Gabriel and Patrick do a Press Conference!

teatralka17 just posted this to the LJ usa_suits community.

Apparently Gabriel and Patrick did a press conference recently and these are some pics from it. I have no idea what was talked about but I LOVE LOVE LOVE how scruffy/casual they are in RL! It must kill them to dress up in those suits every day for work on Suits *g*.

I also love how completely unlike Harvey Gabriel is. He’s so gorgeous but in a very different way to Harvey – and his hair is completely different – much lighter and spikier. I love how he transforms into Harvey when he’s clearly a very laid back person with a very sweet personality. The Suits showrunner, Aaron Korsh said here that “Gabriel, as a person, is the opposite of Harvey. He’s a sensitive, sweet, gentle, kind man”. Which makes the fact he plays Harvey so well all the more impressive. Although rather like with David Hewlett as Rodney, I can always just SEE something of Gabriel’s sweetness in Harvey’s eyes.

I’m posting a few of my favourite pics from the post below but you can see them all by following the link above.

Beautiful Boys!

I love how they look at each other :-)

Harvey should be forced to wear tight fitting black shirts on the show more often – *nods*.

I have no idea what he’s doing here but it amuses me *g*.

Beautiful smile! Swoon!

I love his jewellery! I know Harvey would never wear anything like this but it looks SO good on Gabriel!



  1. SanLynn

    Aww they are adorable and I love the jewelry on Gabriel. He seems so relaxed, very unlike Harvey. What a great actor!

  2. never

    Even out of character Patrick’s mouth is open when he looks at Gabriel. =D

  3. Xanthe

    LOL! And it’s understandable *g*. That is one FINE looking man!

  4. Xanthe

    I adore Gabriel so much – I love that he’s so different to Harvey – it really does show how good his portrayal is. And it makes me laugh that he has to wear those suits to work! LOL!

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