The Wall


The Wall


Summary: When one of Skinner’s old Vietnam buddies disappears, the Assistant Director goes undercover in a drug gang to find out what happened to him – and Mulder decides to join the mission.

Fandom: X-Files

Pairing: Skinner/Mulder

Genre: Slash

Characters: Mulder, Skinner

Story Type: Angst, romance, action

Rated: R

Spoilers: None

Warnings: None

Series: None

Word Count: 21,896

Chapters: 1

Recommendations: Award Winner, Xanthe’s Recommendation

Published: July 23, 2000    

Awards: Winner in the Wirerims awards in the categories of:Outstanding Skinner Angst Outstanding Skinner Characterisation (joint winner)

Notes: Wonderful graphic by Danni.T here’s another lovely pic which illustrates a scene from this story. Thanks to Sean Spencer for sending it to me.This story was written for The Wounded Heroes zine. Many thanks to dot for a great beta reading and to RAC for her hard work on the zine.  


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