<6:58, 6:59…7:00…swallow nervously. Loosen tie. Undo top button of collar. Hear noise inside. Stand up. Nothing. Sit down again. Can at least sit comfortably…not for long. Shut up, Mulder! Don’t think! Empty brain. Deep breaths.>


<7:03, 7:04…Hands clammy. Wipe on pants. Someone walks by, glances at you, grins sympathetically. As if he knows. Oh god, he can’t know can he?>


<7:23…nearly half an hour. I’m gonna die of a heart attack. This is worse. This is worse than being punished. Oh god. He’s so mad…maybe he’s going to make me wait here until 7 in the MORNING. I wouldn’t put that past him.>


<7:29…Finally! Door opens. Oh shit. I’d give anything, ANYTHING to turn back the clock now. Large expanse of white shirt, dark tie, dark eyes, dark looks…shit. Still angry!>


“Agent Mulder. I’m sorry, did I keep you waiting?”


deserve it, that doesn’t make it any easier. Yes, I wish I could remember in future as well. Right now I’m sure I willremember in future but of course I never do. In the heat of the moment…well, you know. Of course that’s no excuse.>


< He’s looking at me expectantly. What…? Oh. Yes. Of course. Undo trousers, step out of them, approach him, kneel, then hesitantly arrange myself over his knees. I feel so stupid, like a fish flopping around on dry land. He’s wearing wool trousers and they itch against my flesh. My heart is thudding against his thigh. Wish it would stop. Wonder if he can hear it? Twitch of his leg to get me into position. Hand on my back as he holds me in place. Sudden movement as my boxers go the same way as my pride. Cool air around my exposed buttocks. Clench them automatically, as if that could ward off what will happen next.>


“How many is that, Agent Mulder?”


“Three, sir.”


“Glad to see you’re keeping score.” nothing funny about this! He should try being ass up, held tightly in place over a pair of solid thighs, with a muscle-bound gorilla strapping him and see how he likes it.>




“Gorilla, Mulder?”


“Let’s see how fast this gorilla can go then, Agent Mulder.”




“Watch your language, Mulder.”




much better!>


“I’m waiting, Mulder.”


“Shit! Oh please, no more. I’ve learned my lesson. I promise… unnnhhh!”


“I’m still waiting, Mulder.”


“Any time. You just say the word. I can keep going all night if you want.”


“If I want…? What the fuck…? Please – no…”


“I’m SORRY.”


“That’s what I was waiting for, Mulder.”


“One word. Why’d it take so long, Mulder?”


“I don’t know…sorry.”


“Come here.”


“Okay, kid?”




“What is it you have to remember, Agent Mulder?”


“That you don’t like to be kept waiting, sir.”


“Good. And I think that being fifteen hours late for a meeting is late even by your poor time-keeping standards, Mulder.”


“Yes, sir.”


“And you have a cell phone and could have phoned in to postpone the meeting couldn’t you?”


“Yes, sir.”


“And you knew that this meeting was important.”


“Yes sir.”


“I had to explain to the Deputy Director why one of my personnel didn’t show for a top level meeting, Mulder.”


“Yes, sir.”


“That was embarrassing for me, Mulder.”


“Yes. I know. Sorry.”


“What the hell am I going to do with you, Mulder?”


“Dunno, sir.”


“You will learn one day, won’t you?”


“Oh god I hope so, sir. I, uh, really hope so.”


“Good. Because I really hate being kept waiting, Mulder.”




The End





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