General & Dr Sheppard: 13. Universal Constant


Rodney made it back to his quarters, his entire body shaking, his legs feeling weak underneath him. He couldn’t believe what he’d just done—but he couldn’t bring himself to wish it undone, either.


“Idiot,” he berated himself. “Oh god, you behaved like a stupid girl with a crush…running away for god’s sake…he’ll think you’re insane. God, even I think you’re insane and I’m you. Oh shit…” Rodney paced the room, gnawing on his fingernails, unsure what was going to happen next. A few minutes later there was a knock on the door. Rodney came to a sudden standstill and stood there, transfixed, unsure what to do.


“Rodney?” John’s voice, low and questioning.


“Obviously that was a stupid thing to do,” Rodney said, trying to sound calm and rational. “I clearly made a mistake,” he said through the closed door.


“Why don’t you open the door and we can talk about it?” John suggested in an eminently reasonable tone.


That didn’t sound too bad. Rodney thought he could do that. He found his feet going over to the door, and his trembling hands opening it…and John was standing there, an intent, fierce look in those hazel eyes of his. Rodney’s gaze was drawn to the pendant around the other man’s neck, the mirror of his own.


“Ah – about that…” he began, but he didn’t get a chance to say anything else because John swept forward, grabbed hold of his face, pushed him back against the wall, and captured his lips hard with his own.


Time seemed to stand still for several seconds while Rodney struggled to figure out what the hell was going on. John’s hands were firm and warm on the side of his face and the wall was hard and unyielding behind him, giving him nowhere to go. John’s lips were utterly insistent, offering him no choice at all but to surrender as they worked his own open, and then John’s tongue was in his mouth, devouring him, possessing him, claiming him…Rodney groaned and felt his entire body suddenly go into freefall. He had never been kissed like this before and his mind cried out in surprise at the same time as his body surrendered completely. He felt as if he was flying through space, and John was all that was holding him up, and it felt so good, so right that he knew it hadn’t been a mistake. This could never be a mistake. This was where his whole life had been leading and the universe was slotting into place around him, finally ending up where it needed to be, where it had to be, where it had always been heading if he’d only had the sense to see it.


Rodney found himself returning the kiss with a passion he hardly knew he possessed, opening up wide, every nerve in his body zinging with charged sexual energy. All he was aware of was John’s body was pressed close to his, John’s knee between his open legs, and John’s thighs pressed against his own groin, so close that he could feel the hardness of the other man’s erection digging into him. Rodney fumbled to place his hands on John’s hips, just to keep himself upright, as John continued to kiss him as if his life depended on it, weeks of pent-up emotions finally spilling out. They kissed until Rodney thought he might pass out, and then John finally drew back for air. Rodney caught a glimpse of wild hazel eyes, and then John grabbed his hands, pushed them over his head, and held them there, pinning Rodney against the wall.


“Still want to talk about it?” John asked, in a voice throaty with arousal.


“No…I, uh…think that cleared a few things up,” Rodney replied softly, his eyes transfixed by the sight of John’s wet, slightly swollen lips.


“Good. Oh, God, I’ve wanted to do this for so long,” John whispered, his warm breath sending shivers down Rodney’s spine. “I’ve wanted you for so long. Thank God…oh, thank God….”


He kissed his way down the side of Rodney’s exposed neck and then swooped back in to claim another fierce, hungry kiss from Rodney’s lips and Rodney moaned and went limp in his arms. This was intoxicating and overwhelming at one and the same time; Rodney had never been swept away by any kind of physical passion before. His relationships had always been so short and awkward, and he’d never wanted anyone with this level of desire before, either—or had them want him like this in return. He hung there, helpless in the other man’s grasp, as John kissed him into the wall. Finally John drew back and released his hold on Rodney’s wrists, only to grab him around the waist and pull him close, their bodies pressed tightly against each other, John’s hands roaming restlessly over Rodney’s back and ass.


“I want you,” he whispered into Rodney’s neck. “I want you so much,” and his voice was hoarse with need. Rodney understood the feeling. He was sure that if he didn’t have John soon, then he’d explode with frustration.


“Want you, too,” he whispered.


“Now,” John said insistently, and Rodney nodded, and grabbed John’s face between his hands and kissed him again, needing to feel the other man’s lips on his body. John grinned, and grabbed Rodney up and pushed him over to the bed, their lips still pressed together, and


Rodney had the sudden realization that this thing that he’d been fantasizing about for so long was now real, and about to happen, and he found himself scared and aroused at one and the same time.


“I’ve, uh, never…with a man,” Rodney stumbled to explain.


John grinned at him and pushed him down on the bed, leaning over him to steal another kiss. “I kind of figured that one,” he said. “It’s okay. I know what I’m doing.”


“You mean you’ve done this before?” Rodney asked, astonished.


John wrapped his hand carefully in Rodney’s hair and drew his head back slowly, then kissed him several times on the throat, from his chin to his Adam’s apple.


“Sure,” he said when he reached Rodney’s collar bones. “A few times.”


Keeping one hand in Rodney’s hair, he traced the line of Rodney’s collar bone with his index finger, trailing a line of pure fire in his wake. Rodney whimpered and pushed up against him and John grinned and pulled Rodney’s head right back, exposing his throat, and then went in for another kiss on his mouth. Rodney hung there, utterly helpless and unable to move while John claimed him once more with his lips, momentarily removing any power of coherent thought from Rodney’s brain.


Then John released him, but only so that he could push him back onto the bed, so he was lying there on his back, gazing up at John, feeling like a rabbit about to be eaten by a wolf. John knelt on the bed, straddling him.


“Don’t worry, Rodney,” John told him, fingers ghosting down the side of Rodney’s face, caressing him gently with tightly leashed sexual energy. “I’ll take it really slow. You’ll be begging to feel me inside you by the time I’m done.”


“What? Uh…why do you assume…? Why am I…?” Rodney faltered.


“I top, Rodney,” John told him, his teeth flashing a startling white as he gave another one of those sexual grins and he dipped his head and kissed Rodney’s throat again.


“How do you know I don’t top?” Rodney countered.


“Do you?” John asked, working his way up to Rodney’s jaw.


Rodney sighed. “Oh, I have absolutely no idea,” he muttered.


“You bottom. Trust me on this,” John told him, ending up at Rodney’s mouth and kissing him again. He pressed his weight forward, holding Rodney down with his own body, and kept him there while he kissed him into the mattress until Rodney thought he might have stopped breathing. It was strange, one part of his brain observed, how kissing a man could feel so good. It should have felt awkward, feeling a stubbled face against his own, and a hard erection digging into his thigh, but instead it just felt intoxicating.


“You’re thinking too much,” John told him. “I don’t want you to think at all, Rodney. It’s like flying the puddle jumper—I just want you to feel.”


He grabbed Rodney’s arms and pinned them over his head and Rodney was reminded of that wrestling session and how John wouldn’t let him up until he’d submitted. Now he knew that something similar was being asked of him, and he went limp in John’s arms, and allowed the other man to pin him down and keep him in place.


John grinned. “Oh, that’s good,” he purred into Rodney’s ear, his voice dripping sex. “Oh, that’s so good. I like it when you do that. Give it up to me, Rodney. Let me take it…let me take you….”


His mouth wandered down the side of Rodney’s face, roved down over his silk shirt and located a nipple through the sheer fabric. Rodney gave a squawk as John covered the silky nipple with his mouth and warmed it through his shirt. Then John transferred his attention to the other nipple, capturing it through the silk and worrying at it with his tongue. Rodney gave a strangled sob, twisting up, and John pushed him back down.


“Keep still for me, Rodney,” he whispered, and Rodney fell back again, writhing with pleasure as John tongued him again through the silk. It felt so good, so arousing, so intense… and Rodney found himself sighing with pleasure. This was so different to any of his experiences with women. He had usually been the one making all the moves then, and this whole concept of submission, of offering himself up to John, was at the same time unfamiliar and yet instinctively what he wanted to do.


John sat up, still straddling Rodney’s body, and leaned forward again to look in Rodney’s eyes. Rodney noticed his pendant, hanging down from around his neck and John grinned, seeing where his gaze was directed.


“Thought you’d never do it,” he said. “Knew you wanted it…wanted it so bad…but was beginning to think I’d have to wait forever…and then…oh, God…I need this so much. I need you so much, Rodney. I have to have you…it’s been killing me keeping it inside.” His fingers gently touched the side of Rodney’s face, and Rodney was surprised to see that they were trembling. “But you’re mine now,” John said softly. “I told you I’d make you mine, Rodney. Will you let me do that now?”


Rodney gazed at him, transfixed by the fierce, loving look in the other man’s eyes. He nodded dumbly, wanting this with every single fiber of his being, and John’s face creased into a smile.


“Good,” he whispered. “There are so many things I want to do to you….”


He sat up, settled his weight on Rodney’s waist and then started to unbutton the silk shirt. Rodney put out a hand to grab John’s wrist, stopping him.


“Uh…shouldn’t we turn the light off or something?” he suggested.


John’s smile widened into a laugh. “Oh, no, you don’t,” he said. “I’ve been waiting for weeks to get to see you naked. There is no way, no way that you are going to hide from me anymore, Rodney McKay. You’ve been doing enough of that as it is.”


“I don’t…. I’m not comfortable….” Rodney wriggled and John grabbed hold of his arms again and pushed them back over his head, then leaned forward and held him there.


“You’re mine now,” he said, his warm breath trailing a path of fire over Rodney’s flesh. “And I want to see you.”


Rodney saw a look of total sexual longing in John’s eyes and he knew he was powerless to resist. He knew John would take him places he was scared to go, but he also knew that he needed to go there, and would never really be happy if he didn’t. “Okay,” he whispered numbly.


John smiled down at him, and rewarded him with a sweet kiss on his lips. Then he released his hands and moved back to Rodney’s shirt.


He took his time, his tongue protruding through his mouth as he worked, wetting his lips and making him look like some demented sex god. Rodney lay there, gazing up at him as he worked on the buttons, torn between his usual embarrassment and a need—no, a longing—to offer himself up and allow John to do whatever he wanted to him. Finally, John finished, and then he ran his hands up along the edges of the silk shirt and slowly, very slowly, slid the two halves off Rodney’s chest. John’s breathing grew heavier as he revealed Rodney’s naked body beneath the shirt, and Rodney was transfixed by the way the other man was looking down on him. John’s eyes were heavy-lidded with lust and he paused and ran his index finger gently down Rodney’s bare chest, making Rodney shiver.


“Oh, God…I can’t tell you how long I’ve wanted to touch you here,” he whispered. “It’s been all I could do to hold it back. That time when we were wrestling, I wanted to tear your clothes off and get my hands on your naked skin. I knew you weren’t ready, though…took every single ounce of self control I had to allow you up when I just wanted to fuck you so damn badly, wanted to hold you down and make love to you until you screamed with pleasure. You have no idea what it did to me hearing you say that word. Say it for me again now…say it, Rodney.”


Rodney was spellbound; he had no idea that John’s passions had run so deep, for so long. Now he appreciated just how self-controlled the other man had been with his long, slow courtship, waiting so patiently until Rodney finally woke up to what he wanted.


“Submit,” he whispered. “I do…submit…to you, John.”


Hearing the word again seemed to galvanize John into action. He lowered his head and pressed a little kiss to one of Rodney’s nipples and Rodney gasped and reached out his arms blindly to grab John’s head. “Mmm…feels good?” John said, with another of those frankly sexual grins.


“God, yes!” Rodney wasn’t sure anyone had ever kissed him in this particular spot before. Mainly, when he’d slept with women, it had been him doing most of the touching and they hadn’t shown all that much interest in his nipples.


“Shhh…relax…” John soothed, and then he dipped his head again and sucked down hard on the nipple he’d just kissed. Rodney nearly jumped off the bed as a jolt of pure pleasure zinged throughout his entire body.


“Oh, shit,” he whimpered. John sucked down even harder and Rodney felt himself moaning and thrashing around.


John looked up. “Keep still or I might have to tie you up,” he said in a throaty voice of pure sexual promise. Rodney swallowed hard. “Ah…you like that idea,” John murmured.


“I don’t know,” Rodney replied, feeling himself flush. John smiled at him.


“It’s okay. We can find out,” he said, in a surprisingly gentle tone.


“I’m not him, John,” Rodney said, feeling anxious.
“I’m not the general either,” John told him. “I don’t want to punish you, or tell you want to do and what to wear and what to eat. I do want to be in control though, Rodney – here, in the bedroom, when we’re alone together, and I think you want that too – yes?”


Rodney nodded, helplessly. Yes, he wanted that. He’d wanted that, on some level, ever since he’d met the other man, even if he had never admitted it to himself.


“Then that’s fine. We both want the same thing,” John said softly, and he brushed his fingers gently down the side of Rodney’s face, his fingers searing lines of yearning on Rodney’s skin.


“So – these are pretty sensitive, huh?” John said, moving back down to Rodney’s nipples. He sucked on them again and Rodney answered him by giving a whimper of pleasure. “Let me play, Rodney,” John told him, lifting his head again. “I want to play with you.”


Rodney groaned and bucked up again as John dipped his head once more and sucked on his other nipple. After a while, Rodney grew accustomed to the sensation—and then he found he liked it so much that his cock was practically digging an escape tunnel out of his pants.


Finally, John finished playing and went back in for another deep kiss on Rodney’s mouth. Afterwards, he drew back and sat up. “I need you completely naked now,” John told him. “Take that shirt off,” he commanded, and Rodney shrugged the opened garment off his shoulders, at the same time as John began unfastening Rodney’s pants.


“I’m looking forward to this bit,” John told him with a grin. “Now lift your ass.”


Rodney did as he was told and John yanked off Rodney’s shoes, then pulled his pants and boxer shorts down in one fluid motion and threw them onto the floor, pausing lastly only to pull off his socks. Then he knelt on the bed and surveyed Rodney, his gaze sweeping over his newly naked body. “Oh, yeah…this is what I’ve wanted to see,” he said breathlessly. “Wanted to get my hands on this beautiful cock for so long….” He reached out and wrapped a hand around Rodney’s rock hard cock and Rodney gasped and sat up. John pushed him back down again, not releasing his hold on Rodney’s cock. “How long since you last had a blow job?” he asked.


Rodney shook his head, beyond speech.


“That long, huh?” John grinned. “Well, just relax and let me work. I want you to come for me, Rodney. Don’t hold back. I want to taste you.”


Rodney closed his eyes and, a second later, he felt something warm wrap itself around his cock and he gave a startled shout of pleasure. “Oh, God,” he whimpered, as John sucked the tip of his cock, and then slid his mouth over the entire crown. “Oh, shit…”


John sucked him for only a few seconds before Rodney could feel himself about to come. John had told him not to hold back, but it seemed such a disgracefully swift orgasm that he tried to stop himself. It was no use, though—John’s mouth was too warm and arousing, wrapped around his hard cock, and eventually he couldn’t contain it anymore and he found himself coming. John held his hips and swallowed his come, and then he licked Rodney’s sated penis before sliding back up Rodney’s body with another of those sexual grins on his face.


“You really needed that,” he commented.


“I know,” Rodney sighed, feeling his entire body relax in a post-orgasmic haze.


“Don’t relax too much because I’m going to get you hard again in just a minute,” John told him without any hint of doubt at all.


“I might be horny, but I’m not eighteen!” Rodney protested.


John just shook his head. “You’ll get hard for me, Rodney, if I ask you to,” he murmured and Rodney shivered, his mind definitely aroused by those words, even if his cock was still soft.


John got off the bed and undressed, slowly, taking his time, and Rodney licked his lips and rolled over onto his side to get a better view, propping up his head on his hand. John’s body was lean and toned, his shoulders and chest well defined, and Rodney found himself fascinated by the play of muscles under the skin. His gaze traveled down over John’s washboard stomach and came to rest on his cock. Rodney had never had any appreciation for the male physique before, but his entire body quivered when he gazed at John’s cock, clearly responding on some basic level. John’s cock was thick, hard and pulsing with a blunt head, and Rodney wanted to suck that cock, to hold it, run his fingers over it; and to take it into his body and make love to it every which way he could.


John retrieved something from his pant pocket and placed it on the nightstand.


“I stopped off for some lube on my way here,” John told him, climbing back onto the bed. “I figured there was no way you’d be that prepared. Now…turn over, Rodney, because if I don’t see your ass soon, I swear I’ll go insane.”


“My ass?” Rodney said, surprised.


“Your ass. I’ve been thinking about nothing but your ass for weeks. I must have it, Rodney. Now. I want to stroke it, and kiss it, and bite it, and get inside it. It’s been driving me crazy.”


Rodney found it astounding that anyone would feel that way about his ass, but he rolled onto his stomach and then glanced back over his shoulder. John pushed his shoulders down so he was flat on the bed, and then gazed at Rodney’s ass, his face just a few inches away from it. Rodney saw John’s breathing becoming heavier again and saw his pupils turn dark with arousal.


“Oh, shit,” John whispered. “This is beautiful. I knew it would be….” He kept Rodney’s shoulders pinned down with one hand and stroked his other hand gently over Rodney’s ass, just fondling the skin with the lightest of touches. Rodney sighed—it felt so good.


“Oh, you like that, don’t you?” John said. “You like being petted, being stroked…I can almost hear you purr, Rodney.”


“Mmmmm!” was the sound that emanated from Rodney’s throat, sounding exactly like a purr.


“That’s good. I’m glad you like this, because I am going to be touching this ass the whole time from now on. This ass is mine now, Rodney, and I’m going to play with it every day.”


Rodney wasn’t sure what he was enjoying the most, the stroking or the way John was talking to him, and he felt a twitch in his cock which should have been sated, but clearly was eager for more.


John trailed his fingers lazily over Rodney’s ass for what felt like hours, and then his hands strayed closer and closer towards the crack between the cheeks, and then suddenly Rodney felt his buttocks being parted and he gave a cry of surprise as he felt John’s tongue slide inside him.


“Oh, shit!” he cried out, grabbing fistfuls of sheets. He’d never been rimmed before, and it felt exquisite. John’s tongue slid in deep, back and forth, making him hard all over again, just as John had predicted. Then John was licking his buttocks, and then nibbling just a little, and then he pressed his teeth down harder and Rodney glanced back, with a little cry of surprise, to see a faint bite mark imprinted on his flesh.


“I had to do it,” John told him. “Your ass is so plump, so soft, so sweet…I just need to bite it. I’d like to bite deeper next time,” John growled huskily. “Will you let me do that, Rodney?”


Rodney swallowed hard and then nodded. He liked the mark on his ass, liked the way John was looking at his ass, and he wanted to feel the other man’s teeth on his body again. John smiled, and soothed a hand over Rodney’s buttocks, fondling them.


“Such an amazing ass,” he murmured. “Now, hold still for me. Don’t move. Let me mark you.” He lowered his head again, pinned Rodney’s body to the mattress with his hands, and then started licking at his buttocks once more. Rodney relaxed, enjoying the insistent lapping, and then suddenly he felt John’s teeth and he gave a strangled cry. It felt strange…it hurt …but it also made his cock ache with need. Was this what Rodney Sheppard had meant by a “good hurt”?


Those teeth seemed to stay in his flesh for a long time, sinking into him for what felt like an eternity and Rodney loved it. He loved offering up his body for his lover to tease and torment, and most of all he loved the idea that John was putting his mark on him. His buttock started to ache and he took a mouthful of pillow and tried to stop himself squirming. He was already getting used to the fact that John didn’t like him to wriggle when he was playing with him. He wanted Rodney to surrender and capitulate—that was what turned him on and it turned Rodney on, too, although he’d never have believed that if he’d been told so a few weeks ago.


Finally, the bite came to an end and John sat back and surveyed his handiwork.


“Beautiful,” he whispered, running his fingertips over the bite. “Now you’re really mine,” he said fiercely, proudly. “Turn over, Rodney. I want to look in your eyes when I enter you for the first time.”


Rodney swallowed hard, trembling ever so slightly at the idea of being entered by that thick, blunt cock. John looked big—bigger than Rodney was sure he could take, and he had no idea what it would feel like.


“Shhh,” John said, stroking his thigh softly and helping him turn onto his back again. “This will be good. Trust me.”


Rodney was beyond speech, and he just nodded, still trembling. John grabbed a pillow and placed it under Rodney’s ass, then reached for the lube and slathered some over his long fingers. Rodney gazed at him, finding the look of intent on John’s face unbearably erotic.


“Open your legs for me…wide,” John said. “I’m going to stretch this little hole. Make you ready for me. I want you to just relax and open up for me…that’s all, just relax and let me in.”


Rodney lay back, and John took up position between his open thighs. He gently tickled his fingers around Rodney’s anus, teasing the hole, and then slowly inserted one of them, just a little way in. Rodney took a deep breath.


“I said relax,” John grinned. “That’s an order, Rodney. I expect you to at least try to obey.”


Rodney wasn’t sure why the thought of obeying John in the bedroom was such a turn-on, but it was, and he wanted to do it, dammit! He wanted to make John proud of him, and give himself up to the other man, body and soul. He made a conscious effort to relax and John slid the finger all the way in and then slowly slid it out again, and then in, back and forth. It felt good, and Rodney found himself relaxing and opening up, wanting more, loving the sensation. John continued the easy thrusting for a few minutes and then inserted a second finger. Rodney tensed and it took him a few moments to get used to the extra width, but then he relaxed again.


John smiled down on him. “See—this feels good, doesn’t it?” he said. “You should see what I see…I love the way you’re opening up to me…” He paused for a moment and then Rodney tensed again as he felt three fingers slide inside him. This was more of a challenge, and he found it harder to relax. “Shhh,” John said again, leaning forwards to press a kiss on Rodney’s lips.


Rodney sighed into John’s mouth and John kissed him solidly, all the time sinking those three fingers deeper and deeper into Rodney’s body. Rodney couldn’t keep track of the fingers when John was distracting him with the kiss, and then he realized that he had relaxed and was enjoying the sensation of those fingers pushing into him, slowly, back and forth, back and forth.


John drew back and smiled down on him. He used his free hand to brush the hair away from Rodney’s forehead. “I’m going to fuck you in a moment, Rodney,” he said. “I’m going to slide into this tight little hole and fuck you until you beg for mercy. I’m going to put my hard cock inside you and make you mine once and for all.”


Rodney didn’t have an answer. He just grabbed John’s free hand, raised it to his lips, and kissed it. He had wanted this for so long, and now that the moment had come, he couldn’t wait for it to happen. He was still scared, but he needed this, dammit.


“Trust me?” John asked, his dark hair slick with sweat.


Rodney thought about it for a moment. This was a big deal for him—he simply never trusted people and never had, but this was John. This was John, who had courted him so assiduously for so long. This was John, who had taken the time and trouble to figure Rodney out, and wait for him to be ready. This was John, who had held back until Rodney gave him a sign. This was John, who he was completely, totally and ridiculously in love with.


“Yes,” Rodney whispered.


A grin split John’s face in two and he pressed another loving kiss to Rodney’s mouth, and then he drew back, removed his fingers, and reached for the lube once more. Rodney watched him slather lube thickly on his hard, magnificent cock, and then he positioned himself between Rodney’s thighs again. He took hold of Rodney’s buttocks and parted them gently.


“Just let go, Rodney…let me have you…let me have all of you,” John told him, and Rodney could feel the colonel’s cock pressing against his anus. John pushed against him, just a little, getting Rodney used to the feel of him, and then he took hold of Rodney more forcefully, and snubbed the tip of his cock into Rodney’s opening. Rodney gasped. This felt nothing at all like John’s fingers! He had been right to worry about John’s size—he just didn’t see how he could take something this big.


“Relax—it’ll burn at first, while I get inside you, but after that you’ll get used to it,” John told him, and Rodney tried to let go and keep his muscles slack, but it was so hard. “See…this tight little hole will stretch to take me…” John told him, sliding in another fraction.


Rodney gave a hoarse cry and grabbed the sheets with his hands as it burned him unbearably. “Oh, shit…I can’t!” he said hoarsely.


“Take it, Rodney…just a little more,” John said, inching his way in, and then he was buried up to the hilt in Rodney’s ass.


Rodney felt a rising tide of panic. He couldn’t take this! He couldn’t…it hurt…and he felt so full…! And then something amazing happened.


As John rested there, Rodney felt himself becoming accustomed to the sensation, felt his body relaxing around the large intruder, and then it didn’t hurt anymore. It just felt…so satisfying.


John knelt there, giving Rodney time to adjust, gazing down on him with a look of total love and affection in his eyes. “Oh, God…you feel so…amazing…so tight…so warm…”


John flung his head back and Rodney thought he looked like some beautiful sexual demon, poised above him, his firm, naked chest covered in a fine sheen of sweat, his dark hair tousled.


“I’m going to move now,” John warned and Rodney hissed out loud as he shifted his position, sending shockwaves through Rodney’s body. “I’m going to fuck you now,” John promised, grinning down on him. “I’m going to pound into you until you scream and beg and I’m not going to stop until I shoot my load deep inside you.”


Rodney felt his own semi-erect cock become rock hard at that and John laughed and wrapped his hand around it.


“I told you I’d make you hard again,” he said, and then he moved his hips back and Rodney felt that warm fullness disappear—and then John thrust back in again and Rodney moaned out loud, every single nerve ending in his body vibrating. John got into a rhythm, thrusting in and out, in and out, faster and faster, his hand moving on Rodney’s cock in time to his thrusts. Now Rodney was a mass of sensation—John’s cock felt so good inside his body, and he welcomed it deep within him, worshipping it…and then John adjusted his position and Rodney cried out loud as he hit some sweet spot deep inside him. He could hear himself whimpering as every thrust thereafter hit that same spot, sending him spinning off into ecstasy.


“Oh, yeah—you are so a bottom,” John said, hips moving endlessly, sending Rodney even higher with every inward thrust. Rodney was incoherent now, gibbering nonsense, and John was everywhere—his big cock inside him, riding him hard, his hand sliding back and forth on his own cock. “You’re mine now, Rodney,” John said, hips still moving, faster and faster now, so fast Rodney couldn’t keep up with all the sensations in his body. “You’re mine,” John said. “Mine, mine, mine…!”


And then Rodney was coming, and the room was spinning and John was still thrusting, inexorably, claiming him, taking him, making him his. Rodney was dimly aware of John convulsing, and then he felt his come seeping out from his ass. John knelt there, between his open thighs, panting, gazing down on Rodney with a look of such fierce devotion that it took Rodney’s breath away.


“Mine,” he said softly, and then he slid out of Rodney, rolled onto the bed beside him, took him in his arms and kissed him on the mouth. “Mine,” he whispered, with a look of total surprise on his face, as if he hadn’t expected that he’d feel it so deeply. “You do understand that, Rodney, don’t you?” he said, his hands warm and tight on Rodney’s body. “You belong to me now. I just made you mine.”


Rodney nodded numbly, thinking that this whole concept seemed really important to John, and then he felt a flood of warmth, of love, of belonging—of being wanted—and he realized it was important to him, too, and he buried his face wordlessly in John’s neck and allowed the other man to hold him close.


As he lay there, in John’s arms, he wondered why he’d ever had such a problem with this whole concept. Finally, it made sense to him why his relationships with women had always been such a disaster. This was what he was and it was so good that he was relieved he’d been brave enough to embrace it. What he’d just done with John was the most physically fantastic thing he’d ever done in his life, and what he felt now, lying with John, both of them naked, sweaty and sated, was a feeling like nothing he’d ever experienced before. His entire body seemed to have come alive, and he felt totally cherished and loved—and that feeling was a revelation to him. Rodney held on tight, convulsing in John’s arms as he realized how close he’d come to not having this. If that accident with the QDD hadn’t brought their alternate selves here…if the colonel had moved in too fast and scared him away…if he hadn’t taken that one final step and finally given John the sign he’d asked for….


“Hey.” John’s hands brushed his arms gently, soothing him. “Shh. I’ve got you now,” John told him, his lips brushing Rodney’s hair. “I’ve got you now and I’ll always have you from now on. Shh, shh, shh.”




The first thing John saw when he woke the next day was Rodney lying beside him, curled up next to him, head on his shoulder, hair disheveled. John felt a surge of happiness, and an odd sensation of protectiveness. He remembered the way the general had looked at his own Rodney and now he thought he totally understood that sense of wanting to take care of someone, to look out for them and keep them safe. He’d dreamed of having Rodney for so many weeks now, but the reality had more than exceeded the expectations. He was glad he hadn’t forced the pace, or demanded more of Rodney than the scientist would have been able to give before he was ready. Seeing the expression of total trust in Rodney’s eyes the previous evening when he’d claimed him had blown John away; Rodney had been worth the wait.


John traced a finger down Rodney’s face and along his shoulder and Rodney came to, and gazed at him with bleary blue eyes.


“Hey,” John whispered, pressing a kiss to Rodney’s cheek.


“Hey,” Rodney replied lazily, and for a moment John braced himself, half expecting to see an expression of shock in Rodney’s eyes as he realized what they’d done the previous night, but the expression never materialized. Instead, Rodney gave a shy little smile, yet another expression John would never have expected to see on Rodney’s usually guarded face.


“How are you feeling?” John asked, brushing his fingertips over Rodney’s naked skin, loving the way Rodney shivered beneath his touch. Damn, but Rodney was so incredibly responsive—it was beautiful to watch and it turned him on so much.


“Fine. A little sore,” Rodney grimaced.


“I’ll kiss it all better,” John grinned.


“I’m pretty sure that’s what led to it becoming sore in the first place,” Rodney replied, in such a Rodney-like tone that John laughed out loud.


“Lie on your front,” he said, and Rodney gazed at him, wide-eyed. “It’s okay. I just want to play with your ass,” John told him and Rodney did as he was told, rolling onto his front and placing his head on the pillow, totally trusting. John rolled back the sheet and then examined Rodney’s ass. It was as beautiful as it had been the previous evening and John sighed. He had a total thing for Rodney’s ass—it turned him on so much. John slid down the bed and positioned himself beside Rodney’s bottom and then prodded his finger into it, loving the way Rodney’s skin dimpled around it. He bent his head and licked the bite mark he’d made the previous evening, sucking on it, loving that Rodney bore his mark on his skin. Rodney made a little whimpering sound and John felt that urge to hold him down, and keep him still. He placed a warning hand on Rodney’s back and Rodney subsided, and that just turned John on even more. He found Rodney’s submission so completely intoxicating that his cock was now rock hard. John placed a hand on Rodney’s butt and fondled it, and then raised his hand and brought it down, loving the way Rodney’s flesh wobbled around the little slap. He tried it again, a little harder, and Rodney glanced over his shoulder and gave him a questioning look.


“I know what you want to do,” Rodney murmured, and John thought the way he was blushing was the most endearing thing he’d ever seen.


“Will you let me?” John asked, sliding his hand over Rodney’s bottom again. “Do it properly, I mean? I’d like to, but only if you want me to.”


Rodney’s face was now bright pink and he squirmed and muttered something into his arms.


“I didn’t hear that, Rodney,” John said, depositing another little slap on Rodney’s ass.


“Yes,” Rodney said, lifting his head from his hands. “Do it…. I want you to do it.”


John grinned and sat up, his back against the wall, and grabbed a pillow and put it on his lap. He took hold of Rodney’s face and kissed him on the lips and Rodney melted against him, the way Rodney Sheppard had always melted against the general—something that had always made John extremely envious. John released him and, looking down, saw that Rodney’s cock was hard again.


“So, tell me,” he asked, “that time the general spanked his Rodney in front of us…just how hard were you?”


Rodney squirmed against him, his face still flushing furiously.


“Rodney?” John demanded.


“Oh, okay—I was rock hard,” Rodney admitted. John grinned.


“Me, too,” he said and he laughed out loud when Rodney’s eyes widened in surprise. “Oh, don’t get me wrong—I was still really mad with you, and I felt pretty sorry for Rodney Sheppard, but it was just so hot,” John said. “Partly the spanking but partly…just that Rodney Sheppard gave himself up so obediently, so trustingly – even though he knew what was coming. Something about that was such a turn-on.”
“I liked the way the general rolled up his sleeves and seemed so sure of himself,” Rodney confided, still flushing. John grinned, feeling like he was getting a good handle on the kinds of things that turned Rodney on. He doubted that Rodney would always be this shy and quiet in the bedroom – in fact he suspected that once Rodney got used to their new relationship he’d be as mouthy and self-assured in the bedroom as he was in his own lab, but for now he was enjoying seeing the usually smart-mouthed scientist looking so adorably unconfident.


“Come here – over my knee,” he ordered, noticing the way Rodney’s eyes darkened with arousal at the words and the tone he used when saying them. John swung Rodney down over the pillow, and then caressed his bottom again and Rodney sighed and relaxed, his legs widening. “First, I’m going to spank you and then, if you want me to, I’m going to fuck you again,” John promised and Rodney turned his head to gaze at him with a look of total adoration in his eyes.


“I suppose it’s too soon to tell you that I love you?” he murmured.


John grinned again. “No, it damn well isn’t,” he said. “I’ve waited long enough. And, Rodney? I love you, too.”


Then he raised his hand and brought it down lightly on Rodney’s bare bottom with a little smacking sound. Rodney gave a little whimper and John stroked the red handprint he’d just left behind and then deposited another light spank on Rodney’s ass. Rodney started to make a little mewling sound of pleasure in the back of his throat and John smiled delightedly. Oh, God, this was good! A naked Rodney draped over his knee, his bottom laid out in front of him so enticing-ly while John spanked him—this was fantastic. He loved the feel of Rodney’s firm but wobbly butt cheeks under his hand and the way they pinked up so easily. He spanked Rodney slowly, leisurely, stroking him between each spank, loving the way Rodney sighed and gasped and occasionally wriggled. John spanked him until Rodney’s bottom was a beautiful shade of warm pink and Rodney was wriggling in earnest, and then, unbearably aroused by the sight of that ass squirming so irresistibly in front of him, John squeezed lube onto his fingers and slid them into Rodney’s asshole. It opened up for him easily, still stretched from the previous night, and John examined the entrance carefully to make sure there wasn’t any tearing, but it was fine. He finger-fucked Rodney for several minutes, then rolled him onto his side, slid down the bed behind him, firmly pulled those warm buttocks apart and pressed his hard cock into him.


Rodney hissed as John entered him, so John guessed he was still a little sore, and he just rocked into him gently for a while, easing him in, and when Rodney had relaxed, he started pushing back and forth. It was a slow fuck, without the previous night’s urgency, just lazy, gentle thrusts and John delighted in the way Rodney’s warm bottom felt against his balls and thighs as he rode him, and the sounds Rodney was making in the back of his throat. He loved that he could make Rodney make these sounds—who knew the scientist was even capable of such beautiful, erotic sounds?


“Oh, yeah…milk me, Rodney,” John whispered, because he loved talking dirty to Rodney, and loved the effect it had on Rodney when he spoke to him like this. “Take me…. I’m big and hard for you…mmmm.” He reached a hand around and found that Rodney already had his own hand wrapped around his cock. John slapped it away.


“This is mine now,” he whispered, and he felt Rodney tremble with arousal as he said the words. “I’m going to make you come…. Come for me, Rodney. That’s it…oh, god you feel so good. I’m going to come…come with me…oh, yeah…” And he felt himself ejaculate deep inside Rodney’s warm, willing body and felt Rodney spurt out over his hand at almost the very same time. Then they just lay there—John felt as if he belonged here, as if this was his home, and he rested his chin on Rodney’s shoulder and closed his eyes, totally at one with his universe.


John stayed inside Rodney, loving the way his softened cock felt, still inside Rodney’s warm body, and the feel of holding Rodney in his arms. It had taken a long time to tame him, but now there was no sign at all of the scientist’s sharp claws and teeth; Rodney was like a warm bundle of loving fur, pressed up against him, utterly trusting. They dozed for a while, and then Rodney shifted slightly.


“How long?” Rodney asked and John knew what he was asking.


“From the day I first met you,” John told him simply.


“What?” Rodney glanced over his shoulder in surprise.


“Yeah. I had the strongest reaction to you. The minute I met you, I just itched to touch you. I found myself undressing you with my eyes, wondering what you’d look like with your head thrown back, screaming out loud as you came with my cock in your ass. I just suppressed it because it seemed so complicated and difficult, and because you didn’t seem interested. Then they came along, the general and Dr. Sheppard, and suddenly I couldn’t suppress it any more. I just knew I wanted you.”


“That long? You’ve wanted me for that long?” Rodney sounded utterly shocked.


“Yes, Rodney—I’ve wanted you for that long.” John nibbled a little on Rodney’s shoulder. “I thought maybe you felt something. We were always sparking off each other, and I thought maybe it was about sex, but you never gave me any sign and I didn’t want to make an idiot of myself. And then the more I got to know you, the more I didn’t want to screw things up between us by making some half-assed move on you. I liked you too much.”


“You did?”


John sank his teeth playfully into Rodney’s neck. “You really are the most clueless man I’ve ever met,” he growled. Rodney gave a little laugh. “Seriously,” John said, kissing the little bite mark he’d just made. “How long did you keep me waiting?”


“You were very patient,” Rodney agreed, glancing at him over his shoulder again.


“Didn’t want to spook you,” John told him.


“How will this work?” Rodney asked. “Out there—how can it possibly work, John?”


“We’ll take it as it comes,” John told him. “But I’m not hiding, Rodney. You and me—we’re for life. You know that, don’t you?”


Rodney went very still in his arms, and John could have sworn that he felt him tremble.


“Before he went, I spoke to the general about how to do that lifebonding ritual. I’m not saying it would work, or even that we should try it, but one day…we might want to think about it,” John said.


He felt Rodney relax completely in his arms when he said that, and those big hands of his came up to touch John’s hands where they were clasped around Rodney’s waist, and Rodney rested his hands there, those restless fingers finally still, and that was all the answer John needed.


They dozed for a little while longer, and then John dragged Rodney into the shower. He enjoyed lathering the scientist all over, and the shower took forever because John kept pushing Rodney against the wall and kissing him every few seconds. Finally, clean and happy, they returned to the other room. Rodney put on a bathrobe and John wrapped a towel around his waist. He saw a box on the table and frowned.


“What’s this?” he asked, going over to it and opening it.


“Uh, nothing…” Rodney said, looking at him with that endearingly shy expression that John thought he was going to have to get used to.


“Nothing?” John pulled out a paddle and gazed at it meaningfully.


“Just some stuff Rodney Sheppard left me,” Rodney sighed. “That’s where I got the shirt from.”


“Oh, I love that shirt,” John told him with a grin. “Looks better on you than it did on him, though.” Rodney preened slightly at that. “Maybe because you’re you, and you’re the one I’m horny for,” John added. Rodney preened even more. “Mmmm, this stuff looks pretty interesting.” John extracted the soft flogger and ran his fingers through it.


“Really?” There was a definite squeak in Rodney’s voice.


“Rodney….” John went over to him, and took hold of his face between his hands. “Like we said – we aren’t them. We don’t have to do the same things they do. This is our universe and we’re the people we are here. There are definite similarities, but we’re never going to be exactly the same. These toys are fun, but we don’t have to use them. You do it for me without any of this stuff. I’m happy to use it one day, but only if it’s what you want, too—and only when you’re ready. Okay?”


Rodney nodded. “I did think the cuffs were kind of hot,” he admitted. “I like the idea of you tying me up…of being helpless…powerless….”


John smiled at him, thinking how incredibly adorable he looked right now. He knew just how much it had taken the notoriously distrustful scientist to admit that he wanted to be powerless for John. He knew there was absolutely nobody else in this world that Rodney would have admitted that to, and he also knew just how much it had cost Rodney to admit it. He was seeing a whole different side to Rodney now that they were lovers, a side that was shy and endearing and not at all like the prickly scientist he’d known and worked with for so long.


“I’d like that, too,” he said, kissing Rodney’s lips gently. “We’ll try it out—in our own time. We’ll give you a safe word. You know I’ll always take good care of you, don’t you?”


“Mmm,” Rodney sighed, nestling against him in that fantastic way he had of making John feel totally special.


John wrapped his arms around him and gazed at him in wonder. Rodney looked different. His face seemed younger, his eyes brighter. He’d lost those tense lines around his mouth and that guarded expression from his eyes, and his whole body was loose and relaxed. Beneath that sarcastic exterior, John realized there had been a lonely man, longing to be loved, and he was very happy to take on that particular task.


There was a sudden flash of light and they both looked around, confused.


“What the hell was that?” John asked.


“I have no idea. …No, wait.” Rodney disengaged himself and walked over to the other side of the room, to where he’d once put tape on the floor and never bothered removing it. There, inside the little square, was a parcel.


“What is it?” John asked.


Rodney turned it over cautiously, and then his face broke into a crooked little grin as he read the note attached to it.


“It’s from them,” he said, handing it over. John grinned back at him, and they both sat down on the bed and Rodney read the note out loud.


Hey, guys. Took me a few days, but I finally got our QDD up and running. Here’s a present from us to thank you for your hospitality. It’s good to be home, but we miss you guys and your weird universe. Anyway, we thought you two might be about ready for this. Congratulations!


And then there was a scrawled Rodney in the same handwriting, followed by a much less flamboyant John beside it.


John grinned and slid his fingers under the brown paper wrapper. He opened the parcel and something fell out onto the bed.


“What is it?” Rodney asked, moving the paper aside so he could get a proper look at it. John took one look and laughed out loud. There on the bed was a thick, black, leather belt, with a buckle in the shape of a puddle jumper, and hanging from the belt were various items, including a hard leather strap. Beside the belt was a slim, silver collar, with a shiny little lock on the front. They were very different to the belt and collar their alternate selves had worn, but John and Rodney both understood the symbolism immediately.


“Oh, God,” Rodney sighed.


“So…if we put these on, does that mean we’re married?” John grinned.


“Not in this universe!” Rodney replied. “And by the way, that strap? There is no way it goes near my ass.”


John laughed out loud. “That’s fine by me. I’ll just keep it for show,” he grinned. “Although maybe one day…?” He gave Rodney a sly look and the scientist blushed.


“We’ll see,” he replied, and John smiled, because he thought that Rodney might have needs he could barely admit to himself yet, but they’d see where their journey led them.


“I think you’d look cute in the collar, though,” John told him. “Maybe occasionally you could wear it in here, when we’re alone, just as a turn-on? You gotta admit, you were fascinated by it from the minute they arrived.”


“Was not!” Rodney protested.


“You so were! You complaining endlessly about Rodney Sheppard’s collar—nobody makes that much fuss about something unless they’re secretly intrigued by it.” He picked up the collar and held it up.


Rodney gazed at him for a moment, and then sighed. “Oh, go ahead. Just don’t ever tell anyone,” he said.


John grinned, and slid the silver collar around Rodney’s neck and snapped it shut. “Oh, God, yes—that looks so hot,” he said, surveying Rodney appreciatively.


He slid his fingers over the collar and then tickled Rodney’s neck. Rodney squirmed and John pushed him back onto the bed, still tickling him, and now Rodney started to giggle. John paused, his head cocked.


“Is that a giggle, Rodney?” he asked.


“Most certainly not!” Rodney replied. John tickled him again and Rodney doubled up against him, still giggling.


“Oh, I think it’s a giggle,” John said. “Admit it!” He straddled Rodney’s body and held his hands above his head, pinning him to the bed and Rodney gazed up at him from wide blue eyes, and the expression of total love and surrender in them turned John on. “Definitely a giggle,” John whispered, lowering his head to catch Rodney’s lips with his own. Rodney melted against him, completely trusting, and John sighed. He drew back and gently caressed the side of Rodney’s face with his fingertips.


“Mine now,” John whispered, stroking Rodney gently.


“Yes,” Rodney agreed happily. “Yours.”


And everything in the universe felt as if it was in exactly the right place.



The End



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