New Story Graphics!

New Story Graphics!

I made a recent blog post here, in case anyone didn’t catch it. But my reason for posting is that I’m delighted to show off some new story graphics people have made recently. Georgie Smith made two lovely Soul Deep graphics.

Gibbs (the image of the young man holding the young wolf in the background is so beautiful!):

Two Wolves by Georgie Smith

Tony (I love the little details like the boy with the butterfly and the puppy in the background):

And Coral542383 made me this lovely graphic for The Cat that Walked by Himself:


If you sent me a graphic in the past few months, and I haven’t displayed it here, please email me and resend – it’s no reflection on your work but we were going to wait until the new site is unveiled but as that’s a little way off yet, I wanted to get them up now. However, with work being so busy at the moment, I might have misplaced some that were sent a few weeks ago!

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