New Translation, Novel Update and a Sexy Picture!

Part nine of Lois’s translation of 24/7 into Chinese is now up on the Translations page. Many thanks to her :-).

I’m busy working on my new original character novel. It’s been slow because of my work situation being so crazy all year, but that’s not a reflection on the story, which I’m loving, and I am making steady progress. It’s currently 54,000 words long but will be about three times that by the time I’m done, I suspect. I think you’ll like this one, because of Reasons *g*. I want to do teasers, and extracts, and summaries, and announce the title and characters etc, but I think I should get a bit further along before I do that.

However, I have found a gorgeously sexy picture which is very inspiring and captures some of the emotion in my new novel, so I’m posting that below ;-).

I love that the ‘toppy’ one is in a suit, but undone around the edges. I love that he’s barefoot, showing some vulnerability, and yet is still strong and powerful. I love that he has strong, capable hands. I love the position of supplication the kneeling man is in – and that he’s half naked. I love the shape of his spine and the muscles in his arms and of course that cheeky hint of bum! I love that he’s wearing combat pants! That is such an interesting contrast to the suit; it doesn’t look as if these two exist in the same world – their clothing is so different. One is very corporate or maybe evening dressy, the other either military or just very casual. And the kneeling man is also barefoot, which connects them, makes them more equal, both of them vulnerable in their own way, but in different ways. I also like that we can’t see their faces so we can have our own fantasies about who they are and what they are to each need I see there, and the sense that they desperately need each other. There’s a hint of control and domination, combined with submission and worship. Both men are strong, and yet there is a sense of need coming from them both. It could be read that the standing man is either helping the other up, fulfilling his need, or keeping him down. It could be that the standing man is desperate or the one with the power, or it could be that the kneeling one has the power and is using it to manipulate the other. It works on many levels! It also really chimes with the characters in my new novel, so I was blown away by it when I first saw it. It’s on my desktop now, as wallpaper, to inspire me *g*.


I love that that their pose can be read in many ways. I see the kneeling man looking to the other in supplication, and the other wanting to raise him up, and take care of him, and fuck him, and dominate him too. I love the mutu

This image is by Zakharova at Deviant Art. Please don’t repost without crediting the source!


  1. McShepletGirl

    Oh WOW! I just love that picture!

    It just sets the mind reeling with all sorts of stories!

    The guy in the suit being ‘welcomed’ home after a long day in the office. It’s been a crappy day, trouble brewing in all sorts of places…but he has his boy waiting at home to take of his shoes, loosen the suit and take his mind of business deals gone wrong! Maybe the suited guy feels guilty – the business mistakes were his fault? Or at least he is being blamed….And he is now able to draw strength from the guy kneeling at his feet and regain self-worth ready to go and kick some corporate ass in the morning!

    Or maybe it’s more of a master/slave thing?….The kneeling guy has a pierced ear – in Biblical times slaves were marked by piercing the ears…..but there is no ear-ring that I can see ….so has it been removed – so the kneeling guy has been released from his servitude….BUT look at him!…he doesn’t want that release. You can see him freely offering himself to his master. And the suited guy is so supportive! You can hear him breathing ‘shhhh everything is gonna be fine!”

    The kneeling guy is in combat fatigues (well – half falling out of them…yum!)….is he military?…and despite his physical position he is clearly so strong – look at how he is almost holding up the other guy….I’m getting the feeling the kneeling guy is the one with the experience

    Then if you squint a little and conveniently forget the combats – you have a little Harvey/Mike thing going on…..

    But the best thing……is that YOU are getting inspiration from it!….YES!!!!!….I can hardly wait for the new novel….any chance it will be ready to be on my Christmas wish-list?

    Thank you so much for sharing the picture – it is truly inspiring!

  2. Xanthe

    Oh wow! I love all your ideas! I’m so glad someone else loves the pic as much as I do *g*. And ooh – Harvey/Mike! You’re right – I didn’t see that at first but now you’ve pointed it out – yup! I could go there *g*. I really loved your comment about the earring he’s been set free but he doesn’t WANT to be – mmmm! There is such a gorgeous synergy between them. The sense of need on both sides, of support on both sides, of raising up, and kneeling down, of easy energy flow. Definitely the right kind of dom/sub thing going on there!

    And yes re the inspiration! It’s very exciting – this photo could almost illustrate a scene straight out of the novel. Squeee! I think it’s unlikely to be written AND published before Xmas but we’ll see. I am hoping now to have more time to devote to writing in the next 2 months so that’s good news at least!

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