Xanthe.org has had a facelift!

Welcome to my new look website!
I’m really excited by the new look. Please visit and take a look around. There are forums where people can chat about their favourite TV shows – I especially wanted a place for spankers and slashers to meet and chat in peace as well so there are boards for that. You have to register for the boards separately from the e-fic part of the site, but you can use the same username and password to avoid confusion. Please do feel free to join in and chat.I’ve already started a number of discussion topics and there are also polls hidden in there too, as well as the poll on the front page. You are welcome to start your own threads too – just remember to read the rules before starting. There is also a shoutbox where you can chat live if anyone else is around to chat back.

Anyone can leave reviews – anon or logged in – but if you log in to the site you’ll find more features are available to you, such as being able to vote on polls. It’s much easier to search, find, navigate, interact and generally chat on the new website. You can search by story type, fandom, pairing, characters, rating, genre – and pretty much whatever you like.

I found, while having to look at some of my older fic during the process of revamping the site, that I really don’t like a lot of those older stories. I resisted the urge to expunge them completely just in case, by some miracle, they were someone’s favourite. Just rest assured that if a story makes you cringe, it probably makes me cringe too. On the plus side, it does stand as a record to the huge learning curve I’ve gone on during my time writing fanfic. I didn’t edit or polish my stories back then the way I did now, and I think I’ve become a bit better at writing, having grown in confidence from doing so much of it.

We decided not to have a music vid section. Partly because I no longer make them, partly because when I did make them I wasn’t very good at it, and partly because we actually can’t find the files *g*. I think it’s better to keep the site just as a story archive.

Despite the fact it has an “add author to favourites” button, the only author on the site will be me. We have to keep that button for various reasons I won’t bore you with. However, if you click on it you will be informed every time I add a new story to the site so it does have its uses.

We are still tweaking things behind the scenes and tidying up etc, but all the stories should be up there. Please let me or Jacci know if you encounter any problems using the site. There are bound to be teething problems to start with.

Thanks to Jacci for her amazing work over the past few weeks! She’s been absolutely wonderful, and I suspect she is an artificial life-form who doesn’t need sleep or something *g*. Thanks also to Bluespirit for the gorgeous rotating banners. I keep clicking refresh just so I can see a new one!

Thank you also to my site beta testers, especially Hilde and Haggy who have been busy testing things like crazy and reporting back any problems.

I’m so happy to finally get this done and have it looking so beautiful.

To christen the site, I’m posting a new long story here as part of the grand opening. It’s called Possession, it’s BDSM, and it’s set in a brand new fandom to go with the brand new site.

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