you think you might lose control, Joshua?” Leo asked, finally managing, without any force at all, by dint of pure, gentle persistence, to dislodge Josh’s hand. Josh gave a sigh and let his arm fall to his side. Leo put his own hand over the scar, replacing Josh’s, and held it there, obscuring the scar from sight.


“I didn’t have any control over what was going on in my own mind,” Josh told them, grateful for Jed’s reassuring steadfastness behind him, holding him up, shielding him almost from the intensity of Leo’s blue-eyed gaze. “That’s what scared me. Sometimes if I feel the edges of the scar I can remember what it felt like when it was happening and then I’m back there again. I can feel the skin exploding, feel the heat of my blood on my chest…” Josh fought back the memory, not wanting this right now. “I just prefer not to think about it in case I make an idiot of myself again – kind of like I’m doing right now.” He made a face.


“Do you want to stop, Josh?” Leo asked softly, and Josh was very aware of the change in his name.


“No, damnit. I don’t!” He retorted, furious with himself for having let this happen.


“Then you need to trust us and you need to submit to us. Can you do that?” Leo asked. There was silence for a moment while Josh considered this. “Or do you want me to make you?” Leo asked softly and astutely a few seconds later.


Josh fought with himself for a moment, hating the damn scar and all it stood for – which as far as he was concerned was his own weakness and inability to deal with something that other people managed to deal with; hell, the President had been shot too but he wasn’t standing here making this kind of a big issue out of it.


“Please, Leo,” he said desperately, hanging limply in Jed’s arms. “Make me,” he whispered.


“Stop fighting us then, Joshua,” Leo told him firmly, taking control effortlessly in response to Josh’s need. Josh nodded and bit down hard on his lip, grateful to Leo for taking over so decisively. Leo removed his hand from Josh’s body and Josh found his arms crossing defensively over his chest again, despite himself.


“Josiah – Joshua seems to be having trouble obeying our orders. I think some special measures are called for. If he won’t keep his hands where we tell him to, then we’ll have to tie them,” Leo said firmly.


Josh gazed at Leo in admiration, feeling utterly relieved by this solution to the problem. He wanted to obey, and this way he’d have no choice. He watched as Leo handed Jed his own tie from the bed. Jed ran his hands down Josh’s arms, and then, gently but firmly pulled them back behind his body.


Josh put up just the slightest bit of resistance, but Jed’s hands were strong and commanding on his wrists and it felt good to submit to them. Josh gave a sigh of total relief as his hands were fastened behind his back. He was also relieved that Leo hadn’t made a big thing of looking at the scar or touching it – he wasn’t sure he’d have been able to bear that. As it was, Leo just ignored it, which was the best thing he could have done in the circumstances.


“Thank you, Jed. Thank you, sir,” he whispered in a heartfelt tone. Leo nodded to him and Josh couldn’t stop himself leaning towards him, wanting to feel Leo’s hands on his body again, hoping against hope that Leo would put him out of his misery and kiss him, but Leo just stepped back, and sat down on the armchair again. Josh sighed and rocked back on his heels. Damn but he wanted that kiss so much.


Jed resumed undressing him. He came around to stand in front of Josh again, and undid his pants. Josh took a sharp intake of breath although he was less worried about losing his pants than he had been about revealing his scar. That moment was over though – and Josh felt much more relaxed now that his hands were tied behind him. It was so much easier surrendering to the President removing his pants when he couldn’t resist. Josh couldn’t believe that this was actually happening to him; the President was close enough to kiss, and Josh could smell the other man’s scent emanating from his shirt. He suddenly wanted to laugh – this must look ridiculous; the President, fully clothed, slowly undressing his Deputy Chief of Staff like this. He knew that Leo had told him he wasn’t to refer to Jed Bartlet as the President while they were in this room but he couldn’t help thinking of the man in those terms. Two weeks ago it had seemed much simpler. Then he had just been punished by this man, as he’d deserved, and somehow that hadn’t even seemed strange – it had just felt peculiarly right…but now this same man was undressing him so lovingly and this definitely did feel strange. He remembered how the President – Jed – had asked him at the time why it was so much easier to accept a whipping than a hug and he hadn’t known the answer; it just was. He was still confused by it.


“What are you thinking, Joshua?” Leo asked him as Jed knelt down in front of him and began undoing his shoes. Josh shifted, nervously – it felt very wrong that this man should kneel in front of him, either in his role as President of the United States or as his top, even if it was just to remove his shoes.


“Uh…I was thinking that Jed shouldn’t be kneeling because he’s the top and I was thinking…” Josh paused and coloured.


“Joshua,” Leo said in a warning tone, reminding him of his promise of total honesty.


“I was thinking of what the Pr…what Jed did to me in the gym two weeks ago, and that being punished is easier than being…” He hesitated, unsure how to describe the eroticism of being tied and so slowly and lovingly undressed.


“He had a problem with me hugging him a couple of weeks ago,” Jed said, nudging Josh to make him lift up one of his feet so he could remove the shoe and sock. Josh balanced awkwardly for a second, his tied hands making it hard to stay upright.


“You two are just as bad as each other,” Leo sighed wearily. “I don’t know what it is about you that you’ll endure a severe whipping but find it hard to accept a gesture of affection. However, it’s the not way I do things and I’m in charge around here, Joshua so you’ll just have to get used to that the same way Josiah has had to get used to it.”


“Oh yeah – I’d recommend you get used to it really fast, Joshua,” Jed told him, finishing with his shoes and socks and standing up with a wink at his new sub. “Leo can be a total hard ass about this – you’ll find yourself upended almost constantly and your ass paying the price if you’re slow in learning this particular lesson,” he grinned. Josh wrestled for a moment with the mental image of the President upended and at the mercy of his Chief of Staff. He wondered if he’d see a demonstration of their unique role reversal in action in a more physical way tonight and realised, with a secret thrill, that he hoped he would.


“Joshua – a couple of weeks ago you were being punished for something you felt bad about and that made you feel better didn’t it?” Leo asked, casting a severe glance in Jed’s direction. Josh knew that it definitely had not gone unnoticed that the President had just called him by his first name and that Jed would pay for that later.


“Yes, sir.” Josh nodded, answering Leo’s question.


“I know Josiah told you at the time that the punishment was for you because you wanted it and not because he thought you deserved to be whipped,” Leo continued. Josh nodded again.


“He made that pretty clear.”


“Okay. So, you’ve had a pretty good day today, Joshua, although admittedly it’s been a rough week. Is there anything you feel you should be punished for?” Leo continued. Josh thought about it and then shook his head.


“Well, apart from not obeying you earlier,” he said, flushing.


“We worked that one out.” Leo shrugged. “I’m not punishing you for that.”


“He’s nicer to you than he is to me,” Jed told Josh conspiratorially. “He punishes me for every single, tiny, little thing I’ve done wrong and when I haven’t done anything wrong he makes something up.”


“No I don’t, Josiah, and I’ll be punishing you for that smart mouth of yours very comprehensively later,” Leo said with a click of impatience in his tone. Jed grinned and gave Josh a ‘see what I have to put up with?’ look although he didn’t seem too downcast at the prospect of the imminent punishment. “Okay, Joshua – I don’t think any punishment is in order, do you?” Leo questioned. Josh thought about it and then shook his head, wondering if he looked as disconsolate as he felt. He didn’t feel the need to be punished the way he had a couple of weeks ago, but it was part of his most cherished fantasies that these two men would spank him so he didn’t know how to reconcile those two facts.


“I think what Leo is trying to say,” Jed said, standing behind Josh and looping his fingers into Josh’s boxer shorts. “Is that we’d like to play with our sub and one of the ways we’d like to play with him is by giving him a nice, long spanking.” He grinned. “Not for punishment,” he purred, in those low, dark tones he’d used a couple of weeks ago, “but because you’re our toy, Joshua, and it would please us to spank this ass of yours.” And so saying he stripped Josh of his boxer shorts. Josh stepped out of them, flushing slightly to now be completely naked. Jed seemed pleased though, and after throwing Josh’s shorts onto the bed he returned to Josh and touched him lightly again, running his hands over Josh’s arms and then around to his back. He traced a finger down Josh’s spine, ending up at his ass and Josh gave a little squawk as Jed’s hands caressed his buttocks. He stepped forward, surprised.


“Joshua!” Leo’s voice rang out from in front of him. “Your…” He hesitated, glanced at Jed with a mischievous look in his eyes, and then continued, “Master wants to play with his new sub. Stand still and let him.”


“Yes, sir.” Josh swallowed hard. This was the most delicious tension he’d ever experienced in his life. Being made to stand still and accept the most intimate caresses of this man he worshipped, while the other man he worshipped sat and watched. Only his own embarrassment made him want to move away. He took a deep breath and relaxed as Jed continued to fondle his now naked body. He was aware that he was already hard but neither of his new masters commented on that and he didn’t see how that could be anything other than a tribute to them anyway. Jed didn’t touch his cock but he did however caress Josh’s ass for a long time, kneading slapping and generally playing. Josh found he was enjoying himself. He still felt slightly ridiculous but he loved being the centre of their attention and it felt good to be ordered to surrender – it took away his brain’s incessant need to interfere and generally get in the way and put up obstacles. He had to stand still because he had no choice and that meant he got to do what he wanted to do anyway, and didn’t have to angst about it into the bargain because he had no control over what was happening. That was the most liberating feeling he’d ever experienced.


“I think it’s time to spank this ass now,” Jed whispered in his ear and the dark, erotic tone thrilled Josh to his core. He glanced over at Leo, who was still sitting impassively in the armchair, watching everything. It felt twice as erotic knowing that one of these men would spank him while the other watched. “Come with me, Joshua,” Jed invited silkily and Josh swallowed hard and did as ordered. He followed Jed over to the large trunk at the foot of the bed, his arms still tied behind his back. “Kneel down, boy,” Jed said in those same dark, rich tones. Josh sank willingly to his knees and a second later felt Jed’s hand on his hair, caressing him and rewarding him for his instant obedience.


“Here. You’ll need this.” Leo threw Jed a key and Jed missed it – which drew an audible sigh from Leo. Jed grinned and retrieved the key from the floor, then crouched down in front of the chest. He touched it, almost reverently, with his finger in a way that made Josh think that he wasn’t usually allowed to touch it at all, and then glanced at his sub.


“You don’t ever get to touch this trunk, Joshua – understood?” He said.


Josh nodded, his throat going dry.


“Okay, I’m going to show you what’s inside and then we’ll decide which of the many implements that Leo has collected over the past year will make the best impact on your ass.” Jed grinned and Josh had the distinct feeling that he was enjoying himself enormously. He had always known that the President had dramatic tendencies and wasn’t at all surprised to see him imbuing the trunk with this kind of build up. He wondered what Leo was making of Jed’s performance but when he glanced over at the armchair he found Leo’s expression as inscrutable as always.


Jed unlocked the trunk and Josh gazed in something akin to amazement at its contents. The President and Leo had amassed a wide assortment of paddles, straps and crops; Josh had a strange reality check as he wondered how the hell they had bought all this stuff. Clearly the President couldn’t have done the shopping so he guessed that Leo had but even that blew his mind. He wondered briefly if Leo had gone online to purchase these items as he couldn’t ever imagine Leo McGarry standing in a sex shop calmly discussing the merits of a leather paddle over a wooden one with a store assistant.


“Impressed?” Jed asked with a laugh in his voice at the expression in Josh’s eyes.


“You have no idea how impressed,” Josh commented, with a cheeky grin. “Please tell me you didn’t buy these yourself.”


“No, of course not. Leo’s the one who seems to think we need all this stuff,” Jed replied, a note of complaint in his voice. “I don’t know why as his belt does the job quite effectively enough.” He grimaced. “I can only think he just enjoys tormenting me with the sight of some new implement of torture. I think he gets a thrill out of it,” he confided.


“Not nearly as much of a thrill as I get out of putting them to good use,” Leo commented dryly from the armchair. “Josiah – I think it’s time we put the boy out of his misery, don’t you?” He added, nodding in Josh’s direction. Josh, meanwhile, remained utterly transfixed by the sight of the assorted implements in the trunk. He didn’t see any bondage equipment or sex toys and guessed that those didn’t play a part in whatever games the President played with his Chief of Staff on a Friday evening. He wasn’t sure how he felt about that – his own fantasies were liberally peppered with all kinds of equipment but he got the feeling that their own interaction was enough for Leo and Jed – they didn’t need any other kinds of paraphernalia. In fact, Josh doubted that they even needed the contents of this trunk; as Jed had pointed out, Leo’s belt almost certainly did as effective a job as any of these implements and yet…having seen Jed in action, and having noticed the way he liked to push his top, Josh thought he understood why Leo had bought them. It couldn’t be easy mastering someone like Josiah Bartlet, and Leo had clearly decided that he needed more weapons at his disposal than just his own will – fierce and unyielding though Josh suspected that will was. All the same, having something else in his armoury, something that Jed might find visually arresting, had to go some way towards quelling even the most argumentative and teasing of subs.


“Okay – you can choose one and I’ll choose one,” Josiah said, standing back so that Josh could get a good look at the contents of the trunk. “I’ll use them both on your ass so be careful what you choose. Now, I’m going to untie you – are you going to be okay with that?”


Josh nodded, resolving to concentrate on the trunk in front of him and ignore his scar. Jed knelt behind him and quickly removed the tie and Josh gazed at the contents of the trunk like a child in a chocolate factory as he made his decision. He suspected that, unlike Jed, he imbued these implements with a sense of eroticism. He got the feeling that Jed had more of a love/hate relationship with them – he didn’t like the idea that they’d be used on his ass and that he’d have no choice in that, but at the same time he needed Leo to use them. Josh had a different attitude towards his own submission – he wanted it badly and he saw being spanked as part of it; he found the idea of surrendering and allowing his masters to spank him or play with him intensely erotic, no matter how much it might hurt. In fact, the pain rendered his own submission all the more erotic and thrilling because he was offering himself up to this, willingly giving himself to his masters. He suspected that Jed had a different relationship with these implements and his own punishments; he needed them to take him down to a level where he could switch off and enjoy himself, and these crops and paddles and straps helped him get there, but he didn’t like surrendering, didn’t yearn for it the way Josh did. He needed it and wanted it but the process was hard for him. For Josh, the process was everything and he loved the thought of it.


“I’d like this.” Josh reached into the trunk and touched the handle of a shining, sleek, black leather paddle.


“Joshua!” Leo’s voice rang out. “Don’t touch unless you’re given permission,” Leo told him. Josh pulled his hand back as if he’d been stung.


“Sorry, sir,” he said quickly. Jed put a reassuring hand in Josh’s hair and stroked, something he was profoundly grateful for. It was strange how heightened his emotions were in this situation. He wouldn’t normally have found Leo’s sharp tone alarming but kneeling here, butt naked and submissive, everything was different and his own responses and feelings were much more acute.


“Joshua, this paddle has not been a friend to me,” Jed told him, picking up the paddle and waving it in the air in a slightly alarming fashion. “It’s one of Leo’s nastier toys. It stings and it’s heavy. It’s undoubtedly one of the most painful implements in this trunk. You can choose something else if you’d like.”


“No. I’m fine with the paddle,” Josh murmured, colouring slightly. He wanted this to count. Who knew if they’d ever invite him back? He didn’t want to wimp out of any part of this experience.


“Okay.” Jed nodded, placing the paddle on the bed. “Now it’s my turn.” He spent a long time considering the contents of the trunk, until Josh thought he would expire from the sheer tension of the moment. Jed seemed blissfully unaware of his sub’s torment though – or maybe he was just skilfully stoking it up. Jed’s fingers toyed with an extremely nasty looking cane and Josh held his breath…then Jed passed on and his hand alighted instead on a sturdy suede flogger. “I think this will do,” he announced, holding it under Josh’s nose for his inspection. Josh couldn’t help himself – he leaned forward and buried his face in the flogger, inhaling the suede smell, and then he kissed it reverentially. Jed looked both surprised and pleased by his sub’s reaction, but Leo was less impressed.


“Joshua, what part of ‘don’t touch unless you’re given permission’ didn’t you understand?” He asked, standing up and crossing the room towards them. Josh gave a muffled squeak of anxiety, not entirely sure what Leo intended to do to him for his infraction of the rules but Leo just stood in front of him, arms folded across his chest, gazing down on his sub’s sub sternly. Jed put his hand gently in Josh’s hair, and then pulled his head back so that Josh was gazing up at both his masters in a blind panic.


“I think you should answer him,” Jed murmured.


“I’m sorry, sir. I forgot,” Josh said quickly, his voice sounding suspiciously like a squeak to his own ears.


“Is this what you call obedience?” Leo demanded.


“I just forgot!” Josh protested, angry with himself.


“Well, Joshua, we were going to give you a nice, light spanking this first time but as you’ve been disobedient, Josiah will administer ten hard strokes with the paddle to help you remember better in future,” Leo ordered.


Josh felt a thrill start in his stomach and fizz all the way through his body at those words. Leo’s blue eyes were hard and forceful and he felt utterly in thrall to him. Jed’s hand was still entangled in his hair, keeping his head back, and Josh had never felt more ecstatically submissive in his entire life than he did to these two men at this moment in time. It was a good feeling – it was everything he had fantasised about.


“Now – I don’t want to tie you again for this,” Leo said thoughtfully. “But I’m not sure if we can trust you to hold position. So, I’m going to hold you in place while Josiah delivers your punishment.”


Leo sat down on the side of the bed, and glanced at Josh.


“Remove my shoes, Joshua,” he ordered. Jed pushed his sub forward and Josh eagerly removed Leo’s shoes, lingering perhaps a little too long over the shiny black leather as he undid the laces and then slipped them from Leo’s feet. Then Leo arranged some pillows against the headboard and sat back, leaning against them. “Okay – come here, Joshua,” he ordered. Josh got on the bed and knelt between Leo’s open legs, unsure where he should position himself. Leo grabbed a few more pillows and arranged them on his lap, and then he beckoned Josh forward. Josh went, easily submitting to being put into position by the older man. Leo pulled him so that Josh was lying with his head on Leo’s chest, and then Leo wrapped his arms around Josh’s upper body and his ankles around Josh’s legs, effectively imprisoning him. Josh felt uncomfortable – not because of the position itself which was completely relaxing but because the position was so intimate – his own naked body pressed against Leo’s fully clothed one, and Leo’s arms and legs wrapped around his body in such a way as to expose his buttocks for Jed’s attention. More than that though, Josh was profoundly aware of Leo’s proximity – his scent, the feel of his firm body beneath his own, and the warmth of his arms around his torso. He looked up, and found himself gazing into Leo’s stern, blue eyes but he caught an unguarded warmth and affection there that took him by surprise. He managed a weak smile, and Leo grinned back at him.


“Okay there, Joshua?” He asked. Josh nodded, swallowing hard.


“Yes, sir,” he whispered.


“Good. All right, Josiah – he’s all yours.” Leo nodded in the President’s direction and Josh tensed, waiting for the ten hard strokes he’d been told to expect. He was therefore taken completely by surprise to feel the gentle caress of the flogger – swung at nothing like close to full force, merely tickling the surface of his skin. He gave a hiss of surprise and heard Jed laugh behind him.


“I told you last time, Joshua, we’ll go at my pace. I’m in charge of this.”


Josh heard Leo give a grunt and glanced up to find Leo giving Jed a look of approval. Somehow he sensed that this was something that Leo had taught his sub by example. It felt good that he wasn’t being punished immediately – he felt as if he was a much loved plaything, to be stroked and tantalised and thoroughly warmed up before things got more serious. Josh felt himself relaxing into Leo’s arms, reassured that he was in safe hands. Leo’s arms settled around him more firmly – it was thrilling to be so close to this elusive, enigmatic, attractive man and Josh revelled in it. He couldn’t stop himself from pressing his lips against Leo’s shirt and then he froze, wondering if he should have done something so bold without permission although Leo hadn’t specifically made a rule against Josh touching his masters and Josh didn’t think Leo was the kind of top who would punish his subs for something that he hadn’t already made clear was a rule. A second later Leo’s hand moved and stroked his naked back gently and thus reassured that Leo wasn’t angry with him, Josh sighed and relaxed against the other man’s chest again. He heard the flogger rustling once more and then it caressed his buttocks, the suede strands snapping against his flesh, exciting him more than hurting. Jed took his time, but gradually the strokes came down faster, and it was harder for Josh to just lie still under the flogger’s biting caress. He began to moan softly, and moved his legs trying to avoid the flogger’s sting, even as he welcomed it. He had a mental picture of himself, lying on this bed, wrapped in Leo’s arms, with the President standing behind him wielding that flogger on his naked, unprotected ass, and his cock was rigid with arousal at the image. Now the flogging was proceeding in earnest – not hard enough to cause real pain, but hard to bear without moving or moaning all the same.


“I think he’s warmed up enough,” Leo commented after several minutes of this. “I think it’s time to show Joshua what it really means to submit.” And so saying he leaned forward, slid his hands down Josh’s naked body and placed them on Josh’s glowing buttocks, pulling them gently apart. Josh gave a little gasp of anxiety and wriggled, unsure whether he would be able to take this.


“Joshua – trust me,” Leo told him firmly and, looking up into those blue eyes, Josh found that he did. He grasped onto Leo’s hips with his hands, waiting for what he was sure would be the painful sting of the flogger on his anus. A few seconds later he gave a low growl of arousal as the flogger made contact, its fronds snapping against his asshole, sending sparks of sheer sensory pleasure through his body. He looked up at Leo in surprise – he hadn’t expected it to feel so good.


Leo grinned down at him. “I told you to trust me,” he said and Josh grinned back at him and released his sweaty hold on Leo’s waist a fraction as he relaxed. Jed swung the flogger forward again and again and each time it made contact with his anus, making the nerve endings tingle, warming him. He had never expected being whipped on this intimate part of his anatomy to be so arousing and he abandoned himself to the pure joy of it for the next few minutes. It felt so good that he started to writhe, opening up his legs wider to receive the next stinging kiss from the flogger, trying to urge it deeper into his body. He gave a little sigh of regret when the strokes stopped, and Leo released his hold on his buttocks and sat back against the headboard again.


“I think our sub has been rewarded enough,” Leo commented, smoothing Josh’s hair back from his sweaty forehead and looking into his eyes. Josh gazed back, lost in a haze of arousal and endorphins. “I think it’s time he took his punishment now, Josiah,” Leo ordered. Josh tensed, mentally trying to prepare himself for a change in tempo. Leo had promised him ten hard strokes from the paddle and he was sure that was exactly what he would have to endure. He found the idea of being punished by these two men intensely erotic, even though he knew it would hurt, and he took a deep breath and held onto Leo more tightly. Leo wrapped his arms firmly around Josh’s body, readjusting him and getting him back into position, pinning Josh’s legs to the bed with his own again. There was a long silence and Josh looked up into Leo’s eyes for reassurance. Leo gazed back at him impassively, a stern but comforting presence at one and the same time. He nodded at Josh who nodded back and few seconds later he heard a hard thwacking sound of the black paddle impacting on his bare skin and a split second after that he felt a rush of pain in his butt cheeks.


“Shit!” he whispered, as his entire ass felt as if it was on fire.


“I told you this one packs a mighty sting,” Jed commented from behind him.


“I should have listened to you,” Josh grimaced. Leo gave a low chuckle.


“Too late, Joshua,” he grinned.


Josh was about to say something else when the second stroke cracked down and he forgot everything save for the fact that the President was royally paddling his ass while Leo was holding him in place. The next few strokes took his breath away and while he was as aroused as all hell by the situation, it wasn’t easy getting through his punishment all the same. He gave a low growl as the 8th hard swat hit home and looked up at Leo in mute pleading. Leo smiled down at him and moved his hand to brush Josh’s hair away from his forehead. He caressed the side of Josh’s face and Josh lifted his head, wanting, needing that kiss that he’d asked for at the beginning of the session…but Leo put his finger over Josh’s mouth instead.


“Uh-uh, you have to earn that, Joshua,” he said in deep, gravelly tones that made Josh shiver. He moaned again, wriggling as the paddle continued its inexorable work and then, suddenly, it was over. Josh gave a sigh of total abandon, overjoyed and exhilarated by having taken the spanking, the endorphins hitting him in earnest now. Leo released him and he rolled over onto his side, hearing a laugh behind him. Jed dropped down on the bed beside him and Josh gazed up at him, grinning inanely.


“Thank you, Jed,” he whispered, completely blissed out. Jed laughed delightedly, and then he grabbed Josh’s face with his hands and kissed him firmly on the lips. Josh surrendered himself to the kiss; he felt almost boneless as he lay there, just offering himself up. Jed’s lips were insistent on his mouth and Josh opened up, and felt an erotic charge spark through his body as his mouth was firmly and thoroughly plundered by the President’s tongue. Finally, the President drew back, letting them both catch their breath. He leaned delightedly over his sub, grinning happily, clearly incredibly pleased with himself for having brought his sub to this state. Josh grinned back blearily, feeling completely at peace with himself. All the stresses and strains of the past week faded away. He felt lost in the approval of these two men, lost in the joy of surrendering to them, nothing being asked of him except that he be their loving, adoring sub. He didn’t have any responsibilities here – didn’t have to think or question – and it was a relief to have a few hours without any responsibilities. Now he was beginning to understand why their Friday night sessions were so important to them. He had never felt more relaxed, more as if he could float into the air and fly away. The tensions of the week and the threatened nuclear meltdown were now so distant that they could almost have happened to someone else. Josh was suddenly glad that Jed and Leo had this opportunity for release. It had to be good for them to escape into this kind of serenity for at least a few hours every week, to recharge their batteries and just play like this.


Leo swung his legs over the side of the bed and gazed at his two subs for a moment, as if assessing the situation. Jed had one arm slung around Josh and was stroking his sub’s body affectionately. Josh thought that if he continued to do that for much longer than he’d be sure to come and he didn’t want to yet – there was so much more that he was hoping would happen first.


“Joshua – I need you to think about where you go from here,” Leo said.


“What d’you mean, sir?” Josh asked, almost breathlessly, as Jed tweaked one of his nipples gently between his fingers.


“I need to take Josiah down,” Leo said, gazing at Jed firmly.


“Leo! I’m doing fine! I don’t need taking anywhere!” Jed protested.


“Sure you do.” Leo shook his head, an amused twinkle in his eye. “You need to be taken down and then when we’re done we can come back to Joshua and see what he’s decided about what happens next. Joshua – we can take this all the way or you can stop right here. It’s up to you,” Leo said.


Josh suddenly realised what he was talking about. They had discussed how far Josh wanted to go during this session and while Josh had been adamant that there was very little he didn’t want to do, Leo had been more cautious, telling Josh to wait and see how he felt on the night, in case he changed his mind. Josh hadn’t changed his mind though – he wanted to be made love to, to be used as the willing sub he was, and the sooner the better as far as he was concerned.


“Leo, I don’t need to think about this!” He protested. “I want the whole deal.”


“Okay – we’re still in scene time, Joshua so I might choose to punish you for that lapse later,” Leo warned him and Josh realised, too late, that he’d called Leo by his first name. Jed gave a wry chuckle and kneaded Josh’s neck comfortingly, almost conspiratorially, with his hand. “And it’s great that you want to continue but Josiah comes next anyway so you have the time if you need it. Now, I have another question to put to both of you. Joshua – do you want to be present while I work on Josiah? If that isn’t something you want to see then you can go and sit in the bathroom for the next half an hour. If you do stay then I’ll expect your total silence and absolute obedience and I’m not kidding around on this – understood?”


Josh nodded, wide-eyed. “I’d rather stay,” he whispered, feeling another thrill tingle through his body. He wanted to see how this dynamic worked between the President and his Chief of Staff – he found the very idea of this particular role reversal intensely erotic.


“Josiah, are you okay with Joshua watching?” Leo asked the President. Jed grinned, and squeezed Josh’s neck lightly.


“I guess after what I just did to him it’s only fair,” he said, with a wry grimace.


“No, it doesn’t have to happen this way – it’s your decision, Josiah,” Leo told him firmly.


“I’m fine. Honestly, Leo.” Jed shrugged. “We asked him along – we’re not hiding anything we do here and I’m sure it won’t destroy some ‘mythical mystique of the Presidency’ or my own ability to top him if he sees what goes on between us.” He grinned. “Besides – it would be cruel and unnatural punishment indeed to send him to the bathroom for the next half an hour when he’s so clearly panting to see you get mean with me.” He cast a reproachful look at Josh who gave a guilty grin in reply, unable to refute that accusation.


“Okay.” Leo held up his hands. “You both made your decision.”


“What about you?” Josh asked suddenly. “Are you okay with it, sir?” Leo looked surprised to be asked, and considered the question thoughtfully before finally shrugging.


“Sure – I’m fine with it. I think Josiah will give me more trouble because he knows you’re watching, but what the hell.” Leo shrugged. “I can handle everything he wants to throw at me as he knows only too well.” He grinned at Jed who, for the first time, looked a little bit unsure of himself.


“Why, Leo, you make me sound so ornery,” he grumbled.


Leo raised an eyebrow. “I’ll refrain from stating the obvious,” he muttered under his breath. “Anybody need any time out?” He surveyed his two subs who both shook their heads, eager to continue. Josh noted that the President’s eyes were gleaming in anticipation. “Okay – then let’s get started. Josiah – go and face the wall.”


“Why?” Jed protested. “I haven’t done anything yet, Leo!”


“Firstly, I don’t need a reason – you go just because I tell you to go, and secondly, I have plenty of reasons and I’m happy to list them all to you and might do just that while I’m whaling on your ass. Now go,” Leo said firmly. Josh gazed wide-eyed at the pair of them, excited by the power play on show. Jed glared at Leo but got off the bed and did as he was told. It was an incongruous sight – the President of the United States sent to stand in the corner like a little kid, and Josh grinned, enjoying it.


“As for you,” Leo’s baleful glare was pitched in his direction and Josh swallowed hard. “I think this might wipe the smile off your face,” Leo said, reaching into his pocket. He drew out a little chain attached to two small clamps and Josh’s grin faded immediately. He knew what these were although he’d never had any attached to his body before – but they’d certainly featured in his fantasies. “Josiah and I don’t exactly go in for toys as you’ve seen,” Leo said softly. “But I thought that as you’d be joining us it would be nice to have something just for you. Call it a present if you like.” He gave a malicious grin.


“That was so thoughtful of you,” Josh said, wondering if he had gone as pale as he felt. Leo raised an eyebrow. “Sir,” Josh added quickly.


“You’ll wear these while you watch – unless you’d like to rethink the bathroom option?” Leo asked pleasantly. “If you’d prefer to sit in there, then I’ll spare you these.”


“That’s just mean!” Josh protested, suddenly understanding why Leo was so confident that he could handle Jed – Leo was too damn good a top for even the President of the United States to get away with anything while he was in charge of the proceedings.


“It is. Yes.” Leo smiled serenely. “But every pleasure has its price, Joshua. So you either wear these while I work on Josiah, or you go and sit in the bathroom. What’s it to be?”


Josh gazed at the nipple clamps thoughtfully – he wasn’t sure how much they’d hurt, but Leo had bought them just for him and that of and by itself was a turn on for him. He wasn’t seriously weighing up this decision – nothing was going to stop him witnessing the President being taken down by his Chief of Staff tonight. Nothing!


“I’ll wear the clamps, sir,” he replied.


“Good boy.” Leo nodded approvingly. “Josiah – head back to face the wall,” he added smoothly. Leo had his back to the President so Josh had no idea how he had known that Jed, hearing their conversation and unable to resist seeing what was going on, had turned his head to see what Leo was holding in his hand. “Come here, Joshua,” Leo said, going over to the armchair and sitting down. Josh climbed off the bed, still feeling high on endorphins and followed Leo obediently to the chair. Leo clicked his fingers and pointed and Josh knelt in front of him. Leo leaned forward and stroked Josh’s nipples gently with his fingers which felt very nice until Josh realised that Leo was only doing that to make them stiffen into hard points, at which time he moved in with the clamps and a second later Josh felt a painful pinching sensation in one nipple and a second later in the other too.


“Ow…shit!” He complained. Leo surveyed him dispassionately.


“Sure you don’t want to rethink the bathroom option?” He asked. Josh bit down on his lip. The clamps were pinching but they weren’t very severe and the initial pain was already receding a little – he thought he could bear wearing them for awhile.


“No, sir,” he shook his head. “I’ll stay.”


“Good boy.” Leo smiled at him affectionately and Josh felt as if the sun had come out and shone just for him – Leo’s praise, whether in the office or in here, was something he could never get enough of. Leo caressed the side of Josh’s cheek with his hand and Josh leaned forward hopefully, wondering if he’d earned that kiss yet. Leo laughed and tapped his forehead reprovingly. “Not yet, Joshua,” he said, accurately guessing what was going through Josh’s mind. “Now, I want you to come here.” He gestured to a spot next to his right knee, “and stay kneeling. If you get tired, just sit back for a bit and then kneel again when you’re comfortable but don’t move from this spot or there will be trouble.” Josh nodded, taking up position as ordered. From this position he could see everything that was going on in the room. He wondered whether Leo would mind if he rested against Leo’s thigh, wanting to be as close to his master as possible. He tried leaning in to see what would happen – only to find a fistful of his hair grabbed by an irate hand, and his head yanked back. “If you want to ask for something then ask,” Leo told him dangerously.


“Uh, can’t I just…?” Josh bit his tongue because it sounded so absurd but Leo’s grip didn’t falter and those blue eyes were boring holes into him. “Put my chin on your leg?” Josh finished, wishing the ground would open up and swallow him. God this was embarrassing!


“Sure you can. Just remember to ask next time you want something,” Leo told him, much to Josh’s relief. He released Josh’s hair and then gave him a gentle warning swat on the side of his head. Josh found himself grinning ridiculously as he tentatively placed his chin on Leo’s knee – he grinned even more broadly when Leo’s hand came to rest on his head, and caressed him absently.


“Okay, Josiah – I think it’s time you got undressed,” Leo said. Josh thought that Jed was like a wind up toy – the moment you pressed his button he just sprang into life, full of energy. He turned around with a grin and began undoing his shirt, talking non-stop as he went.


“I was thinking that as we have Joshua here we shouldn’t waste too much time on me, Leo. I know you talk as if I need some kind of big scene here but I really don’t – I’ve had a good week – okay, a stressful week, but it ended up pretty damn good.” He grinned at Leo. “It all worked out in the end so I don’t have any of those, you know, issues to deal with that I sometimes have. I’m not depressed about how it went and…”


“Josiah – I told you to get undressed, not to give a speech,” Leo interrupted. Josh held his breath – he couldn’t imagine anyone talking to the President like this but somehow in this room, with these two men, it seemed entirely natural. Jed stopped in mid-flow and gave Leo a disgruntled look.


“Okay, so I know I forgot to call you sir a few times this evening, but I’m just in high spirits. I saved the world today, Leo! Anyone would be in high spirits. And then Josh took care of everything so brilliantly while we were…”


“Okay that’s enough.” Leo got to his feet and Jed stopped in mid-sentence. Leo walked over to him and, for the first time, Josh saw real concern in Jed’s eyes. He was biting on his lip and looked very uncertain about what Leo was going to do to him. “What’s rule number one, Josiah?” Leo said with a sigh, as if this was something he had to remind the President about extremely frequently.


“Oh for god’s sake, Leo! I know what the rules are. I was just mentioning it in passing to explain…”


“What’s rule number one?” Leo asked again, in a low, deadly voice. Josh felt his fingernails biting into his flesh as he clenched his fists. He wanted to scream at Jed not to push this when Leo was in such a dangerous mood but somehow he had the feeling that Jed needed to push Leo and also that he also needed Leo to stand firm. The dynamic between them was incredibly powerful and deeply charged.


“Not to talk about work. Sir,” Jed sighed.


“Okay. Now finishing undressing – in silence please,” Leo ordered. Jed rolled his eyes and fumbled with his cufflinks, but, to Josh’s surprise, he saw that Jed’s hands were shaking slightly and he couldn’t complete the task. Leo took his wrists wordlessly in his hands, and removed the cufflinks, although Josh noticed that he took his time about the task, and his fingers soothed Jed’s wrists comfortingly as he worked. Leo took the cufflinks, walked over to the bed, and placed them in a little porcelain pot on the nightstand. Jed watched his every movement…and when Leo removed his own cufflinks and placed them in the pot and then began rolling up his sleeves, the attention of both his subs was focussed fully on him. Josh watched, transfixed, as Leo undid the top button of his shirt, and then went over to the trunk and, after surveying the contents thoughtfully for a moment, retrieved a flat, hard, wooden paddle which he slapped against his hand a couple of times. Josh glanced back towards Jed who also seemed pretty transfixed by the sight. Leo looked at the paddle and then at Jed, and that galvanised Jed into finishing undressing hurriedly, a shade of anxiety in his expression.


Josh found that his attention was now fully focussed on Jed – the President might have been several years older than he was, but he was a handsome, well-built man and Josh felt a rush of attraction as he surveyed him in all his naked glory. Leo seemed to take a moment or two to savour the sight as well, and then he walked slowly back towards his sub, slapping the paddle against his hand as he went. Jed watched him out of defiant eyes right up until the moment Leo stood in front of him, and then he dropped his gaze.


“I’m sorry, Leo,” he murmured, in tones almost too low for Josh to hear. “I really am. I don’t know why I get this way.”


“Turn around and face the wall, Josiah. Put your hands against it – butt out,” Leo ordered, ignoring the apology. Jed sighed, and, very slowly, turned and did as ordered. Josh felt a thrill tingle through his entire body. This was getting really hot – the exchange of power between the two men was so charged as to be almost visible and he found it unbearably erotic. The dull throbbing his nipples was now matched by the ache in his extremely hard cock.


“So…” Leo said softly, standing very close to the President. “You saved the world today, huh?”


“Yeah,” Jed’s voice had a definite grin in it. Leo took a step back and brought the paddle down smartly across the President’s ass. It was just a hard tap, not a proper stroke, but Jed jumped all the same, clearly startled.


“Damnit, Leo. I wish you’d give me some warning when you’re going to do that,” he snapped tersely.


“I don’t give you warnings, Josiah. I give you orders, and instructions,” Leo replied calmly. He put a hand on Jed’s back and stroked softly. “Do you know how many times you’ve failed to address me properly this evening, Josiah?”


“No, but I bet you’ve been counting,” Jed griped. Leo swatted him lightly with the paddle again and Jed gave a little growl.


“I have, but that isn’t important because I’m going to give you many, many more strokes than that,” Leo promised.


“You weren’t this mean to Josh,” Jed complained.


“That’s because Joshua doesn’t give me the trouble you do. Now, I want you to kneel down and beg me very nicely to deliver your spanking,” Leo said. Jed’s face was a picture as he spun around and gazed at his top incredulously.


“You want me to beg, Leo?” He asked, in what sounded to Josh very much like a presidential tone of voice. He clenched his fists again, wondering if Leo had gone too far, or crossed some invisible line.


“Yes, Josiah. I want you to get down on your knees and beg me to punish you. I want you to list all your transgressions and I want you to ask me to spank you for them, extremely hard,” Leo said, not giving an inch. Jed’s mouth settled into a straight, determined line.


“Leo, if you want to punish me then go right ahead but don’t damn well expect me to ask for it,” he snapped.


“Okay.” Leo nodded amiably and Jed glared at him, his eyes narrowing, clearly expecting some kind of trick.


“Okay?” He questioned uncertainly.


“Sure. Okay. Joshua, will you come here please,” Leo ordered. Josh got to his feet, startled to be included in this – Jed was just as surprised too judging by the look on his face.


“Josiah – I gave you an instruction and you refused to obey me. As a punishment, you will kneel and ask Joshua if you can give him a massage,” Leo said.


Josh froze, suddenly wishing the ground would open up and swallow him whole.


“Joshua is my sub. You’re asking me to kneel in front of him?” Jed asked dangerously.


“And ask to give him a massage, yes.” Leo nodded pleasantly. “When you’re done with that, maybe you’ll then obey my original instruction and kneel down in front of me and ask me to spank you,” he said. Jed gave a low growl of annoyance.


“Leo, if I’m not going to kneel down and ask you to spank me, what on earth makes you think I’m going to kneel in front of him and ask to massage him?” He said.


“Because if you don’t, I’m going to give Joshua this paddle and allow him to deliver your spanking instead,” Leo said. It was, Josh thought, a masterly stroke. Jed’s eyes bulged for a moment and then narrowed.


“You wouldn’t,” he said softly. Leo raised an eyebrow.


“Wouldn’t I?” He replied.


There was a tense silence. Josh gazed from one man to the other wondering what was going to happen. It was obvious to him that Leo was bluffing – he suspected that Leo would never let anyone but himself lay a finger on the President. He was surprised that Jed didn’t know that – but then, on the other hand, Leo had an excellent poker face, and his expression at the moment was masterfully unreadable.


“You’re bluffing,” Jed said, but he didn’t sound so sure.


“Am I?” Leo smacked the paddle down on his hand thoughtfully.


Josh could almost see Jed’s thought processes playing out on his face. Indecision warred with need, and through it all Leo remained totally implacable, completely in control of the situation. Josh held his breath, hoping, desperately, that Jed would make the right decision. He didn’t know what Leo would do if Jed pushed him on this – while he was 100% sure that Leo wouldn’t give him the paddle and allow him to touch the President, it had been a huge risk on Leo’s part to suggest it as his authority would obviously take a massive tumble if he didn’t follow through on his threat. If Leo was aware of how big a risk it was it didn’t show on his face – he looked calm, determined and utterly masterful as he waited.


“You know, I think you are bluffing,” Jed said.


“Okay. Joshua, take the paddle.” Leo handed it to Josh who took it, his throat dry, wondering what was going to happen next. “You haven’t ever used one of these have you, Joshua?” Leo asked. Josh shook his head, numbly. “Okay – I’m going to show you how to use it. Josiah, put your hands against the wall so that Josh can give you a few practice swats before we get going.”


Jed stood there, struggling with the order he had been given. ”Leo…” he whispered.


“Face the wall, Josiah,” Leo said implacably. The two men stared at each other for several seconds and Josh could feel a sweat breaking out all over his body. This was so hot and so tense that he wasn’t sure that he could bear it; it was a game of brinkmanship between Jed and Leo – and Jed crumbled first.


“Damn it, Leo,” he snapped. “Damn it, damn it, damn it. Okay. You win, Leo!”


With a bitter expression on his face, he got down on his knees – but in front of Leo and not in front of Josh. Josh realised that Jed was still trying to play Leo and he could have groaned out loud; he knew that Leo wouldn’t let the President get away with this. There was a tension in the room that you could cut with a knife as Jed looked up at Leo and then ground out:


“Please, sir, I’d like you to spank me.”


“I’m sorry, Josiah – it’s too late for that. First you have a punishment to perform,” Leo said pleasantly, putting an arm around Josh’s shoulders and taking the paddle from him. “Ask nicely, Josiah,” he ordered. Jed gave Leo a look of mute pleading which Leo cheerfully ignored. “Quickly, Josiah, or I’ll give Joshua the paddle again,” he said.


Jed took a deep breath, and then turned slightly so that he was now kneeling in front of Josh – who was suddenly aware that the President of the United States was naked and prostrate on the floor in front of him. He swallowed hard, grateful for Leo’s reassuring arm around his shoulders.


“Uh…Joshua…would you like a massage?” Jed said, his words hard and clipped.


“Oh, I think you can ask better than that, Josiah.” Leo smiled pleasantly. Jed shot him an extremely bitter look and took a deep breath. Josh watched, fascinated by the struggle that was playing out in front of him. Jed closed his eyes for a moment and then opened them and tried again.


“Please can I massage you, Joshua?” He asked softly. Leo nodded approvingly.


“Joshua is forbidden to speak at the moment but I’m sure he’s very pleased to accept,” he said on Josh’s behalf. “Go and lie face down on the bed, Joshua,” he ordered, tapping Josh’s ass affectionately. Josh hurried to obey, and a few seconds later he felt the bed dip, and then felt the warmth of Jed’s thighs straddling his body. He looked around to see Leo watching approvingly from the armchair and then two strong hands descended on his back and began rubbing some kind of musky scented lotion into his skin. Josh almost purred with pleasure – and glanced at Leo in surprise.


“I know,” Leo said, accurately interpreting the look. “Josiah is extremely good at this. You’re very lucky to be on the receiving end of one of his massages, Joshua. Enjoy it.”


Josh nodded, and closed his eyes, resting his head on his hands. Leo wasn’t wrong! Jed’s big hands devoured all the knots in his shoulders, finding kinks he hadn’t even known had been there and straightening them out efficiently and pleasurably. Who would ever have guessed that the President of the United States was such a skilled masseur? Josiah might have been ordered to do this but there was nothing half-hearted about the massage he gave to his sub. In fact, within a few minutes he was humming as he went about his work, so Josh thought that his master was enjoying himself, however difficult it had been for him to have to make the offer to his sub.


Josh found himself moaning softly in pleasure as the President massaged him tenderly and intimately. The atmosphere in the room seemed almost profound and he wanted that massage to last forever. Not even the slight nagging discomfort of the nipple clamps could detract from the pleasure of it. He was surprised to feel Jed’s lips trail a path down his spine, and the President took a long time massaging his still tingling backside, nudging impertinently between his butt cheeks in a way that made him long to feel something bigger and harder in that area of his anatomy.


Then it was over, and Josh felt as if he was a boneless heap of jelly, completely zoned out by the experience. He sensed that the atmosphere in the room had changed; Jed seemed much calmer now, as if he was well on his way to his own submission – although it hadn’t been an easy path.


“All done,” Jed murmured, resting a hand tenderly in Josh’s hair. He leaned forward and bestowed a kiss on Josh’s head and Josh smiled happily.


“Thank you…Master,” Josh whispered to Jed, sitting up. Jed flashed him a delighted smile and while Leo gave them both a disapproving frown he didn’t say anything, so Josh was pretty sure that he wasn’t too unhappy that his newest sub had spoken without permission.


“Come here, Josiah.” Leo beckoned and Jed took a deep breath, got to his feet, walked over to where Leo was standing and then sank down on his knees without being prompted.


“I’m sorry, sir,” he said in tones of the utmost respect. “I’ve been insolent and disobedient all evening. Please punish me hard, sir.”


Josh noticed the little grin that tugged at the corners of Leo’s mouth. Leo tapped Jed on the head and then helped him get to his feet again.


“Thank you, Josiah,” he said softly, and then, much to Josh’s surprise and intense jealousy, he pulled Jed close, took his face in his hands, and kissed him passionately on the lips. Jed moaned and leaned into Leo, melting against him. His hands went around Leo’s body and Leo’s hands dropped down to cup Jed’s ass. Josh gazed at them, transfixed, wanting nothing more than to be part of that loving tableau but knowing it wasn’t his turn and that this was between Leo and Jed. Then, finally, Leo released his sub. He gazed at Jed fondly, caressing his face with his hand.


“You’ve done very well, Josiah. I’m proud of you,” he said and Josh saw that same look on Jed’s face that he knew he sometimes wore whenever Leo praised him. He felt a warm glow of happiness, knowing exactly how Jed felt right now.


“Remove my belt, Josiah,” Leo told his sub. Jed nodded, and unbuckled Leo’s belt, drew it from its loops, and then handed it to his top. Leo took it, and doubled it over in his hand. Jed took a deep breath, but he seemed much more relaxed than he had been earlier – he was less jumpy and seemed, if not resigned, then at least accepting of his fate. “Go and lie on the bed,” Leo ordered. Jed swallowed hard and then turned – but Leo pulled him back. “It’s going to be okay,” he whispered, caressing the President’s arm affectionately. Jed nodded, managing a small smile although he still looked as if he was operating in a total fog right now. “Joshua – kneel on the floor beside the bed,” Leo ordered. Josh did as he was told and his position on the bed was taken by Jed, who laid face down, arranging a pillow under his body so that his ass was lifted up invitingly to his top for punishment.


Leo took up position beside the bed and trailed the belt languorously over Jed’s body for several long minutes. Josh watched as Jed visibly relaxed, his limbs becoming looser – and then Leo began to tap. He just flicked the belt at first, snapping it at regular intervals over Jed’s entire body but just enough to warm the skin, not enough to hurt. Then he began to concentrate more on Jed’s ass, and the taps became harder – until finally he was swatting the President’s buttocks in earnest.


“Okay, Josiah, what is this for?” Leo asked as he worked. The President made a little face, but he spoke up quickly enough.


“For forgetting how to address you, sir; for being insolent towards you, sir. For disobedience. For forgetting —ahh — the rules, sir,” he said. “More than once, sir,” he added, with a sigh.


“All right, Josiah – brace yourself,” Leo said and then he brought the belt down much harder, with a resounding crack. Josh winced but Jed’s reaction was a complete surprise. He gave a low, growling roar at the back of his throat, sounding like a wounded lion. His hands wrapped themselves into fists and he grabbed the pillow he was resting his head on and tore at it. His low roar became louder and louder, and his entire body was thrashing and flailing as if he was fighting some kind of struggle with himself. Josh looked at Leo, alarmed, but Leo didn’t seem too concerned so he guessed that maybe this was all part of the process of getting the President to where he both needed and wanted to be. “Let it go, Josiah – don’t hold anything back just because Joshua is watching,” Leo said in a steady, warning tone of voice.


Jed was silent for a moment, as if processing this instruction as Leo continued to rain down those hard strokes on his ass, and the, gradually, Jed started becoming more and more vocal, until he was yelling and roaring at the top of his voice. Josh watched, startled, wondering at the internal battle the President must be fighting with himself, and then, suddenly, everything changed; the roar turned into a mewling, keening sound, low and almost melodious and Jed stopped kicking around on the bed. His movements slowed and he began moaning softly. His eyes were closed and he looked so vulnerable that Josh couldn’t stop himself; he reached forward, and gently stroked the President’s hair, and then began covering the older man’s face with reassuring kisses. Leo’s arm didn’t falter and he didn’t reprimand Josh either so he continued what he was doing, soothing and comforting the President until some kind of dam broke, and Jed stopped fighting altogether. Leo’s strokes were becoming fewer and further between and less forceful in intensity, and then they stopped completely. Jed opened his eyes and Josh found himself gazing into their violet-blue depths. The President looked hazy and serene, a blissed-out smile on his lips.


Leo put the belt down on the dresser and came to sit on the bed beside the President. He stroked Jed’s hair and Jed gazed up at him with a look that could only be described as adoring.


“Thank you,” he murmured.


“You’re welcome,” Leo replied, bending forward to kiss Jed’s lips again. Josh felt that familiar surge of jealousy – Jed had kissed him and Leo had kissed Jed but so far Leo hadn’t given Josh the kiss he wanted so much.


“And thank you,” Jed said, gazing at Josh. Leo smiled down at his two subs with an affectionate look on his face.


“Joshua did very well too,” he said approvingly. “I like what you did there.” He reached out and caressed Josh’s face. “I think you’ve earned that reward I promised you earlier.”


Josh looked up, unable to hide the eagerness in his eyes, and Leo laughed at him.


“On your feet – both of you. Josiah, I want you to stand behind Joshua and put your arms around his waist. Keep him still.”


“Yes, sir.” Jed rolled off the bed and got into position behind Josh, who stood still, wondering what was going to happen.


“Okay…” Leo said softly, standing in front of Josh and gazing at him with that intense, blue-eyed stare. “There’s something you should know about these clamps, Joshua.” He put his fingers on each of Josh’s clamped nipples. “They hurt a lot more coming off than they did going on. Ready?”


Josh gazed back at his top, took a deep breath, and then nodded. He was grateful for Jed’s arms around him, holding him in position. Then Leo’s fingers moved and the clamps were gone. There was a split second in which he felt nothing and then he was assaulted by a wave of pain – which he barely noticed at all because at that precise moment in time Leo leaned forward, took Josh’s face firmly in his hands, and kissed his lips. Josh moaned, sagging forward into Leo’s embrace. Leo’s tongue pressed against his lips, demanding entrance, and Josh opened his mouth eagerly, allowing Leo inside.


Jed’s lips had been soft and sensual, full of affection; his essence had been that of a crashing wave on the seashore, a natural force of boundless energy. Leo’s lips were harder and more demanding, and Josh had the sense of a tightly contained fire, a volcano simmering a long way beneath a seemingly serene surface. He felt as if he was falling into the depths of that fire, burning up from the force of that intense, exploratory kiss, and, when at last he was released, Josh knew the answer to the question that had been troubling him for so long; Leo wanted him here as much as the President did and Leo felt about him as strongly as the President did, even if he took great care not to show it. While Josh could never hope to mean as much to them as they did to each other, they both, in their own way, loved and wanted him. Thank god for Jed’s strong hands holding him up or Josh was sure he would have fallen as that realisation swept through him.


Finally, after several long seconds, Leo released him. Josh hung in Jed’s arms, panting, completely lost in a haze of total pleasure, endorphins racing through his body.


“Okay?” Leo asked softly, caressing Josh’s face with his fingers. “Was that what you wanted, Josh?”


“Oh god yes,” Josh breathed. “Thank you, sir.”


“You’re welcome,” Leo smiled, still caressing his exhausted sub affectionately. The mask of the consummate top slipped for just a moment and Josh caught a glimpse of the man beneath, and understood something he hadn’t before; this was where Leo got the most intense satisfaction – in understanding his subs, in giving them what they needed, and by getting the timing just right so that he had them stoked to the heights of expectation before he gave them what they wanted. The entire contents of that trunk, the rules, the demands for obedience, the physical punishments and all the mind games hadn’t been about Leo getting off on being in charge or having power over the other two men in this room. No, this entire evening had been about Leo serving them more completely and more humbly than they could ever hope to serve him. Josh felt completely bowled over by that realisation and he desperately wanted to give something back to this amazing man standing in front of him.


“Sir – can we do something for you now?” He asked, and Jed seemed to understand how he was feeling because he let go of Josh’s waist and slipped forward to stand beside him.


“Yes, sir…we want to do something for you,” Jed said, reaching out to unbutton Leo’s shirt. Leo gave a smile and opened his arms wide.


“By all means. Now that both my subs are looking so peaceful and contented, I think it’s time that we took this to another level,” he said. Josh grinned and knelt at Leo’s feet and undid his pants while Jed took care of his shirt and then they both swarmed over Leo, divesting him of socks, pants and briefs and tumbled him, naked, onto the bed.


Leo laughed out loud as he surrendered to their insistent hands as they kissed and caressed their master. Then, as if by unspoken agreement, Jed took up position behind Leo, and placed those large, strong hands of his on his top’s shoulders. Leo gave a deep sigh and leaned back against the President. Jed nodded to Josh, who knelt between Leo’s open legs.


“Do you have any objections, sir?” Jed whispered in Leo’s ear. Leo gave an amused sigh.


“I don’t think you two would take any notice if I did,” he said.


Josh gave a broad grin and then, as if on cue, the President began massaging Leo’s shoulders while Josh dipped his head forward and took Leo’s cock in his mouth. Josh could feel Leo’s entire body relaxing into the bed as both his subs worked on him zealously. Josh loved giving oral sex and it meant all the more to him to be able to perform this intimate service to Leo. Leo sighed and leaned back against the President, whose strong hands were caressing and massaging him in equal measure. Both subs worked slowly on their top, pouring every ounce of their devotion into their work, and they were rewarded when Leo unwound even more, and began to make small sounds of arousal in the back of his throat. Josh loved the feel of his top’s eager cock in his mouth and he played with it for a long time, sucking and licking, before finally deep-throating Leo in a move that took his top by surprise. He heard Leo’s startled murmur and grinned to himself, continuing with his entirely pleasurable work until he felt Leo coming in his throat. He kept his position, wanting to swallow every drop of his top’s come and then, when Leo was done, he pulled back, grinning inanely in the knowledge of a good job well done. Leo rolled his eyes at him.


“I don’t think I really need to tell you how good that was, do I?” He grinned.


“No,” Josh said modestly, laughing.


“I will anyway – it was damn good,” Leo said, tousling his youngest sub’s hair. “Okay, Joshua…that was extremely nice, but now I think it’s time we played with our toy some more. Are you up for that?”


Josh nodded, gazing from Leo to Jed and back to Leo again.


“All right – he’s all yours, Master Jed,” Leo said with a slight smirk. Jed looked like a man utterly at peace with himself. It seemed to Josh that he was almost shining with contentment – a man completely comfortable in his own skin and Josh had a full realisation of just why these Friday night sessions were so good for the President. No wonder he always looked so relaxed, rested and in tune with his Chief of Staff on a Saturday morning.


Leo handed Jed condoms and lube, and Josh watched, silently, waiting for the moment when he could finally surrender to them both, totally and absolutely.


“On your hands and knees, Joshua, facing me,” Leo ordered. Josh did as he was told, and Jed disappeared behind him. A few seconds later he felt his ass cheeks being parted and then a cool, lubed finger was slipped inside him. He gasped, and Leo took his face in his hands and gently stroked the hair from his forehead.


“You’ve been so good tonight, Joshua,” he murmured, and Josh felt another finger slipping inside him. He opened his legs wider, and pushed back on those questing fingers, wanting more, but Jed went slowly, playing with him for several minutes before finally withdrawing his fingers. Leo put his hands on Josh’s nipples and began rubbing the sensitive nubs into little points. Josh sighed, loving the sensation, and then he felt Jed’s hard cock enter him from behind. He moaned in pleasure, bucking back against the President and as he did so Leo knelt up in front of him, pushing Josh’s hands away from the bed, so that they were all kneeling upright, Josh in the middle like the filling in a sandwich. Leo pressed his lips against Josh’s mouth, claiming another kiss, while Jed thrust into Josh from behind, slowly, carefully, tantalisingly. Josh thought he was drowning in a sea of the most intensely pleasurable bliss as too many wonderful things were being done to his body at the same time. Leo’s fingers continued to caress his nipples while his mouth plundered Josh’s mouth, claiming and insistent, and Jed moved in and out of his ass with rhythmic thrusts. Then Leo’s hand moved lower and, while still kissing Josh’s mouth, he took hold of his cock and pumped it hard. Josh was lost now – he didn’t know where he ended and they began. Every single nerve ending in his body was exploding in starbursts of pure white light. He didn’t know how long that moment went on for but it felt like all eternity as he was so tenderly caressed and made love to. Then his body was consumed with what felt like white fire, and everything was happening at once. He could feel himself coming over and over again into Leo’s hand, could feel Jed still inside him, could feel Leo’s tongue in his mouth and then he was collapsing against Leo, utterly and completely sated, every pleasure point in his body overloaded.


There was darkness for a long time. He was dimly aware of being laid gently on the bed, and then two bodies were pressed against his, stroking and holding him. He could hear voices, but wasn’t sure what they were saying. He was too completely jellified to move.


He thought maybe he slept – certainly he was aware of some time passing – and then someone was nudging him and offering him a glass of water. He gulped it down greedily and then looked up into Jed’s amused blue eyes.


“Okay there, Josh?” Jed asked, grinning at him.


“Dunno. What?” Josh frowned, squinting up at him.


“Poor kid – he’s had way too much excitement for one day,” Leo’s voice commented from behind him.


“Yeah, well, that’s what happens when you play with the big boys,” Jed grinned. “You know what, Leo, we old guys have a lot more stamina than these young kids.”


“Well, I don’t know about that…” A hand insinuated itself between his thighs and he felt his cock spring into life again in response.


“Hey!” Josh protested lazily.


His ass was slapped affectionately from behind. “Plaything,” Leo reminded him.


He grinned and then he started to laugh, blushing to the tips of his ears. “Yeah,” he agreed, loving the idea that he was exactly that right now.


“So,” Jed commented. “You want to come again, Josh?”


“Oh god yes!” Josh replied.


“Uh, I think he was asking if you wanted to join us again the Friday after next,” Leo clarified.


“Oh – yeah, that too!” Josh said, grinning. “If you want me,” he added, turning anxiously to look into Leo’s blue eyes. Leo glanced at Jed over Josh’s shoulder.


“Well, I don’t know. Do we, Josiah?” He asked.


“Oh, I think that after tonight Joshua Lyman is now a fully paid up member of the Friday Night Club,” Jed replied, lazily stroking the back of Josh’s neck.


Josh felt himself giggling in a totally ridiculous way, utterly relaxed in the company of these two wonderful men he adored, who had just spent the entire evening doing such delicious things to his body. They spent another hour making love more slowly, and then, at some point during the middle of the night, they all fell into a deep, satisfying sleep, a tumble of tangled limbs and tousled hair in the huge bed.


Saturday Morning


Josh woke to find Leo already washed and dressed. He was busy replacing the implements in the trunk and he looked like Leo McGarry again, and not the forceful, amazing top that Josh had spent the previous night with.


“Well, sleepy head. Nice to see you’re still with us,” Leo commented. “Hold out your hand.” Josh did as ordered, and Leo dropped the nipple clamps into it. “You keep them. I bought them for you. If you want me to use them on you again then bring them to the next session,” Leo told him.


“They hurt,” Josh commented, gazing at the innocent-looking and yet wicked silver clamps. Leo grinned.


“Yeah. So you’ll be bringing them again?” He raised an eyebrow.


“Yeah.” Josh grinned back.


“I thought so. Listen, Josh – Jed’s finishing in the shower. We’re in a weird space here and now. We’re not in scene time but not back to normal either. Why don’t you get washed and dressed and then we’ll go back to our everyday lives.”


Josh ran his hand through his hair and gazed around the room. There was little trace of what had gone on the previous night – Leo seemed to have cleared it all up.


“Josh?” Leo was gazing at him and he guessed that he looked a little lost in his memories.


“It was fantastic, Leo. I’m just making the most of the last few minutes. I feel like I don’t want it to end.”


“It was pretty good.” Leo smiled.


At that moment the bathroom door opened and Jed walked into the room. He was fully dressed and smelled of cologne and toothpaste.


“Good morning, Josh!” He said breezily. “Hey, Leo – your belt’s over here.” He picked up Leo’s belt from the dresser where he’d put it the night before. Leo held out a hand for it, but Jed batted it away, and threaded it through Leo’s pants himself. “See, I told you that you didn’t need anything more than this in order to succeed in your evil quest for world domination,” Jed teased as he buckled the belt around Leo’s waist.


“Oh, I know that,” Leo replied. “I don’t even need this to keep you in line, Josiah Bartlet. I could do it without anything at all.”


Jed glanced at him, a surprised look in his eyes as if he hadn’t realised that before and Josh wanted to laugh out loud. Jed was such an innocent and had so little understanding of his own needs, while Leo, luckily, had every understanding of them. They made such a great team.


“Hmph,” Jed commented, looking a little put out. Leo laughed at him and gave him a quick kiss on the lips.


Josh watched, fascinated by the interaction between the two men. As Leo had said, they were in a weird place right now – full of intimacy but without the scene structure of the previous evening. Josh liked it; it felt like a lazy, peaceful, connected place to be. Jed turned to him and frowned.


“Time for you to get up, lazybones – the bathroom’s free.”


“Hey, don’t playthings get a lie in?” Josh groaned, flopping back onto the bed and pulling the sheet over his head. A few seconds later it was ripped mercilessly from his body and two strong sets of arms pulled him bodily from the bed and shoved him in the general direction of the bathroom.


“No, they don’t,” Jed told him firmly. “Not while we’re in charge anyway.” Leo gave him a sharp swat on the backside to reinforce that message and speed him on his way and he went, laughing. He took a quick shower, shaved, and returned to the other room to get dressed. Leo and Jed were helping each other to put their cufflinks on, their two heads close together, their bodies pressed against each other, utterly at ease with one another. Josh felt a tiny pang. He thought he belonged here with them; he hoped he did. Leo finished with the cufflinks and turned to glance in Josh’s direction.


“You done?”


“Yeah.” Josh sighed. “Can I just say thanks again? Last night was incredible.”


“Yes it was,” Jed agreed. He crossed the room and tousled Josh’s hair affectionately. “See you in a couple of weeks, Joshua.”


“Yes, Jed.” Josh smiled.


“And you, Mr. McGarry, sir.” Jed pressed a kiss to Leo’s cheek and then exited the room, closing the door behind him. Josh watched him go with another sigh. Leo came over and straightened Josh’s tie, looking him in the eye as he did so.


“Okay, Josh. Now, when we go out of the door we’re back to normal. You understand? You’ll be Josh Lyman again, my Deputy Chief of Staff, and I’ll be Leo McGarry, your boss; and he will most definitely be Jed Bartlet, President of the United States. We have whole other lives out there.”


“Yes. I know that, Leo.” Josh gave a wistful sigh.


“It works best this way, Joshua,” Leo told him firmly, emphasising the use of his scene name.


“Yeah. I can see that.” Josh nodded. “But two weeks seem like a very long time right now.”


“I know. Here’s something to keep you going in the meantime.” Leo pulled his deputy’s head towards him, and kissed Josh firmly on the lips. It was a sweet, tender kiss, tasting of toothpaste and that special Leo fire, with just a hint of command. “See you in two weeks, Joshua,” Leo said softly, before turning on his heel and walking out of the door.


Josh remained where he had been standing and pressed his fingers wonderingly against his lips where he had been so expertly and lovingly kissed.


“See you in two weeks, sir,” he said softly to Leo’s departing back, and then, with one last, lingering look around the room, he followed the President of the United States and his Chief of Staff out of the door and back into their everyday lives.


The End



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