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I’ve posted a new story today in the Suits fandom. Suits is a new show that aired on the USA network over the summer and was an instant hit because of it’s sharp dialogue, intelligent writing, and the central relationship between Mike and Harvey. What grabbed me, almost from the word go, was that the show is so incredibly BDSMy! It’s as if Harvey and Mike are already IN a D/s relationship, right up there onscreen. If you’re not familiar with the show, here are some links to help you get started!

You can download all 12 of the S1 episodes from here.

Here are some Suits videos so you can get a visual on the boys:
Harvey/Mike Vids:


I won’t say I’m in Love


Bite of my heart


Interview Vids:

Meet Harvey Specter

Meet Mike Ross

This Suits blog is awesome! Below is a taster from it of some of my favourite <em>Suits</em> moments but go check it out for more! I love how funny this show is – as well as being totally slashy and BDSMy *g*

Harvey and Mike

They just can’t help the eye-fucking:

They have fun banter:

Harvey pretends not to care (but he does really). I love the skinny tie line!

Harvey does not like being called “dude”. Plus – Harvey NOT in a suit. Squee!

Toppy!Harvey is very disappointed in subby!Mike for getting stoned. That hurt look in his eyes!

But Harvey’s naughty boy Mike always knows how to make him smile:


  1. SanLynn

    Okay I know I asked this on the fic post on your LJ but do vidders need to work at all hard to find those eye sex clips? They look at each other with such intensity it’s amazing. Like their having a whole conversation with their eyes.

    Thanks for the great primer. I can’t wait to start watching episodes!

  2. Xanthe

    LOL! No they don’t have to try hard – a friend of mine commented that she had more off Harvey and Mike in one season than she’d managed to gather in 8 of Gibbs/DiNozzo. They just eye-fuck ALL the time.

  3. Daisy

    Hi, Newbie here. I’m intrigued by your talk about Suits. I’ve searched Amazon but can’t find the series so would you direct me to the downloads on this site please?

    Many thanks


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