The Word


The Word


Summary: “I’m going to give you a word,” Gibbs said, trailing a finger over Tony’s freshly spanked ass.

Fandom: NCIS 

Pairing: Gibbs/DiNozzo

Genre: Slash

Characters: Gibbs, DiNozzo

Story Type: BDSM, Established Relationship, iContest Story, Romance, Spanking

Rated: NC-17

Spoilers: None

Warnings: None

Series: 24/7 Verse

Word Count: 4,004

Chapters: 1

Published: October 29, 2011

Notes:  Back in April, I held a Tibbs iContest on my LJ. You can check out all the entries and the winners here.. I promised the winners I’d write them all a story inspired by their icon. Originally, I offered to do drabbles – fics of 100 words exactly. But when I came to do them, I found I wanted them to just be as long as they wanted to be – so I went with that.

My apologies for how long it has taken. First I wanted to finish Two Wolves. Then I broke my ankle and didn’t write anything for a long time. So, I’m delighted to finally be able to post them now.

The stories vary in size from 300ish words long to nearly 4000 words long. I started out thinking I’d keep them very short, in the spirit of a drabble, but somehow each one kept turning out longer than the previous one! Please don’t assume any value judgement from their length; I just looked at each icon and went where my imagination took me, whether it was a short ‘joke’ fic, or a longer, more angsty story. Or, you know, lots of spanky BDSM ;-).

Sometimes, my imagination was surprising; the best Tony icon is a story largely about Gibbs, and the best Gibbs icon is a story largely about Tony. Go figure! I tried to keep all the stories to one scene – except for the best BDSM icon fic which, once I had the idea, I knew would have to be comprised of several short scenes in order to do what I wanted with it, which was to contextualise the icon. I did my best to capture some feeling or truth that struck me about each icon. I hope I succeeded. Please make sure to admire each icon before you read – the stories work much better that way! Thank you again to all the entrants of the iContest for making it such a great competition. You all rock! This story is for [info]dinky_di_1 who made the winning icon in the Gibbs/Tony BDSM category. I had the idea for this story almost as soon as I saw this icon – but I knew it’d end up long, so I tried to think of something else. But in the end I gave in and went with my original idea, which is why it’s a tad longer than the other winning fics. It’s just what came to mind.

This story is set in the 24/7 universe featured in my story Two Masters, where Tony is Gibbs’s 24/7 sub. It’s set several months after the events featured in that story, so Tony and Gibbs are now settled into their relationship and it has evolved.

You don’t have to have read 24/7 or Two Masters to read and enjoy this story. Thank yous: To Bluespirit and Taylorgibbs for beta and to Nikita, Hilde and Sue for audiencing.


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