New NCIS Awards

Well, it just goes to show out of the fandom loop I am – apparently there are some new NCIS awards happening! LOL!

I know what a huge amount of work fandom awards are for the organisers, so I wish them well and hope the awards are positive and fun.

These awards seem to be for all stories posted no later than December 31st 2014. I can’t find a ‘start’ date so it looks as if that means all NCIS fics since the dawn of time which is rather fabulous considering the huge fanfic canon that’s built up over the years. It’s such an old fandom that I know there were some established classics long before I joined the fandom and plenty of great writers joined after I stopped writing NCIS in 2011, so that’s quite exciting.

Anyway, there are several categories and genres, so if you’re into NCIS fanfic you might want to check them out. There are graphics/artwork awards, too, both for story related art, and general NCIS art, which is very cool! Nominations are running throughout January :-).

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