The Test


Summary: Sequel to Oxford. Mulder and Skinner have trouble adapting to their new relationship. Mulder needs limits, and Skinner needs to take some advice from Mulder’s old mentor. Very long, and exceedingly painful…(whether that refers to the punishment or the story I’ll leave for you to decide!)

Fandom:   X-Files

Pairing:   Skinner/Mulder

Genre:   Slash

Characters:   Mulder, Skinner

Story Type:   Spanking

Rated:   PG

Spoilers:   None

Warnings:   None

Series:   Oxford

Word Count:   22,030

Chapters:   1

Published:   N/K

Notes:   This story is a New Year present for Brown Eyed Girl, Cadillac Red, Dianne, Mangst, Mudsprite, and Xraycat. Thank you for all the wonderful stories you wrote during 1998.I hope you enjoy this one. I packed as much in as I could. Many thanks to Mudsprite for beta reading.



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