Tony’s Appraisal


Performance and Development Appraisal
Name: Anthony D. DiNozzo
Job Title: Special Agent
Manager: LJ Gibbs (“Boss”)


Give details of your key successes during the last review period: Caught 16 bad guys since last review. Only ruined one suit in process (Blood-stain on jacket. Not mine. The blood that is. The jacket was.).


Give details of any disappointments/difficulties: Only managed to superglue Probie’s fingers to his keyboard twice in review period (must be slacking – managed it six times last review period).


Objectives for next 6 months: Solve three cold cases. Teach Ziva how to play Tetris. Superglue Probie’s fingers to Boss’s keyboard. (Note to self: inherent danger of Boss’s fingers being glued instead. Buy life insurance for such eventuality.).




Performance and Development Appraisal (top-sekrit private version FAO ADD only).


Successes: Got Boss’s attention 28 times in review period. Unfortunately this was “negative” attention on 16 occasions of the 28. Earned 3 smiles and one “attaboy”. Also 137 headslaps – view these as successes.


Disappointments: Still not managed to kiss Boss although there was one “kiss of life” after an almost-drowning incident so not a *complete* disappointment.


Objectives for next 6 months: Feign major apartment catastrophe (flood, fire, whatever) to get to stay at Boss’s house again. Sleep in Boss’s bed (Note: Boss to be in bed at same time). Kiss Boss. (On lips, with tongues). (See note above re life insurance).


The End…(?)





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