Introducing… Slavecatcher!

I’m delighted to announce the first teaser post for my new book series, Slavecatcher.

Slavecatcher is a trilogy of original character novels that I intend to publish in 2015. I’ve completed the first two novels in the series, but there is a lot of editing to do, as well as writing the third book, so I’ll let you know more about a firm publication date in due course. Each of the books in the series has its own individual title, which I will reveal with new teaser posts in the coming months. I will also be unveiling new artwork, including cover art, as we progress, as well as lots of little Slavecatcher goodies and snippets.


Slavecatcher is set in a dystopian future, eighty years after a series of natural disasters have caused wide-spread flooding all over the world. In the wake of the tragedy some countries and cities disappeared completely, creating a refugee crisis, and the world economy crashed. Most of Northern Europe has been torn apart by war, but in Britain, a system of indentured servitude has arisen, which has helped keep a fragile peace.

Eighty years later a new prosperity is emerging, but Indentured Servants are still viewed as the lowest of the low, and after having been treated as little more than slaves for so long, the name has stuck. The system is now close to breaking point as more and more so-called ‘slaves’ are turning on their owners, and the government has cracked down hard – any slave found guilty of murdering their owner can expect to receive the death penalty.

When a prominent society photographer is murdered, a senior investigator from the top Investigation Agency Inquisitus is assigned to the case. Josiah Raine has been given the nickname ‘slavecatcher’ by the press for his success in solving several high profile cases involving slaves. He is well-known for his cold manner and acerbic put-downs, as well as for his superb solve rate and relentless drive to bring killers to justice. Josiah soon identifies the dead man’s slave as his prime suspect – but has he finally met his match in Alexander Lytton?

Alexander is a celebrity rich kid who squandered all the advantages of his wealth and education, fell from grace, and was sentenced into Indentured Servitude as punishment. Alexander is beautiful, clever, challenging and elusive, and Josiah finds himself fascinated and exasperated in equal measure by the captivating slave.

While Josiah battles against his growing attraction to the slave, Alexander wonders if he can expect any mercy from the legendary ‘slavecatcher’ – and as the land’s most famous investigator faces off against its most notorious slave, both men discover that reputations can be deceiving…

Visit the Slavecatcher page to read an extract, see the artwork, and find out more!

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