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Coming Soon…

I’m just hopping on quickly to say the NEW SITE is nearly ready! Jacs has been busy working on it for the past few months, and it’s almost ready to unveil. For the new site, we’ve gone over to WordPress from E-fic – there are some compromises either way, but we decided WordPress was better for what we want to achieve here.

When we unveil the new, you’ll have the facility to download all the stories in epub formats, navigation should be much easier, and the title displays will show if a story has been translated or made into a podfic, with easy access options from there. Where a story has multiple graphics, we’ve displayed them in a nifty little gallery on the title page, so they’re easy to see and click on to enlarge. Signing up to the site will be easier, with no messy logins required to switch between the site and the forum. There’s a much better and prettier newsletter option as well, so I can keep you informed of any updates.

It’s all been designed to make this, according to Jacs *g*, the most ninja, kickass WordPress fanfic site out there! It’s got lots of other nifty little features and a complete redesign, too. I’m not saying what colour/s it’ll be, but you know me so guessing shouldn’t be too hard *g*.

We aim to unveil the new look site some time in June, so keep checking back in!

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