New Look!

As you can see, we’ve given a gorgeous new look! When I say ‘we’, I mainly mean Jacci *g*. I just faff around in it, but she designed the look, and I couldn’t be happier with it. This revamp was more about the look and ease of use than functionality, so you shouldn’t find much has changed beyond the fact it’s SO MUCH nicer to read on the new layout :-). Don’t take my word for it – go check out your favourite story and see for yourself.

I’m also delighted to announce that the Forum is back! We’ve imported ALL the old forum into it, and your site login is now the only one you need – you don’t need a separate forum login anymore. I hope you’ll use it to chat and post pics etc. By all means start your own topics and talk about your favourite TV shows/actors/pairings. And cats. It’s always important to post pics of cats ;-). I’ve set the ball rolling with various new topics – Sebastian Stan fans can talk about all things Sebastian (I posted pics!) and if you want to ask me anything about Slavecatcher, there’s a forum topic for that, too.

We’ve also got two new Polish translations on the Translations page, thanks to Aribeth! We also have a fun quote generator which shows up on various pages. PLEASE submit your favourite quotes from any of my stories, and we’ll add them to it. I’ve created a forum topic for it :-).

You can search by title, fandom, series, or the numerous tags on the site, so if you are, for example, a hurt/comfort junkie, I can reliably inform you that there are 23 entries under that tag for you to explore ;-). You don’t have to be registered to the site to read the stories, but you do have to be registered to leave comments on my blog, leave feedback on story pages, and participate in the forum – that’s because of the huge amounts of spam we get if we don’t do that – it’s annoying, but a sad fact of life. If you were registered with the site before, then your login still works. If you aren’t registered with the site, I hope you choose to Register as it means you’ll automatically get an email to let you know when the site is updated, and you can leave me feedback on the story pages (that part is very important! I love feedback!) and participate in the forum. However, if you would prefer to send me feedback privately, you can use the Contact form.

To celebrate the new look, we also have a new poll. I’m sure you’ll want to vote on which BDSM Universe story is your favourite. I’m not sure I can really choose between them, but it’s all a bit of fun!

I hope you enjoy the new look. Please let Jacci know via the form on the Help page if anything doesn’t work, so we can get on with fixing it asap!




  1. jacci

    So happy it is finally launched! The forum is back along with all my fav icons :whippy: Hope people enjoy it and if you have any troubles, give me a poke and we will try and get it sorted out Asap.

  2. Xanthe

    Thanks Jacs! Love the naughty icon – hee!

  3. oceania

    HI !Your new forum is the best,you do such good work and the stories that fine here make me love and very happy to be a reader.Please keep up the great work!!! :good: :rose: l also love the sweet icons :)

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