Birthday Goodies!


Thanks to everyone for your birthday wishes for yesterday! I had a lovely birthday :-).

I was lucky enough to receive some gorgeous art goodies that are too fabulous not to share! Fanarts_series (aka Marlislash) made me a beautiful series of pictures, wallpapers and icons. I don’t have room to paste them all here but I’m posting a few of my favourites, and you can find the rest here.

Mulder and Skinner, always sexy together, forever and ever!

Beautiful Sebastian Stan – wouldn’t he make a nice slave boy avatar for some dom man? *g*

Heh. This is what Gibbs’s basement should *really* be used for ;-) ;-) ;-)

Master Red, aka James Spader in The Blacklist. He’d make a splendidly scary dom!

Sob! Boys! (John/Sherlock, bless!)

More here!

And Georgiesmith made this gorgeous Suits/Dr Who crossover art, complete with fantastic little story to go with it. Squee! This works SO well :-). You can also find it on A03 here and Tumblr here.

“So that’s it? Whenever the Doctor needs a lawyer he calls you?”

“Puppy, if that were the case I’d be traveling with the Doctor full time. He just drops by when it’s something unique like this.”

“Unique? Harvey, you just brokered a peace deal between two alien worlds that have been at war for over a millennia. That was awesome.”

Harvey grinned smugly. “Yes, it was.”

“But as cool as all this is, there’s no way you’re doing this for free.”

“Clever boy,” Harvey said proudly. “No, we work it out in trade – I do some negotiating for him and he takes me on a trip to a time and place of my choice.”

Mike wanted to ask about Harvey’s previous adventures with the Doctor but he figured it could wait until they got home. “So where are going?”

“St. Louis – October 9, 1928.”

Mike was quiet for a moment as he thought about the information Harvey provided and Harvey knew the instant his boyfriend got it. “Holy shit, Harvey! We’re going to the fourth game of the 1928 World Series?”

Harvey grinned broadly as he pulled his bouncing boy tightly to his side. “You can thank me properly when we get home but right now we’re going to raid the Doctor’s wardrobe room. Rene’s suits are fabulous but not exactly appropriate for a speakeasy.”

“A speakeasy? I thought we were going to possibly the greatest baseball game of all time.”

“We are. And then we’re all going out to celebrate with Babe Ruth after the game.”


I seem to have lived on sandwiches and cakes for the past few days, so I’ll be relieved to eat veg and fruit again, but it’s been lovely. Thanks to all for your kind messages :-).

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