Things have been pretty bad for me for awhile, but I’m sort of hoping there’s light at the end of the tunnel now. Sorry I’m so quiet all the time – I’m either exhausted or licking my wounds. However, I’m off on holiday on Tuesday for a week with a good friend, so I’m hoping for some time out, some sunshine, some swimming, some book reading, a ton of scrabble games and lots of lovely Slavecatcher chats! And hopefully, when I get back, I’ll have more writing time – we’ll see.

I’ve had to neglect so much of my online life for so long, and I don’t like that – I hope it can change soon. I’ve been busy buying summer clothes to take with me and now have so many they can’t possibly all fit into my suitcase! I’ve also downloaded far too many books to read on my Kindle. Moderation, thy name is NOT Xanthe! Harley and Jemima will be well looked after – I’ve arranged for a colleague to live in my house with them for the week – she loves cats so they’ll get lots of cuddles.

I’ve just seen that voting closes tomorrow (March 28th) in the NCIS Fan Favorites awards on LJ so if you want to vote, you’d better hurry on over there!

NCIS Fan Favorites Awards

In other news, we had an office Bake Off for Comic Relief a couple of weeks ago, and I won first prize for creativity (but not taste!) with this insane creation *g*.

And it was my beautiful Harley’s birthday on March 18th – he’s 8, bless him.

Plus, I took some rather cute pics of my gorgeous Jemima recently – she was very excited about her new feather on a stick!

And finally, this happened:

I’m not sure how I feel about it. XF was so special to me, in its time – it was the start of my fandom creativity, and how I got into writing fanfic. I lived and breathed it for awhile. But sometimes I prefer to remember things as they were, rather than try and revisit them. I’ll watch it though! Of course! (And Walter had better be in it! LOL!)

Cute banner above courtesy of Jacci!

I hope you’re all well – lots of love and hugs!


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